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June 2015

Our Happy Ending

San caught Poh Wei’s eye at a friend’s birthday party six years ago but his reserved personality prevented him from speaking to her then. It was only after a friend’s request on Facebook and much courage later that he asked her out for dinner and a movie. With barely an impression of the quiet Poh Wei, San agreed to meet him after her friend’s urging. The rest, as they say, is history. Check out their adorable pre-wedding session and joyous wedding banquet as we speak to our couple about their pre-wedding shoot with Blessed-i Photography, proposal and wedding planning!

San, 27, Educator & Poh Wei, 29, Engineer
3 January 2015

The Gown: WhiteLink
The Suit: WhiteLink
Wedding Cake: Mandarin Orchard Singapore
The Venue: Mandarin Orchard Singapore
The Florist: Mirage Flowers
The Hair and Makeup Artist: T.G. Goh
The Photographer: Yeow Ming and Alex from Blessed-i Photography
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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What was the proposal like?

Poh Wei: I proposed when we were holidaying in Maldives back in 2013. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to inflate the balloons and hide them in the wardrobe, and frantically setting up the place with a banner, balloons and fresh flower petals while she was enjoying an hour-long massage. When she got back, I blindfolded her and led her towards the sun-deck, which was facing the sea. There, I removed her blindfold, knelt down and proposed.

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Tell us about your pre-wedding shoot with Blessed-I Photography.

We first met Yeow Ming at his home office where he showed us some of his past collections and even shared some wedding planning tips with us. We felt really comfortable and at ease with Yeow Ming and decided to engage him as our photographer. We decided on a casual outdoor shoot with a natural backdrop, so we went to Lorong Halus, Punggol Waterway and Tuas for our pre-wedding shoot.

We were really excited for the shoot and prepared a luggage full of props for the day. One of our props was a party popper, meant for a confetti background shot. Due to the unexpected wind that day, the confetti from one of our party poppers ended up drifting away from us right in front of our eyes while we stood still in our poses! Thankfully, Yeow Ming managed to capture a beautiful shot of the confetti from the other party popper.

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How was your wedding planning and actual day like?

Hectic! We only got down to really planning the wedding 3 months before our big day! It was rather challenging to coordinate with both our parents and our sales coordinator by myself while Poh Wei was away on a work trip. Thankfully, most of the things went according to plan! And most of the credit goes to our groomsmen and bridesmaids, who were so professional and meticulous!

We were also very happy that everyone enjoyed the food and the unique 3D floral backdrop!

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Any special moments to share from that special day?

It was really heart-warming to see all our family, friends and colleagues celebrating this special milestone with us. It was truly a big gathering where we were blessed to be surrounded by everyone we loved.

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Our Happy Ending