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hi gals,

saw tis thread on mattress, so I tot pehaps I can give some input.

I bought my mattress frm Unisprings, L2 @ IMM (take the escalator infront of KFC) - Magic Koil. It's a copycat version of Simmons w/ cooling fibre padding & also those pillow top. So when u slp on it, it's very comfy. It is abt 80% anti-disturbance.

Also, they hv all the watever anti-xxxx.

I paid for tat Queen sized mattress for less than $900 for sure. I can't rem the exact pricing. No harm gng there & hv a feel. u can roll over the bed, sit & bounce on the mattress, no prob.

I would say it's value for $$.

oh yes, 1 more thing - the model is "Orthopaedic" or something like tat. i cna't rem the exact name, bt if u ask the boss, he'l b able to tell u. I've chk other mattress shops & outlets, they al do nt carry tis. Reason is bcos the boss paid xtra $$ for xtra ingredients. Tis is to make it affordable to lower-middle income people like us who want comfort yet can't afford those high end range.

They hv guarantee for 10 or 15yrs also. bt again - if a mattress is only abt $900, after 5, 6 yrs if it really gets spoilt, will u actually go & demand for an xchange? Certainly u will throw away already right, no pt changing it. U c $900/6 = $150 per yr/ 12 = $12.5/30 days, each day is only abt $0.42.

I wun b so calculative until go & demand frm the boss. Like tat also got xcuse to pester hb buy new mattress mah.

Unless it's like 1 - 2yrs & spoilt then perhaps u can go & ask the boss.

If u spend 2 much $$ on the mattress, nx time if spoil liao, u also can't bear to throw away cos it's so exp. Right? So if I can get almost the same feel w/ lesser $$ paid out, y nt?

Tis is just my personal feel.


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Warranty is sewn on the mattress, nt a warranty card right? However, keep the DO to prove when u bought the mattress.

My warranty is on the mattress brand label sewn on it.

I actually tot of taking De-tense, bt somehw diff shops say diff things. I tot the mattress's name itself is supp to b called De-tense.

U gals know the shop just infront of BEST @ IMM? I think the De-Tense mattress they sell maybe the 1 tat radio is always advertising.

Hwever when I went to the shop nx to Simmons, they told me, De-tense is just the fabric, any 4-star mattress can hv tat de-tense fabric, bt of cos must top up $$ lah.

I still rem the day when hb & I searched ard IMM for a mattress, we spent ard 3hrs+ just to feel, understand diff brands of mattress. Until we stopped @ Unisprings & u guess wat? Unisprings was the last stop we went to, even though when u cme out of the escalator, it's a very obvious shop we can c.


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sorry - 1 last thing I forgot to add on.

The mattress I bought was 10" high, so it's very easy to get the fitted sheets. If u get 2 high like 12" or abv, then u prob hv to buy those European fitted shts & they r nt cheap.

I m nt trying to promote my stuff lah, bt to share w/ u my experience when I sourced for them. All those knowledge were told to us by those dealers. Common things they tell us, we absorb in, diff things then we dun listen lor, or else compare whose words sound more logical.

We ran ard scouting all these & get info to make sure we know the correct things. Then I share w/ u gals lor.


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Hi eternity,
It is really up to ur requirement n the comfort u feel for the bed lor... there is not hard rule that u follow.... don forget u n ur hubby is the one going to sleep on it... so do try all the bed till u happy with it.... and then chose one that u like that is within ur budget


Hi afcai,
u can see a upload attachment beside the post message icon.... just click on it n then u can load those cute icon from ur pc..


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I am in a dilemma too.

I am choosing between King Koil's Presidential visco elastic mattress from Robinsons, and a New Zealand wool Sumberland mattress from JB. It's a dilemma. For the King Koil one, I dunno whether I am paying for the new technology or comfort. I find it too soft for my liking. But apparently that's the best mattress. The Slumberland one quite comfortable and certified by the Queen of Britain, but I cannot find it in Singapore. Anyone know where can I find Slumberland mattress in Singapore?


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hi a2002
there is Slumberland mattress sales at Parkway Parade, at level 1 near information counter...
IMM level 2 got sales too


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u can go to 1) IMM cos there are many mattress shops ard, 2) look up at the newspapers, usually in Life Section, there are a few advertisements, 3) Mega mattress (under NTUC - can earn link pts) @ Tmn Jurong, Balestier.

Or perhaps you can go to dept stores like Taka or Robinsonsand c if there is model you like then u go & search. Bt again ususally if u like those in dept stores u may nt find them outside cos they sell exclusively to the dept stores only. bt no harm trying.


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hi ah ger,
thanks. not sure if mine is sewn to the mattress. have to go home and check again.

hi a2002,
I also thought of getting the Presidential matt, but kinda expensive, and it is really too soft for me too. In the end i bought the ultra delux i think. $2600 for the king size lor.


