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May 2011

DIY of The Month – Hidden Messages

Think you’re a hands-on kind of bride and want to make something really special for your wedding? It doesn’t have to be something elaborate; think small, simple yet significant. It could be a personalised Save-The-Date card, or a memorable wedding favour. You don’t even have to be very good at Arts and Crafts to make these wonderful mementos. SingaporeBrides shows you how to Do-It-Yourself.

“Save The Date” wedding notices are informal, pre-invitation announcements that state your wedding date and let your guests know that they will be invited to your wedding. Cards may be the simplest way to go, but a wedding save-the-date can be anything in the world, just like wedding favours. Magnets are a common save-the-date item because your guests can be constantly reminded of your wedding every time they reach for the refrigerator door, or it can even be a photograph.

Many couples handle the save-the-date designs themselves, so this is the perfect chance to showcase your personality as a couple. A graphic email is another great option, but there’ll always be a few less tech-savvy guests in your list. If you have a manageable guest list, why not just make one?

Here’s what you need:

  • Plain coloured A4 card stock, at least 120 gsm
  • Square envelopes, 95 x 100 mm
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pen
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Plastic squeegee, or an unused credit card or EZlink card


  • Printer
  • Single-hole craft puncher
  • String of any kind
  • Time taken for each: 5 minutes
    Average cost for each: $1

    1. First, measure out 269 x 95 mm on the A4 card stock and cut it out using the craft knife. If you’d like to use our template, print it out here, and cut along the inner dotted line.

    2. So as not to interrupt your workflow later, my advice would be to cut all the card stock at the same time, depending on how many you’ll be making. Even if you can’t finish making them all in a day, you can have the templates within reach. You can even conduct a pseudo origami class with all your girlfriends (or future husband).

    3. Now for the folding proper. Fold and unfold the bottom corners up at 45 degrees to meet the top line neatly. Flip it over and do the same to the other two corners.

    4. Now, with the top (printed) side facing up, fold and unfold through the centre of the “cross” made by the crease lines from the previous steps. Both corners should neatly meet the ends of the “cross”. Do the same to the other end.

    5. Flipping the template over, you’ll notice that by lightly pushing the four corners together, the creases will naturally fold into themselves to form a triangle.

    6. Using the squeegee, flatten the creases as neatly as possible. Do the same with the other side.

    7. You’ll end up with two outward-facing triangles.

    8. Take the right triangle and fold it directly over the one on the left. Flatten it down with the squeegee.

    9. Now, flip the top triangle over so that the two opened bottom sides of the triangles meet. This is to make a crease line to ease the next step. Then flip it back to the original position.

    10. Using the crease line as a marker, fold the two corners inwards.

    11. Now, fold the top triangle over. You’ll see a simple diamond shape.

    12. Taking the top loose end, make a fold so that it meets the outer corner. Do the same for the bottom end, as well as for the two ends on the left.

    13. You’ll end up with four smaller triangles in the middle.

    14. Now, you’ll have to turn these four triangles into squares. The trick is to slip your left forefinger into the pocket made by the opened bottom end of each triangle, and at the same time, use your right forefinger to press down at the very tip of the crease.

    15. You’ll see it folds nicely into a neat little square. Do the same for the other three triangles.

    16. After you have four perfectly-formed little squares in the middle, you are going to fold triangles again! Fold in the two bottom ends to form right-angled triangles. Use the squeegee to help neaten and flatten crease lines.

    17. You will end up with four kite-shaped formations. But that’s not the end!

    18. Using the same trick you learned in Step 14, take each opened flap and press them into smaller “kites”.

    19. If done neatly, you will have formed a very pretty geometric pattern within the “diamond”.

    20. Now flip it over.

    21. Fold down the top triangle, or fold up the bottom triangle—it depends on which way you flip it—to magically form an origami heart.

    22. If you have used our template, the printed text should fit (almost) perfectly, with the pink arrow pointing at the opened flap at the bottom.

    23. Flipping up the flap, you can write your own personal message to your recipient.

    24. To turn this Save The Date card into something your friends can use every day, you just need a few more simple steps. Using a craft puncher, punch out a hole somewhere at the top of the origami heart.

    25. Remember to fold in the two sharp corners on both sides to form perfect little paper hearts.

    26. Measure out 20 cm of string. Halve it and thread the looped end through the back of the origami heart. Slip the ends of the string through the loop and pull firmly. Now you have a bookmark.

    It looks like a really scary number of steps, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be folding origami hearts like you’ve been doing it all your life. When you write your Save The Date message, remember to indicate the date of your ceremony, the venue and time. Also state that a formal invitation will follow shortly. This origami heart can also be used for Thank You notes for the friends and family members who have been instrumental in making your wedding a beautiful one. Heck, you should make one every day for your special one too!

    You can provide these paper hearts at the reception at your wedding together with some pens, and have your guests write down their heartfelt blessings for you. Use the MAGASIN wooden cutlery stand, $1.80 each, as a stand for the hearts. Then have them put the written blessings into several ROTERA white lanterns, $8 each, placed along the tables where your guests will be sitting. Both items from IKEA.

    Perfect for White- or “Green”-themed weddings, Save The Date cards, Informal solemnisation invitation cards, Handwritten blessings from guests, Thank You notes

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    DIY of The Month – Hidden Messages