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I miss my pre-pregnancy body. Putting on
20 kg was no joke . Another 6 kg more to go No diet pills just clean diet and twice a week divine treatments with @slimcouturesg ☺️ 全靠你了.#icandoit#throwbackprepregnancy



"I've never thought that I would need to lose weight as all along before I gave birth, I was always weighing less than 50kg. However giving birth to 3 kids, I felt so depressed over my own figure and totally lost my self confidence. Read good reviews about Slim Couture & decided to give myself a chance as they are very professional with their advice when I went for consultation.

After just 8 sessions (1 month's #SCJOURNEY), I lost a total of 6.3kg & body fats of 3%! Thank you Slim Couture for letting me regain my self confidence and I'm sure I'll be able to regain my pre pregnancy weight in another 1 month's time! " Miss He mother of 3

Stay tuned to our updated amazing #SCtransformationjourney with Miss He in a month's time!

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Dear all, Please kindly note that we will be closed for Chinese New Year from 24th to 30th January 2020 and we will resume operations on 31st January 2020 at 10am.

For urgent matters, please write to us at

The team at Slim Couture would like to take this chance to wish everyone 恭喜发财, 青春苗条美丽! 鼠你旺! Huat ah!! Cheers,
Slim Couture
6536 8586/ 6534 0747/ 6336 8665


[#Wuhan virus: A note for visitors of Slim Couture ]

In light of the current situation with the Wuhan virus, we would like to advise members of the public visiting our various centres to please avoid coming if you are exhibiting cough, cold and fever symptoms.
For the latest updates on the virus, please visit the MOH webpage:

Let’s stay healthy together!


Our experts are back to work today!

We have been receiving a lot of enquiries from customers during our CNY break.. Kindly give us sometime to get back to you.
With regards to the #Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, the health and safety of our customers remain our priority and we are taking all the precaution and practicing the highest hygiene and safety measures in line with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local health authorities within our outlets. - All visitors to our outlets are required to fill a health declaration form
- We are using disposable bedsheets and face sheets in all our outlets and its replaced after each treatment.
- A sms have been sent to all our existing customers visiting our outlets to ensure that you have not been to China or exhibit any cough, cold and fever symptoms
Please kindly inform us in advance if you have any of the above symptoms and contact us at ☎️ 6536 8586/ 6534 0747 / 6336 8665

Let's stay healthy and slim together








In caring for the health and safety of our customers and colleagues, Slim Couture has stepped up the precautionary measures we are taking to combat the spread of the novel #coronavirus ➡️ Smell of sanitizers / dettol at the respective outlets ️We sanitise our outlets twice a day. ️Our staff wash and disinfect their hands very frequently. ️We change our disposable bedsheets and face sheets after each and every customer’s treatments ️Increased sanitising of our tools
➡️ Staffs and visitor checks ️Temperature checking will be done for any person entering our outlets. We will have to decline entry for those having a fever ️All our staffs will be wearing masks when they attend to you ️None of our staffs have travelled to China for the past 30 days ️Hand sanitisers are available for your use at the entrances of our outlets ️Health declaration form to be filled by all visitors to our outlets
➡️ Avoiding crowded places
For the convenience of all our valued customers, we are providing healthy yummy lunch/ dinner for all our customers during this period of time. YES! FREE MEALS ON SLIM COUTURE! While some of the precautionary measures we have put in place may cause inconvenience to some, we seek your understanding as we work to help protect the well-being of all.

This kampung spirit and unity is what that makes us Singaporean. - @leehsienloong

Let's brave through this period together as ONE #Sgunited
Management of Slim Couture


Thank you @cavinsoh! Doing our little part to keep our little island safe #Sgunited

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Love is in the air!!
What an caring effort from @slimcouturesg
During this period, we should avoid crowded places and stay vigilant. So when I went for my monthly maintenance session, a catered lunch box is provided all customers so we don't have to buy lunch thus minimising contact.
Kudos to #slimcouturesg
Did I say it taste really good too!
Oh oh!! It's free!
Thank you.


Dear Valued Clients of Slim Couture,

Our PM Mr @leehsienloong has announced on further enhanced measures to contain Covid19.

As Slim Couture falls into the category of non essential services, we will be closed for operations from 7th April 2020 till 4th May 2020.

You will be contacted by our experts with regards to rescheduling of your appointments shortly.

Any urgent enquiries during this period, please write to us

Lets all stay vigilant and safe during this period.

Management of Slim Couture











#LetsSpreadKindness during this challenging period!

Our team has prepared a #CircuitBreaker guide for all to pull through this challenging period!
Please share it with your loved friends & family!

If you need a mobile version of this Circuit Breaker Guide, please send us a WhatsApp message @ 9233 2773.

Rest assured that we are here together with YOU!
Stay safe & vigilant and we look forward to seeing you back in our boutiques soon!

