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    Contact Castalia in advance so that they can prepare for you b4 you come. Ask to see both AD and Pre-Wed. Also, because i was very short of time... No time to think about a story, it will be very special for your album if you can do that (in my opinion)... Cuz it will be a totally different album and so much more meaningful... Meet the photographers too, see which one you can connect with - doesnt mean ppl say that Ah Yuan is gd means you must pick him. I worked with Jay and he is excellent.. Able to guide my husband who totally shuns the camera. Have lots of your own ideas.. Otherwise all the standard backdrops too.. Boring!

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    We have just recently completed our photoshooting and album layout and would like to give credits to Castalia Wedding for their wonderful job done.

    After a fair share of research reading through forums on bridal shops both in Singapore and JB, we chance upon Castalia Wedding and decided to make a trip down to visit them. We decided to go with Castalia Wedding given the many positive reviews and bridal photos effect which we pretty love it from their website. And we have no regrets till date. They are a bunch of fun loving, approachable and helpful people that we met. Our friendship blossomed from there.

    JC was the one who attended to us when we visit the shop. She is patient in listening to our needs, explaining the fine details of the package and tailoring the best package for us. There is non-pushy nor hard selling. She also allows my fiancée to try as many gowns as she want till she find THE ONE and painstakingly explain what suits us best and what not. She will even go the extra mile to reminding you a few days before your pre-wedding shoot on the schedule, things to bring, and to have a good meal before the shooting. She is basically like the 保姆 and you will for sure feel safe that everything is well taken care of in her hands.

    Peter was our assigned photographer and he is really skilful. Prior to our photoshoot, Peter actually sit us down to have a little hearty chit chat with us in understanding the kind of themes that we are interested in so that he can do some ‘homework’ in achieving what we want. Not only is he patient and humorous, he often tries to liven the mood whenever we get tired from the photoshoot. What we like about Castalia Wedding is that they allow our imaginations to run wild. So long as it’s within their capability, they will try to fulfil our crazy ideas and Peter did just a wonderful job on it. Thank you, Peter! His two assistants, Dyven and 顶尖模特儿 are also very meticulous and detail-oriented, helping us with the arrangement of gowns etc.

    Mina was our makeup artist for the photoshoot. She is detail-oriented and enhanced my fiancée features, was awed by her skills. We do show Mina some of the hairdos that we like and she is able to improvise them. Both fiancée and I were very satisfied with the results. During the photoshoot, she is always around to touch up our makeup, adjusting our hairdos and accessories.

    Lastly for Joey, she is a very friendly and creative person. She is the one who does the editing and designing of the album. We have no qualms about her work. It’s almost perfect. She is also an enjoyable person to talk with anything under the sun.

    Overall, we are very satisfied with their service. They made us felt so heart-warming as if we are going to our 2nd home. Our pre-wedding shoot is a fun and memorable one. We would like to thanks Castalia Wedding service team for everything!

    Would recommend Castalia to all BTBs!
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    what's the price for your package with castalia?
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    Hi, do you mind sharing your package with Castalia?

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    we are planning go to Castalia this weekend, mind to share with us Castalia wedding package at
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    Hi there.

    Mind sharing your package with them?

    Thank you.
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    Would you be able to share with me ur package?

    Thank you.
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    Hi, mind sharing your package?
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    Dear all,

    I just completed my recent PWS shoot w Castalia. Now waiting for the pictures to be edited lol... So far, we had a very good experience with Castalia! :D
    Photographer: Jay
    Photography assistant: Dyven
    MUA: Eva
    Coordinator: JC, Catherine

    Both JC n Catherine were very patient in letting me to try the gowns for the PWS...which i really appreciated. Coz sometimes especially for brides, u ll find it very difficult to choose between gowns. They did nt rush u to choose. Instead they gv u time to think abt which gowns to choose :)

    Our photographer Jay was very young but skilful! Haha but dont b deceived by his young look! He is very friendly n approachable. So when we discuss w him our requirements for e PWS, he was willing to gv us useful advise. He is also patient in hearing our comments/requirements. Most importantly, during e photoshoot, he really guided us very well on hw to pose, smile. We had a special requirement which was to take pictures w cats at the cat cafe in JB. Yven (another lead photographer) also joined us. It was indeed a difficult challenge to take w e cats as they are all running around. So both photographers are very patient and skilful to help us take e pics. I really appreciate their efforts! :D Im so happy to b able to take w e cats at e cat cafe, since im a cat lover :D

    Im looking forward to e pics in late April! i definitely believe they are very well taken! :p

    Our photography assistant, Dyven was v hardworking to carry our belonging and camera stuff around. It was no easy task to carry up n down. Thank u! Occasionally, he oso tried to joke w us to make us feel relaxed so as to smile more naturally. :)

    My MUA - Eva was superb! She was able to transform my pale looking face into something amazing. Her makeup skills really gd n i also love her hairstyling! :)

    Thank u all!

