Wedding @ HortPark


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Hi olebb,

Qns: how was the weather, was it too warm?
Ans: Well we had the marquee so it did block out the sun. True friends wont mind the heat thats all I can say.

Qns: I thought your event was on the lawn how come it got shifted indoor?
Ans: I only did it semi out door cos it would be too hot to sit long hours in the sun. So solemnisation in the lawn and sit down buffet in the MPH.

Qns: Who was your caterer, any comments.
Ans: We choose Stamford Catering and majority said the food was nice.But of there are one or 2 dishes which did not turn out nice but overall the response was good. Price wise we choose the $20/pax menu on top of that we still top up some desserts.

Qns:how much did you spend roughly
Ans: Rental : $3k ++, Food: $4k++, Logistics: $4k ++, Deco: $1.3k.

Other info: Do take time off to go test out the sound system if you are going to have it outdoors. As you may need extra sound equipment.


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Hi Olebb,

did you book Hort Lawn in the end? I'm also thinking of booking the place for my wedding in June!

Could you share with me what are the additional things you have to consider? I know have to get my own tables, chairs, linen, sound system etc. was comparing with some other very pretty outdoor restaurants also, which is half the trouble and cost may not be much more.

can share with me? Thanks! Btw which date you book in the end huh??
i thinking of booking 20 June!


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btw, am also very concerned abt the mosquito problems. that one will really irritate my guests!
dont want them to remember and complain away abt my wedding!

lights and fans also have to get separately is it?


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hi peachestone. i booked hort lawn[1 week before your date] and MPH for wet weather plan.

i wanted to book 19th june but there is a big event at hort park on d same day[some family day thingy] so may have high traffic + difficult parking for guest. better check with stephanie.

basically you have to source for everything.
caterer, decoration, furniture[tables and chairs], sound system.

my event extend 1 hour after night fall so i'm sourcing for light. i have a band so they are settling the sound system.
rem you also need to source for photographer, gown, bouquet, cake, invitation card etc etc so it's q a bit of work

i gave up another restaurant which cost about the same as hort park with a nice little lawn too. i guess in the end is what you want.

hort park requires alot of planning and prep... be prepare to be committed. my biggest headache comes from wet weather planning and the furniture.

let me know if you got more problem.
good luck!


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hi olebb! thank you so much for sharing! i wanted to book 20 June but they told me it has been booked by someone else. arrrggghhhhhhhh!!! and it has been such a headache to finally get EVERYONE in both our families to agree to 20 June! can die.

so now got to see how i can find another date (goodness knows how) or change venue. we were considering burkill hall in botanic gardens but the venue hire cost is very very high. $500 plus per hour.

can i ask you which other restaurant with a nice lawn you were considering? my fiance wants an outdoors wedding.

yeah the thing abt our kind of weddings is that we must prepare everything ourselves, down to wedding favours and invites.

btw, does hort lawn still have that rule abt what kinds of tables are allowed on the lawn? i asked them they said the caterers' tables can.



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hi peachestone
it's la villa, at river valley road.
cosy little restaurant, private car park, nice small lawn over looking 1 big field. at night got christmas lighting and small lamps around.

can check out d place and have a good dinner w ya fiance.

as for hort park rule, yes it's still present. only bistro table allowed, otherwise build a platform and put everything on it


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for your solemnisation on the lawn, whose mike did you used?
the mikes from MPH or you rented another sound system?


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Dear olebb,

My hubby just confirmed that all the sound equipment used that day was our own we did not use any of Hort Park's. Seem like Hort Park did not allow us to link our sound system to theirs for the lawn. (not very sure how to explain) but my hubby did mention that the speakers have a hissing sound when not in use.

You may need to get extra sound system as I have to say this beautiful place has lots of restrictions...


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olebb. thanks so much for the info. if only bistro tables then each table can only be 4-5 people? might look quite pretty, but quite troublesome. also if sound system have to set up ourselves and lights also.

can I ask you how much it costs to set up the lights? do you use your own lights for the whole duration or only after 10pm?


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Dear peachestone,

Seng Heng is quoting $15 for Weatherproof 4ft Fluorescent Light. Do note that the park closes at 10pm ... So your event & tear down must be before that I guess.


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jajah my band has their own sound system but no cordless mike, was wondering if i can utilise those from MPH. i'll prob contact stephanie

seng heng told me their lights can only be used if i build a tentage.

peachestone: i'm only using the lights from 7-830. need time to clear up like what jajah mentioned, the place closes at 10pm.

i've contacted a lighting contractor. waiting for quotation.
i'm getting stefii as my florist, they provide christmas light decoration, i haven't got a quotation yet but est >$500


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hi olebb! want to ask a few questions regarding wedding at hort park as i'm also having my rom and banquet there as well.

me and my WTB are still undecided on our caterer and would like to find out from you which caterer have you chosen for your wedding.

and do your caterer provides decorations for the whole place? or just tables and chairs? is there a wide range of themes to choose from?

oh and do you have a wedding planner? and how much are your total costs of your wedding?

thanks! :)


i had my ROM @ Hort Park on 090909...

the sales manager, Stephanie was very patient and friendly... initially wanted to book e garden $80/hr but Stepanie advised me not to.

reason being the garden was outdoor (hot weather) and a good 10min walk away from entrance. She said if got old pple attending, not too convenient. She also suggested bringing me on a tour.

