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May 2011

A White Wedding

I have always been asked if I get immuned to weddings, since the whole business of weddings has become a job for me. I would like to reply that I don’t cry at weddings and that proposal stories don’t tug at my heartstrings anymore, but I won’t. I am a romantic at heart, and weddings will always be beautiful to me.

I spent a great deal of time deciding on the theme for our May/June issue, and it was only while catching glimpses of the Royal Wedding on TV on 29 May that it hit me: here’s a theme so over-done and so overly kitschy that nobody wants to talk about it anymore. But this is the kind of wedding I grew up reading about in storybooks and drawing into little sketchbooks – the fairytale princess wedding. It is the first wedding little girls dream of having before they grow up too quickly and become disillusioned by budget constraints and fashion trends. Who can forget the minimalist robin-blue gown with chiffon puffed sleeves that Cinderella wore to the ball?

Our tribute to the twenty-first-century princess wedding will be a white one, a trend introduced into the world by Queen Victoria when she broke tradition and wore a white lace dress at her wedding on 10 February 1840. It will be a really easy issue to do, seeing as white is a colour that is ubiquitous for most things wedding-related: the gown, the cake, the theme, the flowers… You name it, you’ll see it this issue. To make the white even more fun, we are going to try to be as Victorian about it as we can. Expect lots of laces, fine china, delicate roses, and full English table settings, all with accents of silver embroidery and gilded gold.

I didn’t cry when Prince William kissed Catherine on the balcony—even after the second kiss—but I remember wondering how it must feel to be so utterly Princess-y for a day, what with the horse-drawn carriage and the adoring crowd surrounding the palace. I’m really excited about this issue, because it would be like making my little childhood wedding dream come true.

Now excuse me while I get in the mood with a pot of my favourite Earl Grey Tea.

Michelle Tay
The Editor

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A White Wedding