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July 2012

DIY of The Month – Wedding Numbers

Think you’re a hands-on kind of bride and want to make something really special for your wedding? It doesn’t have to be something elaborate; think small, simple yet significant. It could be a personalised Save-The-Date card, or a memorable wedding favour. You don’t even have to be very good at arts and crafts to make these wonderful mementos. SingaporeBrides shows you how to Do-It-Yourself.

Here at SingaporeBrides, we’re big on wedding DIYs for that special touch to a celebration as personal as a wedding, especially DIYs that can be whipped up in a jiffy. If customising wedding favours is too tall an order and far too time-consuming for you, we suggest starting from something smaller in scale, like table number cards. Not only are these very easy and quick to create, you only have to make enough for the number of tables you have at your wedding – far easier than DIY-ing favours for your eighty-odd (or more) guests. With craft paper, some basic stationery and a little guidance from us, we show you how to make a table number card that your guests will remember.

Here’s what you need:

  • 5 pieces of Craft paper (in shades of cream, butter yellow, rose, glitter and patterned paper)
  • 1 piece of foam craft paper (in any colour)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Eraser
  • Scissors
  • Small scalloped edged craft scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Heart-shaped roll in ivory
  • Block alphabets
  • Small rosette-ribbon in Tiffany green
  • Small wooden peg
  • Thin wooden stick
  • Superglue

Time taken for each: 20 minutes
Average cost for each: $7

Cut out a piece of rectangular craft paper in butter yellow measuring 9 cm by 15 cm.

Proceed to cut out a smaller piece of rectangular craft paper with pink stripes measuring 7 cm by 13 cm.

Using double-sided tape, attach the piece of striped craft paper onto the piece of butter yellow craft paper. Ensure that the piece of striped craft paper is positioned in the center of the other piece.

Using a pair of craft scissors, cut out four strips from the piece of floral craft paper. The two longer strips should measure 14 cm while the remaining two shorter strips should measure 8 cm each.

Using the scalloped scissors, create a frame by arranging the four strips of floral craft paper around the four corners of the piece of striped craft paper. Use double-sided tape to secure them in place.

Print the template of a birdcage on plain paper and cut it out. You may get the template from here.

Secure the cut-out to a cream-coloured craft paper with a paperclip to keep it in place. Proceed to cut the silhouette of the birdcage out using a craft knife.

To create a pop-up effect, proceed to cut out the birdcage on a piece of foam paper and a rose-coloured craft paper. Repeat Step 7 for the foam paper. As for the rose-pink craft paper, cut the outline of the bars out as well. When done, you should have three cut-outs like this.

Attach the three cut-outs together by using double-sided tape. Secure them in this order: the foam piece at the bottom, the cream-coloured one above it and the rose-pink one will be on top.

Attach a small rosette at the top of the birdcage for a more whimsical touch. For a stronger hold, use superglue instead of double-sided tape. When done, set it aside.

Spell the table number out using block letters and dress them up with silver glitter craft paper. Use a craft knife to cut the shape of the letters out on the paper. Here’s a tip: to prevent the glitter from getting all over, flip the paper over before you begin cutting.

Then, using double-sided tape, attach the glitter craft paper onto the block letters.

Attach both the decorated block letters and birdcage charm onto the right and left side of the card respectively using doubled-sided tape. Arrange them any way you like.

Display your customised table number card by creating a stand using a small wooden peg, a thin wooden stick, some plasticine, a handful of potpourri and a small glass cup or clay pot. Now, wasn’t that easier than 1-2-3? The best thing about customising your own table number card lies in the freedom to make the card any size, shape, colour and theme you want it to be in. You can even give your tables names instead of numbers, according to your wedding theme.

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DIY of The Month – Wedding Numbers