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April 2012

The Missing Piece

Like every modern Singaporean couple, Christine Gao, 26 Epidemiologist and KK Tan, 28, Solutions Architect searched and secured a flat before the proposal happened. But there’s a fair bit of fairytale in every love story, and this one’s no exception. The first time our couple met was on Valentine’s Day, in a foreign land no less. While a proposal was no secret or surprise, Christine was still taken aback by the “missing pieces” in KK’s proposal. Let Christine and KK inspire you to find a wee bit of fairytale in the everyday practicality with their story on 28 February 2010.

How did the two of you meet?

Christine: We met at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, during the freshmen orientation on 14 February 2005. I heard a familiar accent (Singlish!) behind me and turned around to see a large group of Singaporeans chatting away.

What was the proposal like?

Christine: We went the typical Singaporean way of getting married: securing a flat first. Needless to say, the proposal was not exactly unexpected, but it was still sweet nonetheless.

A day before my birthday, he brought a big jigsaw puzzle with some missing pieces in it over to my house. The missing pieces actually formed the words “Marry Me”, but it took me a while to realise it was a proposal.

KK: With a custom-made proposal ring but no game plan for the proposal, I quickly formulated a plan when she pointed out one of the jigsaw puzzles she liked while window-shopping. I had to lie about work piling up and needing to clear them before I go on leave for her birthday in order to complete the puzzle within a week. Thankfully, she didn’t suspect anything and everything went smoothly.

What was it like on the actual day of the wedding?

Christine: It was like a dream. We felt so blessed with so many of our family members and friends around us when we officiated our love for each other. We are also thankful for the help our “Brothers” and “Sisters” put in to ensure everything went as planned.

KK: Both of us wanted more of a casual wedding so we didn’t have any specific theme in mind. The wedding did require plenty of planning and coordination between our families and friends, simply because we had so many guests to invite!

KK: It was a busy yet fulfilling day. I was more tensed up and worried about the day going wrong than Christine! But, the day couldn’t have gone any smoother, and the credit really goes to all our wonderful family and friends!

Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

Christine: It was emotional for me during my solemnisation. My eyes were wet, and when I looked around and saw my parents and close friends with wet eyes as well, I knew they had nothing but blessings for us. That, for me, was the most memorable moment for me.

KK: Both the actual day events and the bridal shoot were memorable for me. Now that we have an eight-month-old baby girl, we have one more memorable moment to add on to the list.

Wedding Planning:
Her Gown: WhiteLink
His Suit: WhiteLink
The Venue: Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
The Photographer: Jing Hong from Aspire Studio

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The Missing Piece