Lasik Surgery Clinic - has anyone been here?


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Hihi, I did my LASIK at Shinagawa in sept 09.
The doctor there is very professional and very detailed in answering my quries.
They have rewarded me with a $200 voucher for recommending friends and relatives.

Am letting go of the voucher at $100. Valid till Jun 2010.

Anyone interested, pls pm me


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hmmm. are the doctors at shinagawa good? am interested in getting lasik done so i'm looking around for recommendations. reviews anyone? thanks!


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Confirm that mention my name will get $250.00 off as i already found more than 4 undergo the lasik surgery.Those keen for this discount pls click my username fast.Only this May 2011.And Evaluation is free,they do not charge at all if not suitable.I also make this clear before I recommend any friends to them.I am not earning an profit,Just for sharing...


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horrible place to do your surgery. treat you like herds of cattle and yes, my doc was marc tay. Don't even think the nurses are qualified or properly trained. more like marketing or sales rep.


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I recently had LASIK surgery at Mt E with Leo Seo Wei. I think it's better to go to a private clinic as the care is more personalised. Our consults were also more personal, and the doctor was hands on and proactive for the duration of my treatment from surgery to discharge.