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January 2012

The Best Position

As a first-time bride, planning a wedding can overwhelm and sometimes, even frustrate you. There are so many details to take care of and each one yields over a hundred search results after a quick search through Google.

As a novice, you’d welcome a photographer who can give you advice on the works of wedding photography. Well, we have just the candidate for you – Schnap. We can’t think of anyone more qualified to dish out advice than Jay and Pearling, a married couple themselves. As both an experienced groom and a wedding photographer, Jay is probably in the best position to advice first-time brides on their photos.

You are looking for something other than the run-of-the-mill wedding photography? Schnap’s got it covered. Like whiskey, the edgy, high-contrast shots and out of the ordinary settings of Jay’s style is an acquired taste. “We help couples come up with creative concepts for their pre-wedding shots and try to create images that are unusual and out-of-the-ordinary as possible,” Jay exclaims. And if you share the same sentiment, then Schnap is “the one” for your big day.

Borne out of Jay’s passion for photography and Pearling’s aptitude in business management, Schnap officially opened its doors in early 2010. Spurred by the positive feedback he received during his various freelance photography projects, Jay decided to commit full-time to photography. Meanwhile, Pearling managed the general affairs behind the business.

“As free-spirited individuals, we felt drained by the rigidity of the corporate jobs we held before,” Jay answered. “We decided we would thrive better doing something we loved in the creative line.”

Starting with small steps by covering their friends’ weddings, Jay and Pearling received referrals, which translated into more requests for their services along the way. Surely, their increasing popularity says something about them. Even with more requests coming in, Jay and Pearling were determined to be active in making themselves known in the wedding scene. “The first thing we did was to advertise on SingaporeBrides because to us, it was such an essential ‘tool’ for wedding couples leading up to their wedding, that we couldn’t not be on it,” Pearling remarked.

With Jay’s experience in wedding photography, as well as corporate and F&B projects during his freelancing days, you don’t have to worry about the professionalism and expertise of Schnap despite its young age. Just two years into the industry and already Schnap has snagged the position as exclusive photographers for The Kitchen Musical, a television production airing on AXN.

“It was a challenging experience for us,” Pearling recalls. “But we proved to ourselves and the world, that despite being just a two-man team, we can take on and succeed in big projects.”

“The positive feedback we receive from our clients and friends is a great source of motivation,” Pearling emphasises. “It keeps us on track in fulfilling our dream of running a successful business.”

Drawing inspiration from everything in their lives together – from music to YouTube to their travels, Schnap promises to capture and reflect the very best of you and every moment of your big day. A word of advice from Pearling for all brides out there: relax and be yourself. “There are no second takes for wedding photography. Let your worries fall back and bask in the moment,” Pearling advises. “That way, you’ll look your best in the photos.”

So go ahead and enjoy your big day. With Schnap, you can be assured Jay will be there to capture the very best of you as naturally as possible.

Visit Schnap at Alternatively, you may contact Schnap at [email protected] or call +65 9791 7491 for more enquiries.

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