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January 2013

Let Love Take Flight

This is a story of love at first sight. Our couple, Michelle and Silas, first caught each other’s attention at a company workshop and ever since then, they’ve been together. Their wedding was a reflection of their easy-going natures, Silas’ love for all things vintage and the place where they first met. They demonstrated that you don’t need to go over-the-top for a memorable time on your big day. Get inspiration from this couple’s special day to plan one of your own.

How did the two of you meet?

Silas: We met at a company workshop. I was looking out for colleagues whom I was familiar with when I spotted her in the crowd and was immediately attracted. I thought, how wonderful it would be if we could be friends. Lo and behold, on the third and final day of the workshop, we finally ended up in the same group.

Michelle: Silas stood out amongst the crowd on the very first day of the workshop but I never got the chance to speak to him. When we were finally paired up on the final day, I was thrilled. We couldn’t stop chatting during the whole time so much so that the trainer had to hush us!

Silas: It was well worth it. I asked for her number, and a month later, we were out on our first date.

What was the proposal like?

Michelle: It was, for the most part, touching and overwhelming for me at the same time, and a little bit awkward as well, since he didn’t quite know which finger to slip the ring on. I had to stick my ring finger out as a hint! But that and his ability to show affection towards me in his own special way endeared him to me even more.

Silas: I thought long and hard about my proposal and I wanted to do something different at a different place. Since Michelle and I were planning to travel to Perth with my family for my graduation, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to propose at my graduation ceremony in celebration of this milestone in my life. I thought it was perfect timing as well, since my parents were able to witness the proposal, which made it all the more special.

Walk us through the planning for your wedding.

Michelle: After the proposal, we had 14 months to plan for the wedding. And we had plenty of fun during the process! We took our time researching on our vendors for the wedding to ensure that we found the ones that met our expectations and budget.

Silas: Right from the start, we wanted a travel theme for the wedding since we were both working in the Aviation industry when we were dating. Our florist actually suggested we go for a Vintage Travel theme to complement my love for all things vintage. From there, we paid visits to the Thieves Market to look for vintage items and brought home souveneirs from our trips overseas.

Michelle: And to bring our wedding theme full circle, we engaged Blessed-i Photography for the engagement photo shoot at Pulau Ubin. Needless to say, the photos were beautifully-taken and we were extremely pleased with the look of the album.

How about the actual day? How did that turn out?

Michelle: Great! While not everything went according to plan, our group of amazing helpers righted every wrong to their utmost ability. They took control and coordination of the Holy Matrimony at the church and the banquet dinner, allowing both Silas and I to relax and enjoy our big day. We were both also able to get sufficient sleep the night before as well, all thanks to our helpers’ efforts.

Silas: I hardly envisaged our wedding to unfold the way it did. The element of surprise and the gamut of unexpected emotions made the day inexplicably beautiful and an extremely memorable event for us. We were so carried away during the day that it was only until we were viewing our video edit and photos that we really got to admire the photo table, decorations and even had a good laugh over our friends’ facial expressions or the things they said.

We’re sure your family and friends had only good things to say about your wedding.

Silas: A friend of ours remarked that the wedding was very meaningful and an elderly couple commented that it was a brilliant idea for us to thank and honour our parents with a photo montage, flowers and words of thanksgiving.

Michelle: I also received compliments on my wedding gown – a vintage tulle gown with corded lace and a ruched bodice – and on our engagement photo shoot in Pulau Ubin. Our guests found them really unique.

On a special day as such, we’re sure there’re plenty of special and memorable moments for you both. Tell us one such moment.

Silas: It was when Michelle performed a rendition of the Eagles’ Love Will Keep Us Alive with my sister. I was under the impression that a good friend of mine and his partner would be performing the song item, but when Michelle appeared on stage I was truly and wholly surprised! She played the guitar and sang beautifully – needless to say, I prefer her version to the original.

Michelle: For me, the most memorable moment was when I realised that I had forgotten to bring my veil down before I walked down the aisle! I tried to cover up the mistake by smiling wildly at the camera and the applauding guests while maintaining my composure at the same time. Thankfully, no one seemed to notice my mistake and Silas eventually helped me right the veil.

The Venue: Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
The Photographer: Blessed-i Photography
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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Let Love Take Flight