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  1. yiqii

    yiqii New Member

    Hi I'm a June BTB. I'm considering Marriott, Hilton and Swiss. Initially wanted Pickering but max 30 tables, so had to reject that. Any idea about these 3 hotels?

  2. hellobunny

    hellobunny Member

    Hello! Just attended a wedding in Marriott a few weeks back and Hilton was on my to-visit list when we were hunting for venues.

    Marriott Tangs:
    The food is really good. The ballroom is nice and they have a wide variety of themes. We didn't their min table count so didn't shortlist this as one of the venues.

    Our table count is small so we only qualified for the Vista Room which I wasn't very fond of because the reception area is right next to the ballroom's (and given ballroom size, the guest count will definitely overpower that of the Vista Room's so I wasn't keen). Your table count should get the main ballroom which just got renovated in Oct 2016. The coordinator is very very friendly (Grace Yeow) and she's quite flexible with perks. Most importantly, the team was prompt in replies. They are priced quite competitively even with the new ballrooms. If you can get the main ballroom it's a pretty good deal. Only downside that I can think of is I don't really like their new themes.

    Hope this helps! And gratz on the upcoming wedding! :)
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  3. yiqii

    yiqii New Member

    Hey hey!

    Thanks for the tips they are really helpful!!! I will go check out Hilton. I heard they recently renovated and it looks grand.

    Also congrats too on your wedding!! Have you decided on other things like PWS?
  4. hellobunny

    hellobunny Member

    Hilton have a wedding show coming up I think (remember seeing it somewhere in the Singapore Brides Event page) - I'm sure can get better perks during the show.

    Thank you! Well not yet. We kinda got lazy after settling the venue hahaha. Probably need to start hunting bridal studios soon! Not thinking of a formal PWS though... we are considering a casual one. What about you? :)
  5. yiqii

    yiqii New Member

    Haha, we are considering Kohit wedding but still looking around. Need to settle on venue really soon if not the good dates are all gone. haha!
  6. SWLE

    SWLE New Member

    I just scheduled an appt with master long, apparently he is quite busy this few weeks:(( Only able to meet him up after CNY. I do have some dates in mind, just want to get his opinions.
    Anyway I considering to go Marriott wedding fair this month. Anybody BTB 2018 here joining? anyone start sourcing for hotel?? I tried email couple of hotels and noticed some have dates booked til Mar-Apr 2018. So I think is good to secure the banquet place first!
  7. SWLE

    SWLE New Member

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what's Marriott min table count? Interested in them too.

    Side track abit... Hows your sourcing for bridal? :)
  8. hellobunny

    hellobunny Member

    If I remember correctly, Marriott min count is 25 tables. Yet to start! :O Abit panicky hahaha. My HTB has been quite busy with work so I'm thinking of going bridal shopping myself. lol
  9. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Im a 2018btb
  10. Sze

    Sze New Member

    Hi there.
    I went to Master You Long Zi. Have my date calculated, June 2018. I have a few days to consider.

    Pre-wedding Photoshoot - decided

    Hotel & AD - still looking around

    Duno where to start from yet too! Any suggestions?
  11. hellobunny

    hellobunny Member

    Congrattsssssss! Start with budget and table count hahaha so it can give you a feel which hotels falls into your criteria too. Best is also to have a selected date already so it's alot easier to shortlist hotels too :)
  12. Sze

    Sze New Member

    Yes. I do have a date in hand that I'm considering, which is 30th June, about 30tables.. budget within 30k for about 30 tables, possible? Actually was considering York hotel but does not know how is the hotel for wedding? I use to go to the hotel Yearly for their Penang food fare only.
  13. JIAGONG_aka_CORN

    JIAGONG_aka_CORN New Member

    hi! =)

    i am also a 2018 BTB. i have not pick the date yet as well. but have been exploring around for bridal packages.
  14. Jasminedew

    Jasminedew Member

    Hello... Can I have master Long contact's please? My email is jiemin_skopion@hotmail.com
  15. Jasminedew

    Jasminedew Member

    Hello! Can I have master long's contact please? My email address is jiemin_skopion@hotmail.com
  16. traceee

    traceee New Member

    Hi all! I'm a jan 2018 bride :) Any AD PG/VG to recommend?
  17. Melissa Chew

    Melissa Chew New Member

    Hi, I'm June BTB and still looking around for our venue. Anyone have any reviews for Goodwood park and Intercontinental?

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