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May 2010

Wedding of Anson Zeall and Veronica Goh

Veronica and Anson tied the knot in Singapore, after some remote planning from Hong Kong.

Planning weddings aren’t a piece of cake – even a royal headache to some – but when geographic distance gets in the mix, you know you’re going to have one big challenge to take on. Newly-weds Veronica and Anson Zeall, are based in Hong Kong, but because their family and closest ties are in Singapore, they decided to plan their wedding here.

How did you start planning your wedding in Singapore when you’re in Hong Kong?

Well, we wanted a simple wedding and everything was kept minimal, with little D-I-Y done, with the help of the hotel personnel. We went to a few locations that we like and decided on our location based on the number of guests we are expecting as well as our own personal taste.

How often did you have to travel to Singapore to make sure arrangements were tip top perfect?

Let’s face it, weddings are never perfect, but we came back twice or thrice to see some vendors, otherwise everything else was done remotely from Hong Kong. Of course, this couldn’t be achieved without the help of my parents and my sister who would help make some decisions or settle admin matters.

During the planning process, did you ever wish you didn’t go through the hassle of planning a wedding in a whole different country?

Yes, couldn’t wait for it to be over. However, we had two parties and to be frank, I preferred planning for the Singapore wedding rather than the Hong Kong wedding as I knew what to expect. My biggest challenges were obviously coordination, and also, I’m sure a lot of brides-to-be get stressed about making decisions that would please all the relevant parties involved!

Tell me something you stressed about, or put so much emphasis in…

Well, this is a minor detail, but we were stressing out about making sure my shoes were comfortable and didn’t hurt for the day, but we forgot about my husband and it was his shoes that were hurting him the entire time!

Is there a particularly memorable part of your wedding?

There were so many memorable parts, but we also prepared a surprise item where we sang a duet, as we both are from musical backgrounds. However, the surprise of the night was when I was sabotaged by my emcee-friends to play a song on the piano and after a really shocked moment and some persuasion, I played one of my mum’s favourite songs which turned out pretty well!

Credits: Photography by Ray of Photolanguage

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Wedding of Anson Zeall and Veronica Goh