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October 2010

Wedding By The Sea

There was no elaborate proposal for Lyn Wong, 29, Senior Program Specialist and Nee Choon Chiang, 37, System Engineer. In fact, what started as usual teasing banter-at least for Lyn-between the two lovebirds turned out to be a really special conversation that would take them to the next phase of their lives. Their wedding took place on 20 March 2010.

How did the two of you meet?

Lyn: We met at the beach. I didn’t really notice him at first but our cliques started hanging out together a lot because of our love of windsurfing and we got to know each other better. But things never really started until much later, when he finally realised what a nice person I am.

What was the proposal like?

Lyn: It was very… “special”. It all happened when I asked if I was a good girlfriend to him and he asked me the same about him. So after much teasing to and fro, he finally asked very casually, “So when are you gonna marry me?” I replied jokingly, “I don’t know, I have yet to see the “bling bling”. Then in all seriousness, he asked that if he had the bling, would I really marry him? The next thing I knew, he had placed something onto my hand. I asked him what it was, then after it hit me, I shrieked, “When did you buy it?!” Before I could say any thing more, he had slipped the ring onto my ring finger. And our fate was sealed!

Tell us about your wedding.

Lyn: We wanted our wedding to be simple, with just our loved ones and close friends witnessing our solemnisation and sharing our joy. We did not want the full-blown, traditional wedding and absolutely no “gate-crashing”; we can’t stand the idea of having to wait to be married and be “played”! And since we are both children of the sea, our first thought was to have the ceremony by the sea and at somewhere relaxing and less commercialised. The SAF Yacht Club at Changi fit the bill perfectly.

We had a blue-themed “Wedding by the Sea”, literally. Our invitation cards were designed and custom-made to the shape of a blue surfboard. The decoration was in blue, and our outfits had something blue in it as well. We had even arranged for a march-in from the sea, but it did not materialise because of the rain.

Did you have any difficulties planning for the wedding?

Lyn: Planning was not difficult, because we knew exactly what we wanted from the start and we had very supportive friends who were more than willing to help us. And of course, we had Amanda, the best gown designer who made me the perfect mermaid gown and the best photographer, Alex, who took both our pre-wedding and actual day photos. They were both very willing to hear us out and were really receptive to our ideas, which we appreciated very much.

Were there any particular moments throughout the whole process that were especially memorable to you?

Lyn: At the end of the day, everything felt like a dream. It feels too good to be true, that we are now husband and wife.

If there has to be one memorable moment we have to point out, it would have to be the part where we took a boat across to the White Sand Island from Trikora, Bintan, where we had our pre-wedding shoot. It started to rain heavily but it was still beautiful and the sun came out soon enough. There’s always sunshine after the rain, just like Life, and most importantly, we went through that together. We’re very glad that we will have beautiful pictures to show our children and grandchildren, and these wonderful memories to grow old to.

Credits: Photography by Depixel Photography Bridal Gown from Amanda Lee Weddings

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Wedding By The Sea