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June 2011

A Manly List of 10 Favourite Princes

How could we not have a list of our Top 10 Princes after this? From the past to the present, the real to those of fiction, these guys deserve an equal amount of spotlight Wills has been getting from the media. We hope all of you kissed a frog and found your prince. Let’s jump right in to our Top 10.

The Stuff of Legends

Sang Nila Utama

The most notable prince in Singapore’s history was, without a doubt, Sang Nila Utama (our #1!!!), the man who sacrificed material wealth for a lifetime of happiness. Now I’m not sure how many people would readily take the risk of throwing all their gold into the sea like he did, but you know, a man who’s willing to do it is definitely a keeper. Well, my analogy here is that the sea is the marriage, and the gold is the man’s relentless effort towards bettering himself and/or the situation he is in, like giving all he’s got for the love of his life. If the sea is the marriage, does that make the island the bride or should it be the opposite?

Let’s focus.

Back to the Present

Then there was Prince William (our #2), of course, the boy who one day looked like every girl’s dream come true, and the next like everybody’s uncle. It’s the hair, poor chap. Anyhow; he’s married now, off the market, unavailable and ineligible.

And now his brother Prince Harry (#3), who used to look like a cross-breed between Ron Weasley and an electric shock, but who has respectably matured and has become, although to a lesser extent (no crown for him!), the world’s Royal Bachelor Number One. It sure would be fun to see this notorious naughty boy in a matchmaking game show! “Where would I bring you on a date? Well, do you want to see my family jewels? Oh! Sorry, I meant the crown jewels.” I wonder if there’s been a study done to compare the attractiveness of princes based solely on their closeness to the throne. Might actually be interesting to find out.

Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of Austria-Este

And you know what? Europe has more royal families to offer than that of England alone, and with them come lots of princes! Being less known gives them the capacity to fly under the radar and mingle among us, the commoners. My two favourite among them are Prince Amadeo of Belgium (#4), 25 years old, who works for Deloitte in New York, and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (#5), 31, who is a race car driver! Don’t you think Prince Carl looks just like Orlando Bloom? Commoner, by the way, is the nobility’s choice of word when they talk about the rest of us, not very much unlike the word “muggles”.

Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland

When Reality Isn’t Enough

Speaking of muggles, our next prince, although fictitious, was half a muggle. Yes, I’m talking about the Half-Blood Prince, good old Potions teacher Severus Snape (#6), who is, to me at least, the most fascinating character in the whole Harry Potter movie series. Is it the voice? The torment? The fact that he doesn’t belong anywhere in particular? Certainly not his good looks, I know, but still, he’s got something. And he’s not married, hint hint! Okay, I’m just joking here.

Half-Blood Prince Severus Snape, Potions Master

Let’s stay in fiction, but go back to eligibility and attractiveness, with Prince Dastan (#7). Who? Dastan, you know, the Prince of Persia! He’s a character from an old computer game who was brought to the big screen last year by Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s basically the story of a noble prince who leaps to assist a fallen beauty and hurls daggers at anyone who dares to get in the way. Similar to many other stories, I know, except this time the prince himself is doing all the action.

The Stuff of Dreams

You’ve seen The Prince and Me, with Julia Stiles? In it, a Danish prince by the name of Edward (#8) goes to America to find love (much like Prince Akeem in a good old Eddie Murphy movie, but from a romantic viewpoint), and falls for a young farmer’s daughter. It so happens that at the same time that the movie came out, the real heir to the Danish throne, a charming fellow and climate-change expert named Frederik, the Crown Prince of Denmark (#9), married an Australian woman who obviously wasn’t from within the noble circle! Is that what girls want? To find not only the perfect man to marry, but someone who’s also got a huge family fortune and lots of prestige to go along with it?

Crown Prince Frederik. Photo: Steen Evald

So what’s the attraction anyway? From whence did it spring forth? Girls seem to be caught in this whole prince and princess magnetism since they were young, and we can’t blame them, just by seeing how many Disney Princess clothes and accessories are available for little girls. But nary do I see any Disney Prince apparatus for the boys. If there were, who would they be?

The stories’ Prince Charming (our #10) is always anonymous, and usually shows up only at the end, except in Cinderella where he actually has a role. What’s that prince’s name, anyway? That’s right, he ain’t got any! Young boys need more than that to identify themselves to characters, hence the lack of collectibles, and the ensuing lack of curiosity. Ah well, men have got modern nobles to look up to: Sportsmen and Rock Stars, yeah!

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A Manly List of 10 Favourite Princes