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July 2012

Yellowy, Summery, Buttery

On June 26 2012, Nora Ephron passed away at 71. She was a novelist, a Hollywood screenwriter, an excellent essayist, and a passionate journalist, amongst many other things. If you don’t know her name, you definitely know her work. “When Harry Met Sally…”. “Sleepless In Seattle”. “You’ve Got Mail”. “Julie & Julia”. Nora Ephron was the Queen of Romantic-Comedies.

But she didn’t invent them; she merely took old-fashioned love stories and turned them into something contemporary and relevant, with fake orgasms at cafes included. I will always remember her as the one who made feminine wit and independence sexy.

Apart from her love of words, she is also famous for her love of food. In fact, she and I have one thing in common—our love affair with butter. “You can never have too much butter – that is my belief. If I have a religion, that’s it,” she quipped in an interview about her 2009 movie, Julie & Julia. So this issue, I’m dedicating the colour yellow (of good, creamy butter, of course!) to her.

Summer Yellow looks great with just about any other colour in the spectrum, depending on what kind of mood you are trying to have for your wedding. Spring- and summer-themed weddings can’t go wrong with yellow/green or yellow/blue combinations. Yellow and black is a rather fun take on the classic white-and-black wedding—get your male guests to come to your wedding in black, and the ladies in shades of yellow! And, yellow and grey comes together in an elegant pairing for formal weddings, as well as for quirky, vintage weddings.

Of course you need more ideas. Follow our Pinterest board “Summer Butter” for inspiration. If you’re planning a yellow wedding, gives us some ideas too!

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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Yellowy, Summery, Buttery