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Wah - King sized mattress? So big for wat?

hb & I buy only Qn size. Anyway room dun hv so big, so we buy a smaller one.


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Hi Ah ger,
dunno leh, most of my frens who bought queen decided to upgrade to king after a couple of months or when they have baby. So might as well, if not next time difficult to sell of the qn.
Anyway after doing my walk-in and daybed, i still had space for king, so why not lor..


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I bought my Anti dust Slumberland Queen size bed at Kallang rivefront Furniture mall. It came with free freebies which included 2 anti dust pillows, 1 anti dust bolster, comfort set(pilow case + bolester case), l mattress protector. all these only at $698.It 's worth the $$.

Hi poshies,
thks for the info.


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I think even for most matress - it is depending on wat causes the mattres to b spoilt lor. If it's due to wear & tear then perhaps nt exchangeable; bt if it's due to 1 of the spring suddenly protrudes out, then u can change.

I dunno if my interpretation is right or nt?

"Limited", hmm.............. must go back & chk 1 of these days liao.


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I checked out Sealy at a few places yesterday but seems that every store keeps different range. So cannot compare price. But what is funny is all also call 'BackSaver'. Now, I dun know where to get a good Sealy at good price.

Any recommendation?


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i saw Sealy BackSaver X - abt $999, the sales mentioned its pocketed but i go to another shop, they say Sealy don come with Pocketed models? Confused now?


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eh...anyone heard of edingburg matteress??(dunno how issit spelt)My office here got a warehouse that sells matteress....that fella recommend me this brand. kinda cheap ley


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Sealy's springs are proprietary design and all mattresses uses the same springs, not pocketed. check out

The cheapest Sealy I came across is also $999 but cannot compare with the $1060 or $1200 ones I also saw as they are different - firmness and thickness, fabric etc. But their labels all read Backsaver. dunno if the $999 is good enough?


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Anyone recommends good, comfortable & lasting mattress?

I bought 4-star mattress fm Novena last yr & now my mattress makes lots of sound when u turn & i kind of misplaced my guarantee card, what shall i do?


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Just got a Sealy backSaver from Aero..$1,399 with bed frame worth $799. Have double sided pillow-top so flipping is no prob. Same one as deardear just that I opt to pay addntl 200 for bed frame.

Think BackSaver cannot be compared to the Sealy posturepedic range but I think for the lower price Backsaver should be a good buy...U can't go wrong with the US #1 selling brand rite?? Before Posturepedic came up tops, BackSaver must have built up their reputation???

I trust Sealy service too as they've got a head office in S'pore and u can alwaz go to them if anything goes wrong with your mattress..10 years guarantee should be no joke. Sealy prices are also more "controlled" than say Kingkoil coz they have selected distributors oni. U are less likely to see price flux in diff places..

koori, Sealy products doesn't have pocketed springs but a patented design coil system...

To share something on what I've learnt:

- Firm mattress aren't necessary good for back support. If u lie on firm mattress your lower back don't even touch the mattress so how isit gg to provide support? might as well sleep on the floor

- Latex top provides comfort..provided u're in airconditioned'll makes sleep warmer.

- Only top range products (2k+++) are assembled in say US/UK. The rest are either local, thailand, M'sia..even Sealy is assembled in Thailand. (if that concerns you)

- For a brand, most places carry the same mattress with diff names and "packaging". The inside is the same but diff is in the feel and quality of the external fabric.

- Higher range models for a brand can mostly be found in dept and speciality stores. Small distributors usually get the lower but more affordables ranges.

- Among the firmer brands are Slumberland, Dunlop, versions of Kingkoil, Seahorse etc

- Harvey Norman was actually cheaper than Aero on a brand called Serta so dun assume that dept stores are alwaz more pricey!

Anyone like to comment?? =)


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I'm looking to sell a Simmons king-sized cherrington mattress from the Beauty Rest range.

It was delivered in Aug'03 and is NEW and UNUSED, though the clear plastic wrapping the mattress was removed when it was delivered.

Simmons Gallery has display model in their shop. RP in Simmons Gallery is $3499 less $800 (mattress only) plus $150 Simmons voucher; or $3499 plus Sony home theatre system.

I'm willing to let go at S$2400 c/w cream leather bedframe. Neg. Pls email [email protected] for more info.




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Hi jojok.

I think you can try calling the manufacturer to service your mattress. Do you still have the invoice? I think that can be the prove of purchase.


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Hi afcai,

Is ur matress pocket spring???

Hi Ah Ger,

How is the service from Unisprings?? How is ur Magic Koil matress


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Tried the King Koil Presidential Viscoelastic, used by the NaSA.....was really great!!! Anyone bought that mattress? Any bad review?


