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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by reb, Dec 2, 2001.

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    You can whatsapp contact Anna when she reply your email. She is fast and friendly. Anna.Phua@millenniumhotels.com

  2. Ckmj

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    Hi anyone signed with M hotel? Willing to share the price per table after negotiations ?
  3. Zetrio

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    Think M Hotel's table price is more or less fixed. You can only negotiate for free table when you exceeded a certain number of tables. Eg 25 tables + 1 free table. Or freeflow of wine or beer. Or extra rooms.
  4. spreeaholics

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    Any graduated M hotel brides or BTB? Short listed a few hotels Orchard hotel, M hotel, Holiday Inn OCC and we are quite interested in the banquet suite.
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  6. soyabeanken

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    Hi, my girlfriend and I are quite keen on signing with M hotel for our actual day, but after reading most of the reviews here, we would like to know more before we book with them. Can anyone pm the perk and packages that M Hotel has offered?

  7. Zetrio

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    For me, I didn't care who my other coordinator or banquet manager was!

    I was fortunate to have Anna as my coordinator and she was prompt in replying, friendly and very nice to us. Everything was mentioned to us and we don't really have to ask for anything. She also allowed us to put some things in her office a few days before wedding. She also asked for our photos so that it can be displayed at all lcd panels. The songs we need and stuff. The flowering decorations to let us choose. The cards. The ang bao boxes and guestbooks. The decorations on the tables.

    On wedding day, when we arrive at hotel, the coordinator was ready to receive us straight and escort us to our rooms. Also for banquet, they helped us frame up my wedding photo on stand. Also, tables were already arranged so we can put our wedding photos albums for display. We also had our solemnisation on the same day and everything was prepared nicely.

    Champagne bottles, wine bottles were also sent up to our room. There was also a wedding cake. Most of the dishes in our banquet was also sent to our room.

    Wedding went smoothly and I never hear of any complaints. The next day, I also received a call to inform me what I want for breakfast room service/special suite and I can use the free credit available. Everyone was all smiles in the hotel so I like the place.
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  8. devil0spy

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    Hi all BTB,

    recently me & htb went for banquest shopping.
    out of the 4 hotels( 4 seasons, regent, m hotel & carlton), only Regent & M hotel has by far impress us the most.
    4 seasons is simply to ex and perks are rather limited, Carlton's perks r even lesser but the feel is there.

    M Hotel's Fiona is really good, after reading the mixed reviews we were a bit scared scared. but fiona turns out to be of the better side.
    she lists down our requests and i must say the price is REALLY attractive esp for early bird 2017 btb ... their empress ball room ceiling height is rather low, i think 2.5m
    my handsome is at 1.86 so he feels a bit out of place ^^ ... the perks were really GOOD. but the minimum tables is 20 which is a bit too much for us.

    if you have more tables & tight budget, i would really recommend you to look for M hotel Fiona !! there is early bird special for 2017 btb so call her asap to arrange appt!
    i would take m hotel if i have more tables. so end up ... i selected Regent hotel ^^ ... do look at the regent forum if u guys wanna find out more.

    let me know if u guys need more info, i ll b glad to share

  9. devil0spy

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    ok hi btb,

    before i could write a review on regent hotel yesterday, (i drafted it halfway) i received a call from M Hotel. Fiona was up-beat pitched over the phone & she told me M hotel's ultimatum(to beat my choice of regent hotel). She managed to reduce the minimum table count to 18 & some VERY GOOD perks(money saving perks) ... i hope all goes well * fingers n toes crossed*

    did my sums & end up i had to reject Regent hotel :( one of the toughest decision i ve made ... urgh!
    pray for me babes. hope all goes well in march'17

  10. imarket

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  11. scorpiogirl206

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    hi there, can you pm me the details that m hotel is offering you? I am a 2017 btb and is shortlisting m hotel too. thank u in advance for your help! :)
  12. devil0spy

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    how many tables are u expecting ? if ur max is 16, i recommend u to go for regent hotel, look for sophia ong, she can give u a very good deal... 17 and above choose m hotel bwa ... haahahha i decided to get the the invitation cards from TaoBao & no wedding favors... was given a total of 3 rooms(bridal suite & 2 norm deluxe) w one night stay each as my in laws were coming in from overseas... hahahahahaha free flow beer & red wine (this is hard to find man)
  13. littlewei25

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    Hi yours are banquet suite or Anson room?
  14. Thsxm

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    Hi are there any btb who have signed with M hotel recently?
  15. spreeaholics

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    Any graduated or 2017 M hotel brides here? Mind sharing how's your experience with the new coordinators after Anna and Fiona left?
  16. devil0spy

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    hi there i signed mine with fiona but she has since left the company. the new person incharge named Valarie has since been in touched with us recently. so far so good but response can b a little show, but we are still ok with it. i ma march'17 btb
  17. spreeaholics

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    Hihi, I've just PM-ed you.
  18. KatengSK

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    Any1 can PM me their packages being offered by M-hotel? btb 2017
  19. spreeaholics

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    Anyone used M Hotel's sound system for 2 piece live band (keyboard and vocalist) before? How is the review?
  20. XiaoWen09

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    Hi, any grad bride change their March in route before? Was told by my coordinate that we are able to change but there wouldn't be any preprogrammed spotlight to lead us.
  21. Thsxm

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    For which ballroom?
  22. XiaoWen09

    XiaoWen09 New Member

    Hi, it's for banquet suite.
  23. Thsxm

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    Theres not much space to change thou. The main door to the stage is damn near already.
  24. yukime

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