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November 2011

Moving Pictures

You’ve sat through too many weddings watching the same old montages playing over and over to want the same thing at your own wedding. So you make a mental note to look for a photographer who would bring that special something to commemorate your wedding.

Meet Wilson, the photographer behind AndroidsinBoots. Wilson uses stop-motion, the perfect ingredient to make your wedding stand out from the rest, instead of the usual wedding montages. Say goodbye to the boring childhood pictures and wedding highlights and embrace stop-motion.

It all began with Orien Lavie’s Her Morning Elegance, a stop-motion style music video that earned a Grammy award nomination in 2009. Extremely fascinated with it, Wilson began to fall in love with stop-motion. “I love stop-motion because we can make things that are not feasible in video possible,” he elaborates. He hopes to introduce this amazing concept to the wedding industry in Singapore as it has yet to catch on locally. “It is a constant source of motivation to better my work and make it more unique.”

What better way to make your wedding different from the others by having something uncommonly heard of in Singapore? Give your guests something new and positive they can talk about and remember about your wedding. Treat them to the cartoonish and comical effects of stop-motion – courtesy of the not-so-seamless transitions between frames. “The beauty lies in the imperfection,” Wilson adds.

Most of Wilson’s couples started out uncertain about stop-motion, so it’s perfectly normal if you have mixed feelings about it. But he will have you know, that once the actual shooting commenced, his couples fell in love with it. “They did crazy things and had a blast doing it,” he reveals. “They told me it was like re-living the silly things they used to do.” Once, he even had one of his couples run in slow-motion at Catholic Junior College during one of the shoots. The peculiar shoot drew the attention of a class of students passing by, who watched on with puzzled looks.

It was entirely by chance that Wilson stumbled into the industry two years ago after he agreed to help his cousin shoot her wedding. Originally more interested in the fashion industry, AndroidsinBoots came into being after Wilson saw many windows of opportunity in the wedding industry. Also, he found wedding photography more enjoyable than he initially thought it would be.

Don’t bother looking for a signature photography style from him – Wilson doesn’t believe in one. But rest assured your photos will be one of a kind; he never replicates what he has done before, nor does he favour photos that are overly posed and cheesy. “What I like is to tell the stories of my couples in the most original and beautiful manner as I possibly can,” Wilson elaborates.

It is more important for couples to “click” with their photographer. “Your photographer is going to tag along for the entire day; imagine what a terrible experience it’ll be for both of you if you can’t get along with each other.” He also implores couples to get to know their photographers more. “You want to have a common understanding with him to ensure that the photos turn out the way you want them to,” Wilson suggests. “So it is vital you communicate your expectations and wants to your photographer.”

With his passion and love for stop-motion, and his innovative ideas, you can trust AndroidsinBoots to bring the unique into your pictures.

Contact AndroidsinBoots at [email protected] or call 9847 2295 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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