Tel: 6536 8586/ 6534 0747/ 6336 8665



Dear Valued Clients,
With respect to the latest announcement from the government on phased approach on ending the Circuit Breaker.
It is disappointing that we can’t re-open on the 2nd June.
As of now, we still do not have the exact date on when we can officially resume operation.
Nevertheless, we are all doing our part to keep Singapore safe and the safety of our clients and staffs is our most upmost priority. We really miss you guys and once we have updated information from the authorities, we will share the news with you immediately.

For those customers that are already in our June schedule, do not worry, your treatment schedules will be extended accordingly.. EG, 2nd June's appointment to 2nd July's appointment etc and you will be contacted by our team once we have a fixed date on reopening. Rest assured that you will be given the priority to start treatment once normal operations resume. We have extended your active packages expiry accordingly and will extend it further when we confirm our reopening date.
Last but not least, Slim Couture would like to thank each and everyone of you for the unwavering support so far and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for being so understanding and supportive during this unprecedented period of crisis. ❤️ *You don't have to do anything on your end. Just leave it to us



Big cheers!

We made it to Phase 2!

To all our clients that's always being so patience and understanding, our team will be contacting you for your updated schedule soon.

We are so looking forward to see you guys back at @slimcouturesg soon! ❤️ ☎️6536 8586/ 6534 0747/ 6336 8665







All our 3 outlets have been awarded with #SGCLEAN award!

This is such a great assurance to our clients that our 3 outlets have always been sanitised meticulously and at its tip top cleanliness!!

With @slimcouturesg , not only you can lose weight effortlessly, you can have a peace of mind when you step into our #SGCLEAN outlets for your #DivineSlim treatments!

Speak to our experts now @ 6534 0747/ 6536 8586/ 6336 8665

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* Contest ends 1st January 2021 @2359 hrs and winner will be revealed on 1st Feb 2021



Ms Chua

New Member
Utterly disappointed with Slim Couture. Not as effective as I thought.
1) Compulsory to take up 8 sessions, only lost 1kg after first 2 sessions. From 3rd session to 6th session, weight remained constant. Somemore on the 6th session, staff took my measurement, weight didn’t drop as compared to previous session, she told me to skip the session instead, go home and control diet, then come back again. But I insisted to do because it was a waste of time to travel all the way there yet not get anything done. Isn’t it weird?
Firstly, the treatments are supposed to help you lose weight, but when she saw no weight loss, she told me to go back and control diet. If so, why do I still need to go Slim Couture?
Secondly, when I insisted, they did my treatment for me. However, after the session, staff asked me if I wanna sign more sessions, cuz I’m only left with 2 sessions, explaining that there’s not much time left to reach my ideal weight. I told her to let me consider, and she said if I want to continue, MUST let her know by next session.
To be honest, I felt it was a sales technique, because given my results, it would be difficult for her to persuade me to take up more sessions, thus she wanted to make sure there was weight loss (so asked me to go home and control diet, lolol seriously pay money for nothing)

2) Please note that I did follow the diet plan. According to the staff, the reason why my weight didn’t drop is because I was supposed to only eat till 70% full. And I was taught 70% full means after eating respective meals, I am supposed to drink a cup of water immediately, yet still feel slightly hungry. If I feel full, means it’s more than 70% full. So bear in mind, if you do sign up for weight loss treatment with Slim Couture, you have to feel hungry everyday for at least a month ah (8 sessions, twice a week, means 4 weeks)
I only ate 2 pieces of whole meal bread for breakfast, veggies and chicken/fish for lunch (no rice, no noodles, no fried food) and fruits(kiwi and papaya) for dinner.

3) Oh yes, and promotions are so exclusive, I saw staff asking another customer to share their post and tag 3 friends for $120 discount over the counter. But it was not offered to all customers (including me) So, Slim Couture is not very “transparent”.

4) I’m still left with 2 sessions and I’ve decided to not go back anymore. It’s $220 per session, I’d rather “throw $440 into the sea” than waste more time and feel the stress to reject taking up more sessions.

5) And be prepared to have bruises all over your body. I mean I am ok with that and it’s expected cuz of all the guasa and cupping. But the bruises are really quite jialat, bruises were much more serious after first few treatments, too bad, I didn’t take photo.
The place is considered clean, staffs are quite friendly. But results really not there, not value for what I paid.

As 2020 is approaching to an end, it's time for repose and reflections.

This year has been a tough year for the whole world and we have seen disruptions to our daily lives.

We would like to express our utmost gratitude for your unwavering and continued support.

2021 promises new endeavours and greater heights, in which we look forward to celebrating with you.

To a greater year ahead, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay Safe and Stay Strong everyone!

Team @slimcouturesg



We will be closed for Chinese New Year 2021 from 11th Feb to 17th Feb and will resume operations on 18th Feb @ 10am.