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steven, think the only difference is the top layer, the coils shld be the same for the 2 models. i will suggest u try the 2 models personally to see which u prefer. while i was shopping for my mattress, me and hubby lie on each mattress we came across to feel how it is. we bought ours from dunlopillow, the pure latex millenium.
Hey, anyone here bought Dunlop Kingston? I just bought one at $1799 with bed frame from Harvey Norman... It was extremely comfy when I slept on it! Almost dun want to get up!
ya lor... i almost become sleeping not-so-beauty (hahah, cannot be so thick skin)lucky my hubby is around to pull me up (didn't kiss though...heheheh)



just come back from the Simmons Galleries, there have a Simmons Beautyrest Tribute Plush-top similar to Simmons Lakeview.

Except it is 9 inch in thickness for tribute, lakeview is 11 inch.

Current promotion : The cost is $3299 for the mattress and the bed frame only.

What do you all think....

Is there a better buy.


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Something to share.

Types of mattress.

Foam (2'-4')- what we usually see at pasar malam or furniture shops. ( like the bb mattress at kiddy palace) Light in weight, dun trap heat easily, hardness depends on thickness, but gets thin/flat easily as its light in density.

Hi-density foam (2'-4') - ditto as above but harder den foam (denser) but dun last long as well. (Reccomend for toddler use, cheap so can throw when dirtied)

Latex (3'-12') - Made of rubber, its heavier than foam. Traps heat so sleeper will feel hot, hardness increases w thickness, can last longer(thick versions). Generally good for long term use as material hard to deform. (thick version)My brother who weighs >80kg uses a s.single latex mattress for > 5yrs.

Spring (4'-12') - Spring sandwiched between latex/foam/padding etc. The more the spring, the firmer the mattress, the thicker the layers on top and below, the better protection the spring is given. Cheap spring mattress are usually of lesser spring and thinner coverings, thus will give way in shorter time. Choose models with more spring and thicker padding.

Pocketed spring (6'-12') - Ditto as above, but spring are individually 'wrapped'. The additional 'encasement' gives the entire mattress more support. (Less chance of bed 'caving' in). Some brands manufacture these with high quality padding/latex, thus bed are firmer and yet still have the 'springy' feeling when laid down. Reccomended to be 'flipped' couple times a year to prolong usage. My parents slept on 1 for over 20yrs. :p

Sealy is a US brand, and american's as we know weighs heavier than petite asian. Therefore, their beds are more 'heavy-duty'. But, closer study will show u that there are other brands that use the similar 'system' which means the quality equals to Sealy but price may be lower.

Brands is actually not the most important, the kind of mattress selected is. U may b buying a branded spring mattress but it may not outlast a lest known brand pocket spring mattress.

So, shop around and u may find better bargain with the 'cheaper' brands. ^_^


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There is one shop specialised in mattress at Balestier their service quality sub-standard!!!

The service quality of the staff there is horrible ... I thought of going there due to the recent CNY sale and the use of LINKPOINTS, yet ended up buying nothing. Why??

The two female staff there juz stood down there dun offer their service at all, even after I expressed my interest that I was interested on some of the products ...

They did not bother to explain much, simply i ask u reply type ... never offer me an in-depth picture of what the mattress does.

Before that, they were so keen to chat with one of the previous customer with English of cuz. Probably I queried them in Mandarin and expressed my interest in those Sale items, and they looked me down?! After so called replying my query, they simply went back to their counter and have their dinner!!! (The only customer left was us)
Leaving my wife and myself standing there like a fool dun know what/how to decide ...

After which, we went to Novena and the staff was attentive to our need and explained to us the various types of mattress ... this is definitely good customer service!!! What a great difference !


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hi...simmons currently having a promo $1,200 for a it worth it?

and which brand of mattress is the best? king koil, simmons or sealy? my budget is less than $1.4k for a to get? thanks!!


Hi Steven,

Did u get the "Simmons Beautyrest Tribute Plush-top (Non Flip) from Canada"? If so, can u share the price u bought (what size) and the result (comfort, quality ect)?

Thanks in advance


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Hi everyone,
Do anyone know the address of Mega mattress at Balestier? Did anyone get Slumberland vintage matress? Simmons and Sealy are quite comfortable but pricey which is out of our budget.


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halo, i've tried on the Dunlop mattress under the kingston it is nice..heard it is pocketed spring with it is real ex ar....about $1700..issit worth it?? and the sales person told me it comes with 5 times of maintenance...anybody know if there are better deals for dunlop mattress??


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u can call 67463233 if u looking for Dunlop mattress. They R e authorised agent for Dunlop & i just got my queen size mattress (Royal Jub) from them cos e boss son is mine hb ex-schoolmate. Pricing is abt $200 off wat u get outside..i sourced ard till finally settled for Dunlop on 10/7..cheers..


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hi pink ice,

I'm looking at the Serta too... where did you see it and what package did they offer?? heard if 2 buy, can get discount??


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I stay at McNair Road also.
Anyone here drives and works in NUS?
I am looking for a carpool to NUS in the morning, if u r taking in passengers, pls let me your charges. Thanks