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December 2010

To New Beginnings

The Emperors of Ancient China used the Theory of Five Elements as a device to describe and understand phenomena, and in fields such as geomancy, traditional Chinese medicine, and military strategy. One of these elements is Fire, and its corresponding colour, Red.

Fire created Earth, so red has come to symbolise energy, fertility and newness. More than that, the auspicious colour is a colour of life, luck, happiness and celebration in Chinese culture. You can see these illustrated in items the Chinese use in their celebrations: red lanterns, red packets, and red firecrackers. Even in the West, the colour red is used to represent love, passion and desire.

With this in mind, welcomes all members and new visitors to our brand new website. We celebrate this exciting launch with red as our colour theme this January. The Articles category has been added to create more content so that your wedding planning experience with will be a well-rounded one. Check out our fashion shoot, 1000 Roses by Zhang Jingna, and read about the designers of the gorgeous gowns you see in the spread in the article Behind The Gossamer – Preview 2011.

Aside from our launch, January and February are “red” months as well because of the approaching Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. This season of family, love and togetherness is the perfect way to start the new year. We hope 2011 will be a lucky and passionate one for you.

Happy New Year, and to all couples getting married this year, here’s to New Beginnings!


Michelle Tay
Features Editor

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