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June 2011

An Evening To Remember

What Eunice Ng, 34, Legal Counsel, thought to be a really huge Christmas present turned out to be the very thing she had been waiting for after dating Jason Goh, 35, Corporate Finance, for five years. With the sun setting behind them, and with close family and friends in high spirits, Eunice had the wedding she had always dreamt of on 19 March 2011.

How did the two of you meet?

Eunice: Jason was also a lawyer in his previous life! We met while we were both working at the same law firm.

How did the proposal happen?

Eunice: Simple and unexpected! He jumped out of bed on Christmas morning and I heard him rummaging through his drawers, which I thought was rather odd. He soon popped back with a big, black, ugly, portable metal safe and shoved it shyly at me with an excited look on his face. I thought that was even more odd as he had never been quite so enthusiastic about Christmas presents before. I opened the safe and found a tiny red box, and I opened the box and found the most perfect ring in the world that he had designed himself. But I couldn’t be sure if this was just a massive Christmas present (we have been going out for more than five years with no proposal in sight!) or he was finally popping the question… I asked if he was proposing to me and he said yes! And so his story now goes, “Eunice asked and I said yes!” Ha ha!

What kind of a wedding was it?

Eunice: At first, we thought it might be nice to simply elope and get married in Vegas on the condition that he does not turn up dressed as Elvis! However, it felt incomplete to get married without our family and close friends to share in our happiness, hence, we decided to take everyone with us to Koh Samui and have a simple ceremony by the sea. Cream Counsel was our overall coordinator. We also had a travel agent to help us make the travel arrangements and W Resorts took care of the rest. It was relatively fuss-free. We planned the wedding in three months! There was no theme or dress code because we just wanted everyone to be comfortable and have a great time!

Wow! Koh Samui! What was it like on that day itself?

Eunice: We were pretty relaxed. We started the day late with a leisurely breakfast with our family and friends and chilled out until the afternoon. I was a little worried about the weather as it had been pouring the last couple of days and we had no wet weather backup plan! We were very blessed though, as it started to rain but stopped just before the ceremony and the weather held up through the night. This may sound clichéd but it was exactly like the wedding I have always dreamt of. I remember basking in happiness and having a lot of fun. Jason passed out before midnight!

I’m sure your guests enjoyed themselves at your wedding.

Eunice: They loved it! It was a little like summer camp. Our friends are actually scattered around the region so it was fabulous to have all of them in one place for one carefree, indulgent weekend binge!

Were there any particular moments that were especially memorable or special to you?

Eunice: Just as I started walking down the aisle with my mum towards Jason, the sun came out from behind the clouds and cast a golden glow over us. It was amazing.

Venue: The W Resorts, Koh SamuiPhotography: Eng Hong and Aloysius from 39 East

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An Evening To Remember