Mahjong kakis in Tampines/Simei/Bedok


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hi i stay in tampines, can host at my place.
can play up to 50cent/$1. but shooter is a must
conseal - got
bite pple flower - gt
other more rules can discuss. =)
prefer to play overnight
only friendly pple pls. =)

cookie monster

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Hello everyone, I am new here. First time using this. I am available to play Tampines/Bedok/Simei. If you need a kaki whatsapps 81688315


interesting.. didnt know this thread exists. hahahahahaha. I'm staying ard Tamp, I do play MJ over the weekends with my parents to kill time, I dun mind playing 3/6 on friday evening (shooter) ping me if you need kakis! ^^
Hahaha really interesting thread here. Hmm...i do like to play mahjong sometimes but Tampines/Bedok/Simei is too far for me lah! So anyone playing in Bishan/Ang Mo Kio area. I would love to join you all. ^^


I wanna learn how to play mahjong....
Maybe can start small to learn ...10cent 20cents????
I currently stay in the east...
Do let me know if there's any?


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I stay in Tampines, enjoy mahjong with good kakis. Me too, always looking for ppl with good character to play.

Prefer to play 50c/$1, conseal additional "1 tai", gong n bite $3/$6. Ping Wu self touch/conseal $35. Dun mind playing who throw who pay style.

Kindly PM me your contact to arrange for session.

Hi are u interested to play shooter game 5/1 till 5 double n plus $10 if 6 double. If yes watsapp me 98250888. Friday 7pm lack last

Pikes Peak

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hi all..

we do hv weekly session at 1 of my gf hse in bedok. Sometimes short of 1 Kaki.. We play 50cents/1 dollar. Special style of playing thou. If 1 player throw the card & the other player wins,he or she will hv to pay full. The other 2 kakis no need to pay. Sounds exp..ya, but think back, if u are controlling the card when u noe wat the other player wans, den you wil noe how it feels wen u dun hv to pay the other half. Oni the hero who throw the card out pays all..hehe. At first wen my fren intro this style to us, we were not convince, but now all of us get struck oredi. so gals, anyone keen..PM me
hello. I'm new. from Pasir Ris area. happy to play "shooter pay"