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    Hi.. anyone has Eva's contact? Can PM me? Heard she's not with Castalia anymore. :(
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    Hi, I pm-ed u. She is awesome!! I had for my pre wed shoot and hired her privately for my AD as well!
  12. sherlynsam

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    Glad it went smoothly for you! Told ya they were awesome hehe.
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    Hi! I'm planning to visit Castalia. Do you mind sharing your package?
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    Hihi, I have shortlisted Castalia as my top 3 choices. Would mind sharing the price package you have before I go down next month. You can email me at Thanks!
  15. Stupidopiggy

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    Hi do anyone has price package for Destini and SG Bridal as these are the top 3 choices for me. Thanks
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    can you pm me eva contact too? looking for MUA for AD
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    Hi, can you PM Eva's contact too? Would like to hire her for my AD. Btw, does she do AD full day make up in Singapore?
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    She does do full day AD make up if she is not booked yet. I also engage her for my AD in SG.
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    Can pm me Eva's contact too? Thanks in advance!
  21. Jen.C

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    Hi, can you PM me her contact? Would like to engage her too! :)
  23. Jen.C

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    Hi Jen! Can u pls PM me her contact too?

    Thank you very much!!
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    Hi Daisy, I am very interested in this. Can share your package to me? Thanks! :D
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    Hi Daisy thanks for the helpful review! Could you share with me your package? Thanks!
  28. LAL5016

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    Hi Jen could you PM me Eva's contact as well? Thanks!
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    Hi Daisy , which package did you chose for the pre wedding photos ? What are the additional things offered by them ? Can you pls share your package if you don’t mind ? Do they have different size of wedding gown ?
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    Hello Daisy! Having read the many positive reviews of Castalia I'm interested to sign with them too :)

    I would like to know more abt the package u got with them.. please email me at:

    Thank you v much!

    Hello all, Im planning my wedding on 3 Jun 18 but till date we haven gotten any pws/ad/mua yet.. :l
    Anyone knows how long the lead time will take for Castalia to collect the photos? I heard from my sis usually overseas pws requires at least 3 mths?
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    Hi Daisy, can you please share with me the Castalia’s detailed quotation & Eva’s contact? Do they include the puoto shooting & video montage on actual day?
    My emal:
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    Hi Daisy,
    I'm planning to go jb for pre-wedding shot. do you mind to share your package details?
  33. xinyu1160

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    Hi Beauty, Mind to share your package with me at or PM me. Thanks
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    Hi could you share your package pls, my email
  35. Kath_lok

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    Hi could you share your package pls, my email
  36. xinyu1160

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    Hi Gal, how much is your package with all softcopy returned? :)
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    Hi, i am looking at the moment wedding gallery. Anyone had their shoot or heard of them before?

    Also shortlisted castalia, im uk16, hows their collection like? Anyone mind sharing your packages and prices with me? Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hi Ladies here, im BTB March 19. i just took my pre wedding photos at Spozami Wedding Mansion at JB. Please dont cheated, they all are profir driven. They offered me 4.8k ringgit in the beginning, said that you can choose all designer gown you want. when come to the gown fitting, i choose one that i saw from FB, they told me that was a designer gown, you have to pay extra. those gown for shooting and for actual day they took for me all is old fashioned kind. I think my is budget package thats why they will limit those gown to let you try. Beside, their after service is super poor, if you dont top up when you choose your photos, they will show face to you, and ignore all your request. if you are those big spender or famous celebrity they will give you good service, if not they wont be bother to entertain you. i would said im super disappointed on them, there still alot more of bad experince that i cant finish to tell here. i spend total 6k ringgit, but i get is shit. end up i still have to go rent mt AD gown from other bridal shop as Spozami one was too old and ugly. Please dont waste money on them. if anyone want to know more detail please email to

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    hi xinyu1160: In the beginning they give me $5800 for 30 poses with 10 page (add 2 more poses coz i dont need hand banquet & car deco), 2 table top, 1 poster, 1 big frame,100 pcs jie mei photo, 2 album (1 is small 娘家本), DVD 2 songs included soft copy, 4 gown shooting & 3 gown for AD, MUA - have to pay $80 each during shooting (not including lashes & ampoule)When i said i need consider because i can do more reseach for other bridal shop, end up they offered me RM4800 ringgit. They claimed that i can all desinger gowns but actually all the gowns they took for me to try is those old one. When comes to the album collection, i realize that my 娘家本only have 30 pose, the SA who served me said should same with the big album total 38 poses(coz i got add on 6 poses), after SA check with the manager, the manager told me that 娘家本is free, so only have 30 poses. So ridiculous, because they never mention in the 1st, really feel like get cheated. The after sale service really damn bad till they dont even bother to serve a cup of water compare the 1st visit.
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    Hi Jen! Could you please share with me Eva’s contact?
  42. Paintthe_sky

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    Hi does anyone happen to have MUA Eva’s contact? Mind sharing it with me?
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    how is their gown choices ?
  44. ccindy

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    can pm me eva MUA?
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    i went to Anne Blanche Studio , JB area
    their package cheap and nice. Photo nice and natural
    i signed the package just Rm3k plus plus , 3o poses
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    hi, can pm Eve's contact? TIA

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