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December 2011

The Day They WOKA-ed With Us

KelvinK Lim, 32, Private Educator and Anne Low, 32, Private Educator infused their individualities into their wedding on 20 February 2011 and came up with “WOKA” and “Spiffy Hawaiian Chic”. Adidas, Vespa and Sanrio – I dare say you’ve never come across a wedding with such a dynamic combination as this. If you’re a fan of any of these brands, then this is the story for you. With the Marina Bay as the backdrop, learn how this couple celebrated their love with their family and friends, and be inspired to do one of your own!

How did the two of you meet?

Anne: We first met when we were studying at Anderson Junior College through Kelvin’s cousin, but we only started dating officially after three years of no contact. It was after Kelvin finished his National Service and while we were in Nanyang Technological University.

What was the proposal like?

Anne: It was done on Christmas day two years ago, while we were in Boracay, the Philippines!

Kelvin: The initial plan was to propose while paragliding, but I was worried that the ring might fall into the open sea, so I decided to propose when we were on solid ground. Our friends helped prepare the location with flowers, seashells and champagne. They even pretended to be taking a group shot to hide the set-up while I got down on one knee.

What is “WOKA” and how it was put together.

Anne: WOKA stands for “Wedding of Kelvin and Anne”. We chose the then newly opened Fullerton Bay Hotel for its scenic view of the Marina Bay area, and had an open-air reception at its rooftop bar, The Lantern.

Kelvin: We did most of the planning for WOKA ourselves and decided to have a multi-themed wedding to accommodate our love for Adidas, Vespa, Tokidoki, Sanrio and the colours blue and white into our wedding. So everything from Anne’s handmade pearl and crystal hand bouquet to our wedding car, to our outfits and the shoes we wore, were in line with our theme. We also had a dress code: Spiffy Hawaiian Chic – that left some of our guests really baffled about what to wear!

Wow! Sounds like your wedding was a blast!

Anne: As with all weddings, the day kicked off with the gatecrashing, followed by tea ceremonies at both our places. We headed straight for Fullerton Bay Hotel where the crazy began. We scheduled for a photo-shoot with our brothers and sisters at the hotel before our solemnisation ceremony commenced. After which, we had to get The Lantern and ourselves ready for the ceremony at 5.30pm.

Kelvin: Usually the bride’s day begins earlier than the groom’s on their wedding day. In our case, I had been up since 1am that morning, decorating the wedding car. I had only three hours of sleep before I prepared to pick Anne up. Nonetheless, I had plenty of fun during the gatecrashing. I was even tricked into singing a self-written song to her aunt, who was posing as a “fake” bride hiding under the covers!

Once the evening started, it was a whirlwind of happenings! Our first march-in was accompanied by a flash-mob dancing Mambo before we rushed off to change and returned for our second march-in on our Vespa. We ended the night with the cake-cutting and an impromptu “Thank You” speech for our family and friends.

You must have had lots of positive feedback from your guests.!

Anne: Absolutely! It’s very flattering to hear your guests deem your wedding as the “Wedding of the year”, or “Super fun and different” or for having a splendid location. My family, too, thoroughly enjoyed being part of the crazy event.

Kelvin: It’s always good to hear that your guests had an enjoyable time during the wedding and we are very grateful for our family and friends who went crazy with us, and for being part of our special day.

Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

Kelvin & Anne: We’d have to say every moment was special to us because much of the wedding had our personal touches to it. More importantly, we would like to say a big “Thank You” to our family and friends – WOKA would not have been possible without your help (especially the last minute rehearsal for our Mambo Flash Mob) and not half as fun without your presence.

Wedding Planning:
The Photographer: Yeow Ming from Blessed-i Photography

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The Day They WOKA-ed With Us