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June 2012

Truly Yours

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime affairs and couples want more than just a memory to remember the biggest day of their lives by and prefer something more tangible to commemorate this event. Besides, it’s not every day that you get to wear a thousand-dollar (or more) dream gown and get your man into a suit. And since getting that gown and suit must have caused quite a dent in your pockets and took you many months of determined dieting and exercising to fit into, you’ll want to get the best bang for your buck by having as many beautiful photos of you taken as possible.

That’s easier said than done. Finding a photographer to snap a photo is not a difficult task; the difficulty lies in finding one who is not only able to capture the love and joy of the couple and their guests, but who understands what the couple wants and needs, and more importantly, one whom the couple can get along with. But with the market this saturated with independent wedding photographers and those who work with bridal boutiques, searching for the right photographer might feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially for a green horn like yourself.

Say hello to 2 of Us Photography. With over a decade of combined experience in photography, they’ve decided to branch out on their own to create a platform where they can explore their creative ideas in wedding photography. And with so many years of experience in their pockets, you can put to rest any worries about the quality of their work.

At 2 of Us Photography, you can expect natural and journalistic photos. But with every wedding photographer on the block claiming the same style, Cole understands that that isn’t enough to make 2 of Us Photography stand out. So he introduces his own twist. He utilises different angles to create different effects or points of view and employs his creativity to produce interesting shots by having the bridal entourage do an unusual or fun pose. Another vital element in setting the mood of the photos is colour. Cole tries to keep the colours of his photos as natural and as vibrant as possible, but does not limit himself to just that. He is also open to other possibilities of what suits the photos best, so as to convey a message through the photos.

“Eventually, people began to recognise that as a signature for 2 of Us Photography,” Cole recounts. “And that’s how we stand out from the rest of the market.”

And even then, Cole makes it a point not to be complacent. He keeps himself up-to-date by enriching himself with other great photographers’ works. “I spend a majority of my time looking at non-wedding photographers to gain inspiration and ideas, which I then bring into wedding photography to create something different.” For Cole, these photographers are more than just a source of inspiration; they are his motivation to produce better work.

And it’s not just all business at 2 of Us Photography. Cole makes it a point to befriend his couples and their bridal entourage. “That is an important element in capturing breathtaking photographs,” he explains. “When I’m a friend, everyone will be more at ease around me. That means they’re more likely to be themselves and that never fails to translate into wonderful photos.” And if you’re a nervous wreck on your big day, Cole has his means to coax a smile out of you. “I love to make friendly conversations with the couple and their brothers and sisters. I find that that helps loosen any tension and allows them to have fun. And once they start having fun, that’s when the photos are created.”

Now, that does sound like a good deal, but like any budget conscious bride-to-be, you’re concerned with how much all of that cost. Cole understands the influence pricing has on your decision, but he advises couples to not let it be the sole deciding factor.

“More important than the price is the photographer’s style of shooting and how well it suits you,” he stresses. “The first step is always to ensure that you like his work. Then, meet up with the photographer in person and get to know him. He should be someone whom you can get along with.”

So, if you’re looking for a photographer whom you can trust to not only do his job beautifully, but one whom you can get along with, befriend and put a smile on your face whenever you look through your wedding album, then 2 of Us Photography is the perfect fit for you.

Contact 2 of Us Photography at [email protected] or call 9619 0275 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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