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Yup!! So ex!!! But yar... just hope that when the actual 2013 package is out, the price will be around that... Otherwise will feel very lugi!!!


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Actually was thinking the increment will be around $30? If that's the case we lugi $300 lo! I heard they say the pricelist will be out in end mar?


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I thought so too...
I heard end of feb but then they say will push to april... dunno leh!!! Wah lau...... My HTB say we will be paying for the dates+ambience so nvm... but i still have my reservations!! Hahahhaa


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Joy, alot of hotels march 2013 dates are taken, best to confirm earlier... that's what I near from my friend when she vheck novotel, orchard hotel, holiday inn atrium and grand park city


Oh yar, I'm actually referring to the imperial ballroom. Noticed from superpinkystar's photos that the servers may not be able to get to the people on the 'inner' side. Anyone had any problems with that?


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Food was good, portion is nice. 1 person did not come and we share the food among 9 of us for 8 course lunch.. Except for the appetizier, rest of the food was served by waiter... Not much problem with the drinks as well that it was refill quickly.
Few problems noted:
1. I was seated right at the corner near the projector and can't see the screen at all and will need to walk to the center to view the screen when montage is played. My friend wedding has 20 table, however i feel 18 seems like the right size.
2. The wedding singer was placed near the AV place due to the earlier soleminization and me sitting at the other end don't feel engaged with the singer at all.
3. Not sure is it a hotel issue but i realise that different red wine was served and even though my red wine didnt finish, it was mixed with other brands
4. if you ask me to pick on the food, i would say the appetizier wasn't that fantastic... i was expecting wasabi scallop will be fried with wasabi sauce on it, but instead it seems like scallop just boil with hot water and with just pre-made wasabi sauce.


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Ambience is ok, decor nothing much to rave!
Raindeer, I can't make it! Will be overseas! Are you going? If yes can share the detailsafter u go the roadshow? I wanna know 2013 pricelist also!!


Thank Emily, safe travels!

I think the 2013 package is +$60 on top of the current package. Roadshow probably will have more perks I'm sure.


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Shavaine, thanks for the updates!

$60 increment is it applicable for any dates in 2013?? Asking this because for 2012 there's different rates for beginning and end of year


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7 months more till my turn at the Imperial Ballroom.
I've attended wedding dinner there twice, the quality of food is still good.

The only part i'm upset with is the ballroom decor themes. I req for the photos of how it'll look like, sometime in late feb/early mar tis year, was told that they're tweaking the decor themes & will confirm by Late April.

So i anticipated for this new theme..but alas, it looks really horrid to me. So far there are only 3 themes to choose from, Eastern Eden, Naturally Yours & Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine is the nicest, dreamy & modern outlook, i would opt that but then, my friends who held their weddings there, also chose the same theme. Ain't certain if i should use the same one...cos our guests are also the same ppl who attended their weddings last year. *sweats* thought the new theme wld be a fresh of new life....


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Ya. Am considering. But currently i need at least 25 tables. Thinkin if im able to bring it down to 22. Cos i really love the stairs. Especially when i wana get those super long tail gown. It will definitely look awesome!


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Advisable if u can bring down to 20 tables ba... since there will be possibility that u may know new ppl in the near future that u might want to invite for your wedding or any one who suddenly shows up unexpectedly in your wedding. If u already use up 22 tables then no allowance for this kind of situations. Just fyi my friend had wedding in mar and he planned around 18 tables but used up 22 in the end


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I have a dinner banquet to release, the details are as below:

Date: 23 September 2012, Sunday
Hotel: Mandarin Orchard Hotel (5* Hotel)

Package includes 8th floor function room / ballroom foyer for your solemnization and a ballroom for the dinner banquet. Min. 45 tables.
The hotel also provides further offers and perks on the package, please contact me for more details.

I am trying to sell off the package as quickly as possible, as you can see the date is nearing.
Please drop me message or call me at 9857-5797 if you are interested. We can discuss further from there. Thank you.
My wedding dinner was held in Dec last year at Imperial ballroom. Everything went smoothly as planned, the banquet manager was very kind and helpful.

Guests commented that food was good, with some dishes not commonly seen at wedding dinner menu. Among the raves was Mandarin Orchard's specialty Chilli prawns with buns.

Attached a picture of the ballroom. The tiered ballroom is unique and it's not difficult to march down the stairs in gowns.


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Would like to share my wonderful experience at Mandarin Orchard although my wedding was like over a year ago.

