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August 2012

DIY of The Month – Cordially Invited

Think you’re a hands-on kind of bride and want to make something really special for your wedding? It doesn’t have to be something elaborate; think small, simple yet significant. It could be a personalised Save-The-Date card, or a memorable wedding favour. You don’t even have to be very good at arts and crafts to make these wonderful mementos. SingaporeBrides shows you how to Do-It-Yourself.

Don’t wait until the actual day to infuse a personal touch to your wedding. Start personalising your wedding by creating your very own wedding invites! Impress your guests with your efforts by giving them a unique keepsake from your wedding other than the wedding favours. And, if you decorate your invites in line with your wedding theme, guests will have a better idea on what to expect from the affair. Isn’t that just wonderful? So let’s get started! With SingaporeBrides’ step-by-step instructions, some craft paper and basic stationery, you’ll have them all done in no time!

Here’s what you need:

  • 2 pieces of Craft paper (in shades of Tiffany green and baby pink)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Heart-shaped roll in Ivory
  • White foam alphabets
  • Black scratch-out alphabets
  • Heart-shaped charm with beads

Time taken for each: 20 minutes
Average cost for each: $15

1. Cut out a piece of rectangular craft paper in Tiffany green measuring 15 cm by 24 cm and fold it into half like this. This will form your card.

2. Proceed to cut out a smaller piece of rectangular craft paper in baby pink measuring 12 cm by 13 cm.

3. Using double-sided tape, attach the baby pink craft paper onto the front of the card. Align the craft paper to the right.

4. Then, attach the strip of heart cut-out along the edge of the baby pink paper to create a border on the left side of the card by using double-sided tape.

5. Include your names on the front of the card by using foam alphabets for a pop-up effect.

6. Add a heart-shaped charm under the names by attaching double-sided tape on the underside of the charm and pressing it down firmly onto the card. For a better hold, use craft or super glue.

7. Next, cut out another two pieces of baby pink paper measuring 10 cm by 13 cm.

8. Open the card and attach one piece of baby pink craft paper onto the upper half of the card. Use double-sided tape and ensure that the paper is placed in the center of the card.

9. Then, create a border using the heart-shaped roll in Ivory by going round the four edges of the baby pink paper.

10. Repeat Steps 8 and 9 for the bottom half of the card.

11. Insert your invitation message onto the two pieces of paper. For a neater look, use scratch-out alphabets instead of hand writing your message. Position them carefully on the paper and using a ruler or coin, lightly scratch on the alphabet of your choice to create your message.

Ta-da! Now, didn’t we tell you you’ll get them all done in a short time? Relish in the freedom to utilise your creativity and deliver your personality right to your guests’ doorstep on a 15 by 24cm card when you customise your own wedding invites. Make them in any size, shape, colour – or, just do it any way you like it! We guarantee, this will be one wedding invite all your guests will want to keep!

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DIY of The Month – Cordially Invited