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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by beetle, Sep 28, 2000.

  1. starryx

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    Just to pen these notes for future couples to be more mindful.

    We had our Wedding Solemnisation recently @ Sheratons.

    1) Solemnisation area was doubled booked
    2) ‎Despite already shifting our solemnisation earlier to cater time to next couple, we were informed just 2 weeks before, to shift even earlier, as the next couple's JoP request so
    3) ‎on Actual day, despite us having brought forward our solemnisation, the other couple came to venue and rudely asked us to finish up quickly so they can start with decoration. And that was 40min ahead of time we agreed to vacate.
    4) ‎Did not see our solemnisation flashed at hotel lobby, but only catched 'private lunch' (to be confirmed as they mentioned it was flashed but for a short while)

    Very disappointed on how the whole matter was handled. Some compensations here and there, which we believe they can show more sincerity.

    P.s. we changed 3 sales manager. thankfully, other than some uncontrollable hiccups, believed they did try their best to help us.

  2. starryx

    starryx New Member

    Some compensating factors:-
    1) Li Bai's food was very good and guests were praising them.
    2) Serena our last sales manager who took over was patient and responsive. Banquet manager was friendly.
  3. Jesta

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    Just went for a site visit, perks given were not bad, rather tempted to sign but now having 2nd thoughts after reading through the comments. Anyone who had your wedding recently at Sheraton Towers here? Can share on the standard of food and service? Thanks in advance!
  4. Pixy

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    Looking to sign with Sheraton Towers for our Banquet next year. But similarly having second thoughts after reading the not so positive comments in this thread. Anyone held your wedding in Sheraton Towers recently willing to share on your experience (service and food)? What was the staff to table ratio for the banquet (ie how many table(s) were each service staff assigned to)? Thanks!

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