Frankly speaking it was really a pain checking out so many hotels and communicating with so many "unresponsive" or "rude" sales managers. Our search ended after I dropped Mandarin Orchard an email and got a reply so promptly - even when it was after office hours. Just within one business day, the sales manager sent us all the information we needed and even made an arrangement to meet up with us at the hotel. Unlike many other hotels selling packages with alot of hidden costs (e.g. for AV equipment rental) , Mandarin Orchard's package was clear and all inclusive. We signed for our package the very day without much hesitation and I can say that we have made the right choice with no regrets at all : )

Very soon came our actual day. The sales manager (a different person, as the previous lady has left the company) , made arrangements to receive us at the driveway and to bring our belongings up to the room. After which, my husband was called for a briefing , together with the hotel staffs involved. Briefing on the entire event timeline was clear and precise and the sales manager told us to rest assure that we will receive guidance and assistance as and when needed. The chief coordinator and his team did their job really well and we were very pleased with their service. The hotel even threw in some free bottles of red wine when our (own) supply ran out - It was so hospitable of them to do so! Our guests also commented that the food was good. The food was actually from the Chinese restaurant opposite the ballroom, which definitely had to be of some standard..

We were also pleasantly surprised with their spacious suite at the club floor which consists of a living room and a bedroom. We had our breakfast and check-out at the club lounge/floor the following day. Club breakfast was different from the usual breakfast buffet at triple three. It was kinda VVIP style, although the variety of food may be limited. I still remember the delicious premium cod fish served in a small porcelain "spoon"! I doubt this can be found at the usual hotel breakfast buffet!

I told myself, I gotta come back to Mandarin Orchard to stay some day! Which I did, last December on my birthday. I booked the most economical room... but was pleasantly surprised with a free room upgrade as it was my birthday. (the receptionist realized when saw the date on my I/C)

Here are some pictures taken on my wedding day ..


Love the Imperial ballroom and it's layout : ) Picture was taken by our photographer before they allowed the guests in...

Complementary chocolates, strawberries and champagne from the hotel : )


Complimentary Chocolate Cake under the pretty fondant : )


Hall way linking our bedroom to the living room


Our Bedroom ....


Yummyz Premium Cod Fish!!! Club Breakfast @ Club Lounge


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Hi all, for those who has had held weddings at Mandarin Orchard before, are there issues with walking around with your gowns becos the area is too cram and hard to mingle with your guests? Thanks!


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Anyone have any reviews about the Grange Ballroom at Mandarin Orchard? I only have 10 tables, so I'll be taking the Grange Ballroom, but from the pics sent to me, there seems to be a pillar in front of the stage. Anyone been there for a wedding before? How is it? Does it block the view??

Jasmine Cheong

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I had my wedding banquet at Mandarin Orchard hotel on 7th September, in the ballroom on 35th floor. What can I say, Mandarin Orchard really made it an unforgettable experience, one that is so bad I will not forget in a long time.
First, I'll give Mandarin Orchard the credit for its top-notch standard in food quality. The suite which they provided for my husband and I was also within our expectation in terms of cleanliness and comfort level.

Other than that, service is beyond horrendous. My husband and I signed up for the wedding package one year ago, we were promised the exclusivity of the ballroom on level 35 as it is the only ballroom on the level. Of course, restrooms were on the same level. However, we got a rude shock one week prior to our wedding. Our wedding coordinator who holds the position of Assistant Director, called us and informed us that the restrooms would not be available for our guests as there were renovations going on. My husband and I have no other option but to swallow this piece of bad news and carried on with the wedding preps.

On the wedding day, my distinguished guests who included our family, our superiors and close friends had to take elevator from level 35 to level 5 where the lobby is to use the restroom! We, the ones who are supposed to enjoy the big day, received many complaints from our guests. My husband and I even stayed until 1 a.m after the whole banquet to relate the matter to the Assistant Director.

No attempt on the Assistant Director's part to do any service recovery was appalling. When she comes back on the next day, Sunday, to conclude the matter, she said,"To show our sincerity, I came back to the hotel on Sunday when I do not have to." That's the last straw that broke the camel's back. We refused to make full payment and demanded for a proper explanation and conclusion to the whole matter. We waited for a whole month, we only received a letter from the finance department to demand for full payment.

Despite sending an email to the assistant director regarding that, no replies were received. What kind of 5 star service is that? We were subjected to all these troubles and distress which should not be the case in the first place!
PLEASE kindly reconsider if you intend to engage the service of this hotel for any future meetings / wedding banquets.


I was told that there will not be a stage for grange ballroom, low ceiling...? :confused:
Anyone can share ur wedding pics of the grange ballroom setting? Thanks! :D


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Hi Bearine
I have went to view the Grange ballroom last month and found out that they cant provide a stage because the ceiling is very low.
I was a bit disappointed to see the room as im expecting more than what i see. Anyway a range of 8 to 12 tables might be more difficult to find high ceiling like what im facing now :(
Hi Jasmine, Thanks for sharing your comments with the Singapore Brides forum; your input will certainly help us to improve. We are really pleased all has been resolved amicably and will look forward to seeing you for an anniversary drink.
I am pleased to attach some picture images of the Grange Ballroom.

Note: do take note that the themes and floral decorations varies each year! :)

grange 001.jpg
grange 003.jpg


Can u attach some imperial ballroom setup designs too?

Heard the foyer has gone through renovation. . Pictures for reference please?