All this happened during our first telephone conversation. I told her my guest lists only 50pple.. so she suggested the "Fruits Room" instead. $50/hr, with 50 chairs and 1 ROM table and 1 guest table.

And it's directly below the entrance with a nice waterfall and air-conditioned.
Very good service all in all.

but i was very very very disappointed with ISS catering though.

I initially already booked and confirmed everything... but being the kan cheong person, I wanted to call in 2 wks before again to double confirm. Only then did I found out the person who took my order has quit the co! and the forms are lying on her desk, yet to be processed! Imagine my horror. so i spoke to another lady who promised she will get someone to call me back. 2 days passed and no followup so i call again.

Btw, their lines always no one ans.
Finally, a guy answered and he will take charge of my event, i took his hp no. and everything.
Just 1 week left. the weekend before my event, i called the guy on the hp (company tel no ans again) and he did not call me back until the next day. he say he in ns camp. i replied, ok but is everything confirmed? he say he has passed my order list to another colleague and will get his colleague to call me in 1 hr. no calls came.

on Mon (my event is on wed), he did not ans e whole day and when i finally manage to call up e co. they informed me he has quit the co long ago.

OMG. i was extremely upset by then and when i called up e co, I was passed from 1 person to another with no one having a clue about my order.

This has left a deep impression on me and i swore never to use their service again.

on a sidenote: on e actual day, the caterer did come on time. thank god for that.


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Hi Anthony,

I had my wedding in Jan this year booked the lawn and the Multipurpose Hall (MPH).. for 1 and a half days the evening b4 was for set up.

To what i understand tables, chairs, deco are all separate. HortPark have an appointed logistic company, Seng Heng Pte Ltd. We got our tables and chairs from them.

As for caterer we chose Stamford Catering as it was one of the mid range priced caters appointed by Hort Park. They only dressed up the buffet line and you can choose the colours and themes.

Deco wise we got Mia from Blissful thots to do the deco you can see more of her works at

Total spending: Can't really recall my hubby will know better cos he pay mah he he he... Think ard 15k bah....

Hope this helps


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Hi Anthony

surprised to see this thread revived, just had my solemnisation 2 days ago...

i picked lavish. thumbs up for service. i changed my contract 100 times but no complaints from the coordinator. prompt replies. i didn't get to eat much but think the food was quite well received except for the fried rice. They have 4 attendants and serve the VIP table personally

For solemnisation package: (abt 20 per pax)
They provide deco for the buffet table only. But if you order VIP table/sign in table etc they come with flowers

For wedding package (about 65 per pax)
they provide tables and chairs + table deco.

(refer to package on the website for more details)

The theme are basically just color themes... what range you looking at? can prob asked your caterer about it.

I had no wedding planner (save money) , but had a friend who helped out as OIC the day itself.. plus smaller IC to oversees other details.... if you don't mind troubling your friend(and trust them also) can ask them for help.
If you don't mind spending extra money i definitely say go for wedding planner.. the planning is quite siong

i spent about slightly more than 10k for 100 pax. But that includes
- venue
- food
- balloon lighting
- florist
- cake
- photographer
- logistic (tables and chairs)
- band

It's quite amazing to see months of planning transforming into real life object.
Have fun and enjoy the process.

If you need more help can pm me. cheers.


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Hi Jajah!

How many people did you invite for your wedding? Cause i will be inviting 200 pax plus for my wedding. And i think the cost will be more than 20k including photography and such.

Hi olebb!

AH! so that was your solemnisation on sunday!
not sure if you see my friends and i there trying to do some research by looking at your solemnisation setup and asking your OIC (he was wearing a white specs and was extremely friendly!) for more information. We were sitting near your buffet area and we can't help but notice the huge and cute rabbit that you brought.

I do have a few questions to ask you.

How much did the balloon lighting costs? Was it from bez balloon?

Where did you get the glass cup which was placed on the bistro tables as a candle holder from?

Which studio did you get your photoshoot done? Because my WTB commended that you looked beautiful in the red dress in one of your pictures.

And i think i'm going to get Rasel as my caterer. Meeting them next saturday to discuss about the food and stuff. Any comments about them?

Thank you so much for answering my qns! Had to plan and make decisions pretty fast because my wedding's on the 12th Sept. Thoroughly enjoying it though :)


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oh and olebb, for the buffet right, did you cater for the exact number of people or lesser? just curious. :)

Thanks again!


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Yah i invited 200 pax too... Well if you include Bridal service, PG,VG, ang baos etc. All in all we spend within our budget of 25k.


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Dear All,

Ohh now I am very confused with the decoration, coz MPH is abit blank, wonder what we can do to the walls and surrounding? Coz my decor team only think bout the solemnization table decor, chairs and hand bouquet only. Any idea anyone?

