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I just bought my lightings from Extreme Lightings at Balestier. They are quite cheap & service is great!

I went without my ID and the staff was very helpful in recommending different lights asking for our preference, for eg, practical or nice design, then recommend accordingly. The staff is also very patient because I kept calling my ID to check what was required & he waited patiently or serve other customers first then come back to me after I finished my calls...

The lightings were delivered to my new house within 4 days and the staff liaised with my ID so I totally free from any worries & etc.

My ID went to the shop to add more lightings 1 day before the delivery & they delivered everything on initial promised date even with last minute new orders!

I was served by Sunny if you anyone is keen. Btw, my friend whose also renovating house spend much more on lightings than me when both of us got more or less similar designs & same number of lights!


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Based on all the positive comments posted here about "Lights Boutique" at Geylang Road, it was our first (and only =) stop for our 'lights shopping'.

Once we entered the shop, an available salesperson (Freddy) immediately approached us to offer his help.

Upon knowing what we were looking for, he went on to give a very thorough and in-depth explanation of what to look out for in choosing lights as well as what to avoid. He also shared about how to maintain lights (from changing light bulbs to cleaning chandeliers) even though we didn't ask about this aspect regarding lights.

We were going for the classic contemporary look and we were satisfied with the range of lights available at the shop (For a large part of the time, my attention and gaze were on the ceiling as there were all those beautiful lights hanging above me =)

He did not make us feel pressured to confirm our purchases. Because of the sincere and patient explanation given, we bought our lights from them after more than an hour of consultation and asking questions.

We left feeling pretty satisfied with our purchase and we're just looking forward to the delivery next weekend!


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hi jasmine, I also just ordered mine from Extreme too, happy with the service and the good price I got

hope their delivery will be on-time and quality of products good


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hi thomas, did you ask for Sunny? I'm already using the lights which I bought from Extreme Lightings & they are really bright enough & nice. Luckily, I took the advice from Sunny to use different lights for different brightness desired & all turn out well!

Their price is affordable too!

I told my friends about how much I spent for lightings & they all say cheaper than theirs... Haha!


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Oh no... I am too late. I just bought from STRASS lighting last night.

Things are cheap and I spoke to Michael. I think he is the boss. He gave us $200 further discount of the total bill $900. He also said that electronic is inferior and he advised us to use Ballast.

5 ceiling lights
2 toilet bulbs
3 ceiling fans
2 wall lights

Hope all goes well during the installation. *prays*


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Lights Boutique.. just once word ''Sincere'' shop. never rush customers. their price tag r relatively high but the actual price r really affordable. they r willing to explain to u. im suprised they actually use good reputable products! looking forward to their delivery next week. Freddy that's the sales personel, i agree with serenity bear. thumbs up!

Peishan Teo

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searching for good pricing for my new house. shortlisted few light shops. in the end bought from Lights Boutique in geylang.
bought everything for only $618 whole house lighting.
there is a white chandelier im still considering only at $168!
fixed price shop. very very cheap. good service with explanation in depth.
apparently the design are more to practicality. reminded us not to follow trend with interior designers. agree.
my designer brought me to designer lighting in balestier and was quoted almost 2k.
be wary guys. bathroom, curtains, accs are also recomended to buy yourselves. do not rely on designers.