Mandarin Orchard Singapore


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hi BTB(s)!

I just met up with Marie & confirmed my AD with Mandarin Orchard~ my wedding date's in Dec 2012 ^-^

Very comfortable with Marie~ & the imperial ballroom really pretty


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Hi miyabi & all, I would like sign imperial ballroom package for dec 2012 too! Makes me nervous to see dec so popular! Can share what's the price per table for dec 2012? Are you still able to get additional perks from the wedding show in may too?
Hi Xiaoxuebi, my wedding is also in Dec 2012 on a Sunday. However, I did remember my coordinator mentioned that there will be price increase, I think the price they quoted you is after their increase..


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Just enquired. The price has already increased. The weekend price is $1138 ++ (sat).

Sigh. When was the wedding show? I missed it.


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Hi BTBs, will like to share this experience I am now facing with Mandarin Orchard. My wedding is coming up in November and just last week I went down with my friends to the ballroom to discuss with them on my decor plans for the reception. To my utmost horrors, the carpet has been changed. From a light blue hue to a horrifying array of colours that I can find no words to describe. All my decor stuff that I bought clashes with the colour of the carpet now. Worst of all, the change has not been communicated to me by the hotel at all and I only got to know by chance. We called to speak to the director and he said he's sincere to make things work for us. But the more I see the carpet, the more I question what can be done.
Well, have uploaded both the before and after of the carpet... Wondering what's your take if you were in my shoes?




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Hi gabby thanks for sharing the pics. :)

1) To me, I prefer the new carpet eh. More vibrant and has a happy tone to it.

2) I agree with you that they should communicate and update us of any changes so that we are able to plan around it.


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Hi I'm a BTB too! Thinking of doing my dinner at meritius, anybody can share the nett price of per table for Sunday? Mine will be first week of 2013, you think able to get the price for 2012?


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Hi Amanda~

The price for Sunday for imperial ballroom dinner is currently $1138++ for weddings 16sept2012 & after. 2013 dates are not open for booking yet - I've asked for 1st week of 2013 too coz my dates in dec 2012 were taken


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hi guys,
just had my wedding last month at Imperial Ballroom - 35th floor.

it was really beautiful and everything went so smoothly. the atmosphere was really pretty and romantic.

my guests enjoyed the food very very much. my banquet manager - Kenny Valentine (if i remember clearly) and his team were very good and responsible. well, except for one who spilled water on one of my guests.

the experience with them is really beautiful.

if you need more photos, do let me know.



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hi superpinky stars!

i went to view this ballroom this week and i think it has an interesting layout. jus to check if you had any issues with march in and also serving of food? how many tables did you cater for?

if you can send me more pictures of the ballroom, and the decor, it will be great! [email protected]


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hi superpinky,

Congrats! nice to know that Imperial ballroom left a wonderful experience for u.

Im planning to hv mine at the exact same venue as you, but was wondering if the steps in the room made it hard for you during the march in etc?

Hope to hear more reviews from anyone who had been to Mandarin Orchard - Imperial Ballroom!



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Can anyone help me ?? What do I need to request or take note when I sign e contract? Any extra perks to take note ?


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miyabi, share some photos and reviews after your wedding if possible ya?

Wanna hold the wedding there as well and wanna know the pros and cons


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Mandarin messed up my booking and gave the ballroom which I already placed tentative booking for, to another couple. Disappointed with their service.


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Hi Superpinkystar

do you have more pics of the food? am concerned abt the food quality there.

anyone else has pics or reviews of the food?


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Went to speak to the banquet manager last mon... he was telling me that for imperial ballroom, the food is served hot from Pine court.. There is a direct passage (not thru front door) to deliver the food for the wedding.

Also, it's mention that the chef from imperial ballroom is diff from the grand ballroom...

Have not tested the food so far though..


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Hi MO brides!! SOS!! Need yr urgent reply!! My fren text me the photos of e bridal suite n it looks so old n run-down!! Omg! It looks like those 2 or 3 stars hotel kind of rooms.. Can any1 pls assure me tt e bridal suite is much much much more nicer n new???


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MO seems to be taking forever to release their 2013 package! They require a top-up of 50++ on the 2012 package
Anyone keen on waiting for the 2013 package too?


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joy lim, i know.. it's taking forever..
i go ahead don wanna wait anymore.. take 2012 + $50.. let me know when you get the pricelist..


Hi everyone,
I just went to view the ballroom over the weekend and really liked it. I have a question about how the serving of food is done, because I notice that the walking space between the chairs and the railings or wall is very small. Do they divide the food before serving it to the guests or just put the whole plate on the table? Thanks.


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saw from the 2012 package that min tables for Grand Ballroom is 50 tables? Anyone knows if there's really the requirement? I'm only looking at 30 tables but i really like the ballroom!