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August 2011

As Sweet As Candy

Adeline Tan, 25, self-employed and Francis Tan, 32, Creative Director had met at another wedding. You could say it was that chance meeting that brought them together in the end, or you could say it was a union that was already written in the stars. But that one happy event led to another that was filled with warm blessing from the couple’s family and friends on 12 June 2011.

How did the two of you meet?

23rd September 2006 was the day we first met. It was our friends’ big day. He was one of the 25 “brothers” and she was one of the 15 “sisters”.

What was the proposal like?

A: The proposal was private, simple but sweet with just the two of us. He knows me well enough – I don’t exactly like public attention.

F: I asked her to get something from the bag and when she turned back around I was already on my knees with a sparkling diamond ring. And the rest is history. “Yes!” she said.

Was your planning process a stressful one?

A: The wedding was kept fairly simple and straightforward, with hints of both our personalities and some customised touches here and there. Planning and preparing was definitely stressful and time consuming, but since it’s a happy event, we did them all with L.O.V.E. We did not set any particular theme, but just tried to integrate every element that we would like to have for the day. All our hard work was proven to be worth the while when everyone enjoyed themselves during our special day.

What was it like on the day of the wedding?

A: We had everything done in one day: the customary, the solemnisation and then a reception. Morning was as usual, the time to test the “brothers” loyalty and love for the groom. It was fun just looking at the express highlights, since being the bride, I had to stay in the room throughout the event. The evening was much more exciting, with all our friends and relatives gracing our big night. I totally wish the evening were longer.

What did your family and friends say about your evening?

A: We received lots of feedback that the evening was entertaining, unique and sweet. The guests were kept entertained by our interactive “live feed” where comments via mobile phones were screened on the LCD screens. This promotes interaction among our friends seated at different tables and us, wherever we were that night.

Our guests love the place and the food, and got themselves pretty much as drunk as the groom! We think it was a good and compatible mix of characters and personalities that night.

Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

A: Each and every stage of the preparation for the actual day was a special memory, since we only go through them once in our lifetime. The love and blessings everyone gave us was very moving and we receive with much warmth. I still recall vividly the canons of confetti showering upon us during our march-in, with the many smiles and tears of joy from our family and friends… it’s like a sweet, sweet packet of candy that will never run out.

Her Gown: Ashley Isham
His Suit: Tessuti
The Venue: Hilton Singapore (now voco Orchard Singapore, an IHG Hotel)
The Photographer: Kelvin Koh from Lightedpixels
Wedding Planning Resource: SingaporeBrides

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As Sweet As Candy