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YOshiko, you really have to try it yourself. Feel is one of the 5 senses which is very very subjective to individuals. I can tell you it's very comfortable, very firm, but when you try it yourself, you may find it otherwise.....


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Thanks tingshen. Need to move in soon and such a busy week at work... will try to source for max coil excel therapy someone bought. Will also try the Perfecta recommended by one shop (above post)


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Hi everyone

I tried a Princebed mattress last weekend at Star Furniture. Quite comfy...the king size is $1899 with 2 free memory pillows, 2 lumbar memory cushions and 1 mattress protector.

Any reviews on this local brand? I never heard of it but felt it's more comfy than Seahorse and less ex than Sealy/Simmons...


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Hi All,

Has anyone try to add 1 more layer of 2 inch foam on top of their mattress? i thinking of adding one more layer on top of my mattress, any idea how should i go about doing it?


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Hi Meepley,

Have you bought the Princebed? How was it? A salesman recommend me that as well... but it dont seems too popular leh.. though i thought it feels not bad...


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Hi all, i'm looking at this brand mattress "PRINCEBED" model : "impesial". Any comments or any better recommendation?


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Hi Meepley, Any reason why u din buy the PRINCEBED mattress? i'm also looking at the same mattress u were saying last weekend at star furniture. Got better recommendation anyone?


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Hi mglim

Oh, not that Princebed was bad or anything like that. Just that I really couldnt find reviews on Princebed's mattresses, so hubby decided that we should go for a more established brand, so we chose Serta in the end.


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I really like sleeping at serta florida breeze, natural latex from belgium, even the price is expensive, it's worth enough compare to the feeling when I lay down on that mattress. You can see the picture in


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Hi, i have a Dunlopillo Orthorest : Viscopedic Mattress to let go at $900. Used for only 3 months and the plush top is brand new as I actually flipped it over(as the plush top is too plush for my hubby). I can give you the pillow top and the bedframe for free too...

Bought at Courts at $1574. If interested, do email me at [email protected]...


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Does anyone have a recommedation for a company that custom-makes mattresses? I would like to custom-make one that is longer than a super single while retaining its width. TIA!


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Hi anyone has any comments on Sealy, Simmons, Serta and Slumberland brands?

My husband and I have shortlisted these few brands but wish to find out more feedbacks from those who have used them before.



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These are the top brands in Singapore, I would think you will be happy with any of these brands. The important thing is to not rush the purchase, make sure you test the mattress you want to buy for a good 5 to 10 minutes.


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anyone can help me? have tried lying on a few brands lately in my search for mattress, Simmons, King Koil, Sealy, Serta, Dunlopillo, Slumberland, Max Coil etc etc. The more we tried, the more confused we were

Also price range was very far apart, can range from 1k+ to more than 4k...dunno which one to get also sigh.

Any advice wld be appreciated, thanks


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Hi there, anyone can share where is a good place to see the range of all brands of mattresses.. hav been to harvey horman and courts..

Appreciate all advices.. thanks


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all brands maybe dun have, but for the majority u can try Dozz at TPY. Another one you can try is Robinsons at Centrepoint, there's a Serta shop right outside it so after Robinsons u can go in and browse also.
Hi BTB, i bought my queen size mattress - Princebed and furniture for my newlyweb room from The Green. We love the bed, its a 9" thick coil mattress with 3" Latex, so it make up to be a 12" mattress. We are already using it before our Customary, it is fantastic, i find the softness is just nice for us, nowadays we nap alot. Haha. It comes with free bed protection sheet and two pillows. I think mattress really depend on your own liking, you have to lie on it to try. Really personal. Same like many ppl here, Princebed really doesn't have much info from the net or forum but we are still very happy with what we get. =) Ya, we bought for like $1500 but with $200 discount as we purchase the furniture set.

Ya Princebed is Dust mite free and now from their website i saw mosquito free too!(First in Singapore-Cool)

Sweet dreamz


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Hi MemorableChocolate,

I also interested the Princebed mattress, could I know the series that you described here is Titanium 2 or 3. Thanks


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I got mine slightly below $2600 for a King 2" Latex + Bamboo Fibre plush + spring total 11" (Similar to Winchester but named differently) not sure is it the same specs as below as they claims there is only one specs for Bamboo Stress Relief Plush ... but they say synthetic latex leh ... add on 2x free Princebed Latex Pillow and Mattress protector .. the usual ... with a bed frame with 2x drawers + a wardrobe .... should be considered a good deal ba :D another store jus behind them selling similar things bundled to $2950 after negotiate ... sianz ...
Anyway i love the feel of the mattress. Went with another fren (where he bought 2x Single mattress from the store) we both feel its reallie nice brought my wife to be .. .and we bought it today :D

But if u wan the mattress alone ... one place is selling 1688 (K) the other selling 1889 (k) with bed frame ... another matress + bed frame less than 2000 but all haben negotiate :D a website selling 3300 (k) ... tat is crazy ...

