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November 2010

Walking Tall – Height Above the Bride

Unfortunately, not all of us, particularly Asians are blessed with height. To complement your bride’s sky-high stilettos, fret not and head down to Walking Tall, a fashion forward men’s boutique that takes you to a whole different level – quite literally.

When asked about their ideal man, women would almost instinctively go, “tall, dark and handsome”, but when you have all but one of the qualities that make the “perfect man”, it’s hard not to have it put a damper on your spirits.

And even if you are so lucky to have found the woman whom you’d want to spend the rest of your life with and have already started making plans to walk down the aisle with her, there’s nothing quite like adding a little height to your frame to complement her sashaying in four-inch stilettos.

Walking Tall, a men’s shoe boutique conveniently located at One Raffles Place sets to change all masculine fixes about height – or the lack of it. Their range of footwear comes with hidden heels to give a boost in height. What’s more, their shoes made of genuine leather are comfortable, stylish and affordable.

Founder of Walking Tall, said “Customers who walk in usually know what sort of shoes they’re looking for. Unlike women who enjoy browsing and window shopping, men’s shopping habits tend to be more focused. If someone comes in looking for footwear for business wear, our well-trained staff will recommend him our popular styles, and take into consideration the type of outfit he usually wears as well.”

“As for grooms,” he continued, “It is critical to know the suits that he intends to wear on his wedding day and ceremonies and recommend him the ones we feel suit most.”

Walking Tall stocks a staggering range of footwear for men ranging from classics to fashion forward pieces seen currently rocking the runways. The shoes, made of calf leather, have hidden insoles which give an additional height between 6cm to 10cm.

The back of the shoes where it cups the heels are designed to be higher than that of the normal shoes to provide a snug fit, preventing the shoes from slipping off. The gentle elevation also helps to avoid sores and aches. So while your bride may complain of aching calves after being on her feet after a whole day, you’re still walking tall because of the comfort and support.

Walking Tall is at 1 Raffles Place #04-11 One Raffles Place. For more information, call +65 6438-2526 or log on to

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Walking Tall – Height Above the Bride