Thanks yaa


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Hi Finz,

What my florist did for me is a flower centre piece for every table and runner across the table (its like a piece of coloured lace that runs across the table cos mine was white table cloth) I undestand that the management of HortPark are very particular abt sticking things on the wall etc... so we avoided that. This is my deco we found it simple enough not to "drama" and it really lights up the place perhaps you can have a look for more ideas


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Hi Jajah,

I tried to contact blissfulthots but they seems busy, btw, how much is the overal cost for your decor? I got some decorator quoting me about 2K and the things they are given is very minimum... thinking of setting up my own decor team and got D-i-Y stuff to go for it =D


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Hi Finz,

The total cost of my deco came up to be 1.3K only. Have you sou can een the link that i sent you? Btw I can't PM you Mia's (the contact person) hp number... perhaps you can drop me a mail.

She won't charge you high one her price are very reasonable.


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anthony: nope i didn't see you.. was busy running around the place taking photo.. =)
thank god my rabbit is still alive, was abit worried that he will be traumatised after being handled by so many ppl

the balloon lights are from partex. 800+ for rental + 100++ for printing of words...
let me noe if you need their contact.
(anyway can ask stephanie.. it's hort park light contractor)

the glass bubble bowls are from my florist.
it's a small business i think, so the price is very reasonable... mine was abt $550 for solemnisation table deco, aisle chairs, staircase, bubble bowls(cocktail table deco), wedding arch
you can contact the boss josephine for more details.

my studio is from taiwan. i won't recommend them. (long story)
i will actually recommend the local photographer i engaged but his price tag is a little high... you can check them out... (worth paying for them, trust me)

sorry, dunno anything abt rasel but think they should be ok, haven't came across any bad comments abt them yet.

i catered 100 pax for 110 pax. just a little bit excess. the recommended catering is 85% of estimated nos of guest.


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gotta book a day with stephanie (usu weekday)
she will show you the control for lights, fans, aircon, sound system

you can bring your laptop/ipod to test your montage and music

bring your march in song also to time your march in.

is that what you are asking?


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Hi... I am looking for a place to hold my wedding reception... currently, I hv 2 places in mind, hort park & Fort Canning... I dont know which one is better? anyone any suggestion?


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I guess if fort canning provides all the logistics then it will definitely be less hassle as compared to Hort Park.


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Hi Olebb

I am planning to ROM & AD in 2011 but have yet to confirm a photgrapher. I understand that you engaged BryanJean Photography for your AD. Would it be possible for you to share the AD photography cost and some of your photos? Thanks


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@Stacey - I chose Hortpark over fort canning because Fort Canning have pillars and when I book, the price differ isn't much. Hortpark gives a more peaceful and clean feeling as compared to Fort Canning.
But Fort Canning is more flexible in terms of catering, timing and deco. The only negative is there is no chairs provided.

@Olebb, can i check with you if the red carpet is provided by Hortpark or Caterer or Contractor?


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@Hui er, Hort Park does not provide a package to what I understand its on how long you want to book each room for. Their rates are per block of 4 hrs and whole day and can be found on their website. The price of reception and logistics will also depend on what you need. ie Reception lunch/tea, Logistcs no. of tables & chairs needed. If you keen can add me to your facebook to see my wedding pics.

@Serene, I got my red carpet from the logistics company (Seng Heng) don't think Hort Park provides.

Hope the info is useful to you.


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Serene I added in my facebook already. As for the price of the red carpet I don have the figures with me at the moment have to check with my hubby then I get back to you. I only remember they charge according to length of the carpet needed.


jajah can you add me in fb too..

[email protected]

i am keen in doing solemisation.. i don't want to spend soo much because we have diner at the hotel. the hotel have no space for us to do solemisation early and the HTB don't want to do it during the dinner..


Jajah.. only MPH is the nicer..

the rest of the room are so small & don like..

Jun.. when ur big day?


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I was deciding between La Villa and Hort Park. (but in the end i picked hort park for a more garden feeling). La villa is a nice place as well, why the question?


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Hi, Anyone keen to share venue cost for Hort Park MPH? We are booking the place for the whole day (8am to 10pm) as we save more money to book whole day than the hours that we need.

We are intending to use it till 3 or 4pm. Anyone keen to take over after that till 10pm? Dates are 17 September 2011. Do contact me at [email protected] Thanks!


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Im deciding between Hort Park and Fort Canning now. Just went to recee both.

Hort Park has very nice garden feeling but the MPH can only fit 20 tables.

I am thinking of having 30 tables. Anyone has booked both the MPH and the lawn area for wedding? Mind sharing how the arrangement gonna be like?

Cost total inclusive of setting up marquee (aircon) and any idea whether additional catering not recommended by them allowed?


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marquee with aircon will cost a bomb..
if Hort Park hasn't change their contractor it should be seng heng.. you can contact them for quotation

as far as i know, they only allow their approved caterer... they are pretty protective of their grass lawn so they are worried that external caterer may not know the rules there