Normal princebed my other seller who sold me the Lotus did mentioned Queen size $1k with bedframe can get ... (k) maybe 1.5k but dunno which model thou as he is not carrying the one with Bamboo Fibre if not i will sure get from him one ...

100% Natural Latex Bamboo Stress Relief Plush
Luxury Bamboo Anti-Static Fabric With Anti Dustmite Anti Bacteria- Anti Fungi
Thick Quilting & Zip
Rating :Comfort Soft
15 Year Warranty
Free Delivery

I bought another K bed set @2500 bed frame + mattress (Lotus) + 2x Latex Pillow + 2x Normal Pillow + 1x Bolster + 1x King Size Quilt + 1x bottle of wine :p an almost similar specs one selling $2319 but i can feel some difference as the one i bought even when me or my partner sits down ... can't even feel anything :D the other one a bit :D

Another is Dunlopillo ... 1899 (k) + bed frame 1" talaly latex ... i feel tat is not bad too :D

I m a happi shopper as i had a tendancy to compare and compare ... at last i finished all my shopping LOLx ... got my Sofa .. 2.8k full leather L shape sofa with Ottoman (FL too)

All prices includes GST :p
The above are for ur reference only :D Good buy or not ... i dun care le... too much shopping for the past 2 months .. hahhah time to settle other things le ..
Happi Shopping :D


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Anyone interested in a brand new Serta Bed w Bed frame, not delivered yet. Brand New

Model : Pasedena
Size: Queen
Bedframe: Yes, you can choose your own model.

Freebies: Bed Bench, Latex Pillow, Mattress Protector, Serta Fitted Sheet - 2 sets
Selling Price: $2600

Interested can PM me.


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My friend got a brand new Simmons mattress (Rosehall) King Size 182cm by 190cm. My friend got it from a lucky draw and he just bought a mattress.

Retail price at $6,999 in shop.

He is willing to sell at $4,500. If you purchase before 30 September 2010, will arrange Simmons to delivery directly to your house. If purchase after 30 September 2010, we will arrange a contractor to delivery to your house.

please contact me at +65 98537964 or email me at [email protected] if interested !


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I have bought a Dunlop Orthorest/ Ortho Guard matress at Havey Norman. That was a very louzy materess I ever have! After few month my shoulder was ache and dont have a good sleep. The Dunlop have sent a man by the name of Eddy came down, he knew what was happen to the bed was bumpy and sagging, They are trying to push away, using a ear piece wire and a ruler to measure telling me is less than half inches so not consider sagging! That is without body weight! So they are not going to exchange any other model, just promise to insert a layer of support. I have to pay extra $60 for tansportation charges! But is just a slightly improve dont solve the problem. Dont ever buy any dunlop brand, The bed was warranty 12 years now is less than 6 month!


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I tried a Spring Air mattress Monet series, liked the plush feeling.

It is new to Singapore, I can't find any reviews. Any comments on this brand?


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Anyone here can share when is the best period to buy mattress to take advantage of the promotions? Am considering king koil, Serta n probably sealy. Is CNY promo better or wait for GSS? Buy Fr robinsons/taka/Harvey or go to individual distributors?


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robinsons:Wider range and pricing is more competitive than taka. Some great discounts if they have sales and with Robinsons card.

taka: usually more expensive than robinsons.

Harvey: More selection than robinsons, especially in millenia walk outlet. But note they have additional charges if mattress cannot fit into the lift and they have to carry up the stairs.

Dozz (Toa Payoh Hub): Great selection and competitive pricing if you want to consider other brands.

If you are interested in Serta, visit their stores in Centrepoint and IMM. I find their sales persons very approachable. I bought my Serta from IMM.


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Lish (troides),

I agree the Spring Air Mattress 'Crystal' I tried provided good support & comfort. I slept on it at Courts Orchard over the weekend. Felt like 'sleeping on clouds'. It has 7 spring zones and 5 latex layers with plush pillow top.

We were told Spring Air has been around in USA for decades but only recently entered Singapore's market. We were persuaded by the plush comfort that felt better than Sealy's 5k+ range of mattresses (even though it cost cheaper at 4k+). Feels like good value for money compared to prices of the marketed brands.

Maybe all couples getting married should give it a try, lie on it & see if you like it!
and can share your feedback here.


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Anyone used 'Dorma' brand mattress before? The salesperson mentioned that it is a higher end brand than King Koil, but same level as Sealy...
>> Bed frame+Mattress = $3000+

To share: Sungei Kadut has many furniture shops!


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Any one interested in getting a Princebed mattress?
My friend is selling. Used one or twice for guest only, as good as brand new condition.

Need to arrange your own transport.

Interested contact her at [email protected]


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That's depends on what do you use the mattress for. I'd recommend the air mattress, or air beds. Because they are adjustable, and inflatable which means they are available for any mattress condition you want: when you have a sore back and have a nice sleep, let out some air and the bed will be softer and give you more suppots on back, vice versa. I bought a crazy sales air bed for years, high quality, and it brings good night sleeps. Also it is foldable, so I can take to camp from time to time.