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October 2011

Saying I Do to the Perfect Location Part II

Sometimes a place just calls out to you. Sometimes it’s a venue that holds a special meaning. Sometimes you attend another function and can envision your own special day there. But sometimes you’re just flat out of ideas.

Last month we ran Part I of “Saying ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Wedding Location”, featuring four couples who held their weddings at four very different venues. If you’re still hungry for more ideas, we hope that you will get some from these happy couples in Part II.


PR Manager Maylynn van der Beek and Consultant Edwin Rozells had a 9 am church wedding so they thoughtfully planned for a lunch reception, which then allowed for their guests to enjoy the rest of their Saturday. The lunch reception was held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore for about 400 guests.

“Even though we were the first ones in the family to hold a lunch wedding reception, we didn’t meet with any resistance. In fact, many of our relatives thought it was a good idea and since then we’ve attended a number of other lunch receptions!”

Any challenges?

“Many have the misconception that a lunch reception, much less a buffet, is less expensive than holding a wedding banquet dinner, and it was reflected in the angpows we received. We spent about $50,000 for the lunch, including the drinks and a chocolate fountain!”


Traditional wedding banquets still seem to be a very popular option. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the usual venues. Designers Evelyn Ng and Johnson Kway chose the Raffles Town Club because they loved the old English architecture and its ambience, especially the high ceiling at both the ballroom and reception area, which they felt created a grand and elegant ambience to welcome guests. They had a traditional Chinese eight-course dinner for friends and family.

Any tips?

“We managed to save $100 per table by holding our wedding dinner on a Thursday.” The couple had 42 tables so they saved a whopping $4,200!


Administrator Ferlis Ang and her Naval Diving Officer husband Jason Tan both love the sea and were captivated by the tranquil setting of the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club at West Coast Road. They solemnised their marriage on a beautiful Sunday afternoon by the sea with about 50 guests.

“Many guests commented that they really loved the place and truly enjoyed the serenity.”

Any venue-related challenges?

“Not many people know of the venue and it wasn’t very accessible. But most of our guests drove so we included a map with directions together with our wedding invitation. Thankfully everything went smoothly.”


Admin Executive Irene Lee and Director Adwin Kua wanted something special and the Singapore Flyer was the latest icon in Singapore at that time so they decided on it straightaway. They spent an hour in the capsule on two rotations with 27 guests.

“It was so romantic to have our wedding solemnised when we were up in the air!”

Any challenges?

“All our elders thought we were CRAZY! But they know it’s us and we’ve always done things differently so they weren’t really surprised. However some of them were worried about getting motion sickness and having the urge to visit the toilet. My mother-in-law actually rejected our request to be our witness just in case she backed out last minute because of her fear of heights!”


Love the sea breeze in your hair? Why not have a beach wedding like stay-at-home mum Joycelyn Kae and Financial Manager Andy Liu, who celebrated their wedding at the Rasa Sentosa Hotel’s private beach. They had about 100 guests and walked down the aisle, led by their dog!

Any challenges?

“We really prayed for good weather. Thankfully it was a bright sunny day. But the beach wasn’t well lit at night so some of our elderly guests couldn’t really make their way around. I also couldn’t wear heels (I opted for wedges instead) because of the sandy beach. We also worried about transport so we chartered a bus for our guests.”

Indoor versus outdoor, on the ground versus in the air, traditional yam-seng sessions versus cool lunch receptions, the choice is entirely up to you. But if you come from a rather traditional family, just remember to run it by the elders before you choose something extreme, like screaming “I dooooooooo!!!!” while skydiving. But hey, it’s your big day, make it as special as possible!

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