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September 2011

Saying I Do To The Perfect Location

The choice of the wedding venue is arguably one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make, whether it is the materialization of the bride’s dream, or a place that calls out to the couple. With so many gorgeous venues in Singapore, we are spoilt for choice.

Many women have envisioned their own perfect wedding day from the time they were little girls. They take mental notes with every piece of tissue they use to wipe their happy tears at weddings. They can imagine every detail – the floral bouquet, the veil, holding on to their father’s arm and the way the gown trails behind them as they walk down the aisle to meet the man of their lives at the altar. That same man was probably only introduced to the word “wedding” merely a couple of months before the actual day.

Four couples share their memories in this article, part one of a two-part series, that focuses on some venues you can choose from for your special day.


Polytechnic Lecturers Valerie and David chose to walk down the aisle, traditional style. They were pronounced man and wife in front of 250 people at a little Catholic church in Singapore, choosing it for its quaint feel and gorgeous stained glass at the altar.

How to book?

“It was really easy to book the church! We simply called the office to check if it was available and were able to book it the very next day. We made a donation to the church, but it was otherwise free.”

Any venue-related challenges?

“We knew there would be friends who would be unfamiliar with our religion and we didn’t want them to feel awkward during the ceremony so we made sure we had sufficient booklets to go around to guide them through the ceremony.Our wedding ceremony was held in the morning and it ended close to lunch time so we provided a lunch reception. It cost us about $2,000.”


Like most traditional Malay weddings, Nisa and Elias hosted their wedding right at their doorstep, at the void deck of the HDB flat where her family was staying. Lunch for approximately 1,500 guests cost about $18,000.

How to book?

“Visit your Town Council office to make the booking. It costs about $50 per day to rent the void deck with electricity and water costs charged separately.”

Any venue-related challenges?

“Having it at the void deck is great because guests who drive can make use of the abundance of parking spaces at the car parks, and there’s a bus stop in front of the next block, it was easy for taxis to find the way too.”


Marnie and Meraj went for an “Asian Chic” wedding at the Asian Civilisations Museum for 270 guests, choosing it because the Singapore River held a special meaning for them. The Asian Civilisations Museum allowed them to showcase their diverse Asian heritage with a modern twist.

How to book?

“Simply call ACM up. The entire cost was about $20,000, and it included our solemnisation, cocktails, reception, rental, tents with fans, food, videography and service staff. We brought our own printed menus and decorations.”

Any venue-related challenges?

“Staying within our venue budget was a challenge, but it was all worth it as guests congratulated us for a fun party as opposed to the ‘stifling and boring’ weddings they’d been to.”


Sophie and Dao Kuan held their wedding at St Anna within Vatican City in Rome. They had a short wedding mass at the church followed by photo-taking at Saint Peter’s Square, and a wedding lunch for only 22 guests at a cosy restaurant with a view of Rome.

How to book?

“We made our arrangements for the church and actual day transport arrangements through a local wedding agency, and sourced for the lunch venue on our own. As we could not physically be there, and did not have sufficient knowledge and contacts to make our own arrangements, we had to pay a fee to the coordinator (approximately 2,000 Euros).”

Any venue-related challenges?

“Since I’m Catholic and need to do a church wedding, what can be a better place than the Vatican? Furthermore, the overseas wedding is more exclusive and heart-warming as only immediate family, closer relatives and friends were there with us.It was more of the uncertainty and doubt in our minds, as we were coordinating with the local wedding agency only though emails. We really had to trust them but nearer to date we did regular long distance calls to firm up arrangements.”

The most important words of your wedding (“I do”, not “How’s my hair?”) would mean so much more when said at the perfect wedding location. Look out for part two of this series for more real, unique ideas!

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Saying I Do To The Perfect Location