Have a nice feast with your loved ones and we will be here to save your waist after the festive holidays

The team @slimcouturesg would like to take this chance to wish everyone


Slim Couture


Dear Valued Clients,

We are touched by the influx of messages after the announcement of the tightening measures few days ago.

Both the clients and staffs are wearing masks throughout the treatments, therefore, we are still able to operate as per normal.

Meanwhile, we shall keep you informed should there be any new changes.

Stay safe for a stronger nation!

Team @slimcouturesg



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I HAVE CONQUERED 9KG with @slimcouturesg in 1 month's time *POP CHAMPAGNE *.
It's not an easy journey but hey, nothing comes easy right? If you want results, u just gotta put in effort and work hard towards it Thank you to e wonderful ladies (my gua sha heroine(s)) for always showing me love and support! 要刮这么大片的肉真的不简单OK. I WILL CONTINUE TO WORK TOWARDS MY 女神 body, 加油啊 XiXi ✨.
#xixilim #diet #slimmingjourney #slimcouturesg #fighting



Happy 56th birthday Singapore! The Singapore flag will always fly high & the Singapore spirit will always prevail!

Slim Couture is always proud to be a Singapore brand!


Ps: Photo credit from The Straits Times


Posted @xixilimofficial 4 months in with @slimcouturesg and a whopping 19kg down SOMEONE POP E CHAMPAGNE PLS! I wanted to hit 20kg before posting but I couldnt contain my excitement HAHAHAA. Thank you to e amazing team for your endless encouragement & always cheering for me along e way despite my results are not super on point all e time, 真的感动.
#xixilim #slimmingjourney #slimcouturesg #减肥记


Posted @withregram@xixilimofficial [20KG PROMOTION ].
I'm super excited to announce that @slimcouturesg has generously agreed to give this AMAZING offer to welcome their new customers (for new sign ups only) .
Here's the deal:

1st session at $20
2nd - 8th sessions $220/each
ON TOP OF THAT for every 8 sessions signed, u'll get 2x maintenance sessions worth $440 ✨ Total saving adds up to $640 .
Simply quote "XiXiXSC" to enjoy the promotion! Well, like what my bag suggested - LETS GO ON DIET TGT! .
Btw here's a gentle reminder to self of what I used to look like 4months back! swipe ➡️.
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Posted @xixilimofficial 6-7 months and 30kg down, am I stopping there? NO! Still a while more till I reach my goal. HAHAHA, thank you @slimcouturesg for your constant support and being a friend to me. You & your team are way beyond amazing u ladies are the stars in my life! .
How much do I weight before? I'll tell u now, I started from 135KG (CAN U BELIEVE IT?! ) I'm much lighter but still gonna preserve on till I reach my goal .
#slimcouturesg #slimmingjourney #xixilim #plussize


A big warm hello to 2022!!

Grateful to everyone whom supported us through the past 2 years of pandemic!

We will continue to be better than best in our scope of work, transforming everyone whose onboard #SCJOURNEY!

The team at @slimcouturesg wishes all a Happy New Year and may all have a blast in 2022!


Posted @fayfaytan Been getting so many questions on my DMs about my weight loss. ✨

Here it is! I did lose some aft pregnancy, but once it reached 57kg , it was stagnant.

I was surprised after 2 sessions with slim couture , I lost 2 kgs within a week! ✨

Didn’t look bloated anymore, and felt light and refreshed!
Diet plan was hard but I managed to get through it and now I’m used to eating lesser portions n more healthily ( no craving for fried stuffs anymore) and more good eating habits.

I’ve Regained my confidence…

I Feel lighter and more energetic!

Slim couture really worked for me!

All these within 1.5months.

Truly thankful for the assistance, encouragement and knowledge to be version 2! I love you guys @slimcouturesg


Posted @misstamchiak Getting back in shape after giving birth is really not an easy feat. I spend most days taking care of my baby but I have forgotten to take care of my body for a while. The post-baby bulge is so frustratingly hard to lose and I am still wearing my maternity shorts. How depressing.

Thankfully, my friends at @slimcouturesg called me last month and asked if I wanted to come back for their treatment. I have done a round of treatment with them many years ago to prepare for my wedding. And I am happy to be back because I am a firm believer of TCM and I know how it works.

Each treatment is approximately an hour long and it includes guasha and cupping. Guasha definitely helps to reshape my silhouette and improve circulation, while cupping boosts metabolism and suppress appetite. No pills or supplement is added.

I actually started my treatment in mid December but I didn’t dare to post anything. I wasn’t sure if I will shed weight because I was battling through the festive seasons. But I am seeing a bit of results after a month, so I dare to post now

Give me three months okay, I can’t wait to see my end results. I don’t have an end goal because you know lah, diet is impossible for me. I love my food All I hope is to be able to slip into my old jeans soon!