Simmons mattress - any advise?


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Me too may be getting the Simmons Beautyrest Glendale. Was thinking to buy it during the GSS sale even though will only need it by end of the year. Anyone can share any good GSS offer so far?


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hi hubby and i are considering the NxG and Rose Hall... apparently available only in the gallery... any comments?

me tried the backcare... hubby loves it cos he likes firm type... but it's too hard for me... anyway also tried Serta but couldn't find any models that we liked... tried Sealy as well, shortlisting their Unicased Companion available apparently only at Robinsons (tried Unicased at Courts was totally cannot make it, don't know why also)... feel the Sealy more comfortable than the Rose Hall, thus now shortisting between Sealy Unicased Companion and Simmons NxG... any comments??


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I've ordered Simmons Beautyrest Platinum, delivery not done yet. Can someone share with me what is the thickness of this mattress?


I just ordered Simmons Beautyrest Platinum too from Ackerman & Smith. Made some mesurements, the thickness of the mattress is 10"


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As the lessons I learned from A&S,
1) Ask them to write down every single details in their invioce (if you happened to deal with them, but highly not suggested)
e.g. unit price of the items you bought (MUST, EVERY SINGLE ITEM)
even the FOC items they promised, do ask them to write down "FOC" in the invoice
Otherwise, you will find out actually at the end of the day, you are paying every cent of your money on those so called "Free" things when they promised during their sales pitch, they just change a way to sale their indoor products, especially bed frame

2) Yes, the sales person may look sincere and friendly during their sales pitch. After signing the deal, Oops, sorry, customers no longer their god, they blamed everything on customers who wrongly believed them and jumped in their invoice / price trap. The even funnier thing is they push everything to Simmons HQ as well, what an excuse!

3) The last but not least, for your own good, better don't deal with them at all, in the end, we saw our money goes to a liar, not few dollars, but few thousand dollars, we also work hard to earn those money, next time at least myself I will choose to use it wisely on those good causes.

Best regards and hope it helps!


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My friend got a brand new Simmons mattress (Rosehall) King Size 182cm by 190cm. My friend got it from a lucky draw and he just bought a mattress.

Retail price at $6,999 in shop.

He is willing to sell at $4,500. If you purchase before 30 September 2010, will arrange Simmons to delivery directly to your house. If purchase after 30 September 2010, we will arrange a contractor to delivery to your house.

please contact me at +65 98537964 or email me at [email protected] if interested !