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March 2010

Bridal Beauty: Here Comes the Brows

Eyes: the windows of your soul and the most important feature to play up with make up on your wedding day; but don’t forget to make up your brows! Proper shaping and highlighting techniques of your brows can open your eyes by creating an instant eye lift which enhances your expression – and when you are in the limelight as Princess for a day you want everything to be perfect – even your eyebrows.

  1. Start by combing your eyebrows straight up and trimming with eyebrow scissors. Be careful not to trim to short otherwise you will have spiky eyebrows.Try Tweezerman’s Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush.
  2. Tweeze excess hairs in the direction of hair growth, which makes a clean tweeze. Try Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezer.
  3. Fill in brows with short, quick strokes whether using shadow or pencil. If you tend to have oily skin, try MAC’s Penultimate, a quick drying brow marker for a stronger, more defined look.
  4. Highlight the arch of your brow for added lift. Hint: use the same highlighter in your tear ducts for a glamorous pop to your eye that looks stunning in photos. Try Make Up For Ever’s Star Powder 926.

Not sure what to tweeze? Now is not the time to be trendy. A natural brow is best. Take away the obvious and leave the rest. Try Too-Faced Brow Envy Kit which includes a stencil, giving you all the answers in one little box.

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Bridal Beauty: Here Comes the Brows