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March 2012

Out Of Nothing At All

It started out with a sweet and simple surprise proposal video. Then it went viral and had strangers from all walks of life giving their heartfelt blessings to this couple. Jerene and Yiming are really shy, but the sincerity of their love has touched so many people that this wedding has turned out to be extraordinary for the both of them.

How did the two of you meet?

Yiming: We met at a group outing organised by our mutual friend. After that, we added each other on Facebook and carried our conversations to MSN, then SMS, and finally, more meet ups. During that time, I was just trying to make more friends. Little did I expect her to be “The One”. Fate really hits you when you least expect it! Even until now, I still cannot believe how we could really “make love out of nothing at all”!

Why did you come up with the idea of a proposal video, Yiming?

Yiming: I wanted to record the whole proposal process so that we can reminisce when we grow old together and it’s also for our children to understand us better. As I am a rather shy person and have a lot of things to say to her, i decided to record it through a video. I tried to leverage on the video to build up the whole atmosphere in the classroom and surprise her with my appearance.

What did you feel when the video appeared in class, Jerene? What went through your mind?

Jerene: When I first saw the video, I really did not suspect anything as it was a normal video of my students recording themselves and they did say it was a publicity video. The surprise really sank in when I started to see my photos flashing across the screen and a familiar voice in the background. At that moment, I was overwhelmed and really pleasantly surprised. I never thought that he was actually that “smart” to utilise my workplace as a proposal venue.

Tell us about your wedding. Was there a theme?

Jerene: Our wedding was a simple and traditional one. We wanted one that was easy to plan, a venue that was accessible because of the large number of people we invited (around 500) and of course, a night that was memorable. There wasn’t a specific theme for the wedding except that I requested for a military wedding as I thought that was cool! We also wanted our parents to march in before us to complete the happy scene.

Yiming: Having a responsible and responsive coordinator from Raffles Town Club helped a lot in the whole planning process right up to the execution on the day itself. Just make sure the restaurant has an experienced floor manager and coordinator, and the dinner will be a breeze.

What was it like on the actual day of the wedding?

Jerene: Frankly speaking, it was a really tiring day as we had to rush from one place to another in the morning, but it was really fun being able to witness the whole gate-crashing process through FaceTime! The evening was stressful, as we know that there will be many pairs of eyes staring at us and I am very camera shy! But the evening ended beautifully and though we were deadbeat by the end of the night, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Yiming: I agree, but since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, just savour the whole process where you are the centre of attraction.

What did your family and friends have to say about your wedding?

Jerene: Our families were very happy as it was the wedding of their eldest daughter and eldest son! We would also like to thank them for their constant support throughout the relationship. It was the first wedding within our group of friends and hence, my friends were very excited and they were fussing over me! I am very appreciative for that and I will make sure I will fuss over them when it’s their turn to get married!

Were there any particular moments during your planning process or on your big day that were especially memorable or special to you?

Jerene: For me, the most memorable moment on that night was the period of time when the proposal video was screened during the wedding. It was a touching moment, as I know all the guests were looking at the video and at that time, I was glad to tell everyone how blissful I am. I would like to thank Moomedia, especially Andrew and his team for making that night special for us. When the proposal video was uploaded on Facebook, we actually received many blessings and it really went viral. For me, I was worried about how students’ parents may respond as the proposal setting was in a school. But I was glad Moomedia placed a beautiful full-stop to the video and it was definitely a perfect ending to the night!

Yiming: The most memorable part will have to be the march-in as that is the culmination of all the planning we had done and the day’s hard work. The next one would be the toasting, where our relatives and friends stood together with us on stage and gave a really loud “Yam Seng”!

Watch the Proposal Video

Watch the Wedding Video

Photography and videography:moomedia by Andrew Mok

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Out Of Nothing At All