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October 2013

Walk Tall In The Height Of Fashion

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, usually captured for all posterity with an army of professional photographers and videographers, not to mention friends and family wielding compact cameras and phones. It’s no wonder that couples invest a lot of time and energy into looking picture perfect on that day. With the magical help of facials, slimming regimes, expert hair and make up artists, and sky-high heels for a shapely and sexy posture, it’s easy for brides to enhance their beauty and look runway worthy. But what help is available for the man on her arm?

While most men scoff at the idea of needing make up (trust us, you don’t want to look as pale as Edward Cullen in your wedding album), discreetly looking taller is another matter. If your bride is about the same height as you are, consider wearing elevated shoes on your wedding day to stand taller by her side, or look stronger and more protective over your now delicately tiny bride. An increase in height also helps clothes to hang off your frame better, and lengthens your body for a fitter appearance. For a more formal solemnization affair, when your fair lady wants to walk a little more elegantly in heels, you could complement her height with a comfortable and stylish pair of elevated lace-ups.

Walk Tall in the Height of FashionWalking Tall in the Height of Fashion

The fashionable men’s shoe boutique, Walking Tall, can increase height by up to 10.5 confidence-inspiring centimetres with their specially crafted footwear—each featuring a hidden heel in the sole. Invisible from the outside, these gently elevated heels are designed for comfort, something any groom would appreciate on a long day of posing for photos or standing for wedding toasts. The shoes come in a range of heights from a subtle 3cm to 10.5cm, and they are also crafted with a slightly higher back for a snug fit. Made of genuine calf leather in over 70 classic and trendy styles, these shoes will stand you in good stead for years after the wedding, so you can enjoy added stature when staring down your clients during a business negotiation.

The store boasts a wide range of footwear in a classic colour palette, and the knowledgeable staff are more than willing to advise you on which shoes would best suit the style and location of your wedding. The fashion-forward staff can also help you with choosing a pair of shoes to go with any outfit for your photoshoots—and we do mean any, so don’t be too shy to describe your top hat and stiff moustaches when asking for dapper, debonair shoes at Walking Tall.

Walking Tall in the Height of FashionWalking Tall in the Height of Fashion

Walking Tall is located at Orchard Central, #03-28, 181 Orchard Road. For more details, please call 6438 2526 from 11.30am to 9pm daily.

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Walk Tall In The Height Of Fashion