JP Mr Eric Wong


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Hello All! I just had my ROM with Mr. Eric Wong few weeks ago. Thumbs up for him!
He called and informed he will be late due to traffic jam, and when he arrived, he went straight to our solemnization area, without waiting at the lobby, expecting someone to send him there.

He's humorous and I like how he managed to make us feel at ease.

Strongly recommend him!


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Hi all,would appreciate if you all could send me Mr. Eric Wong's contacts and email details please to my email address:
[email protected] and just checking is he able to converse both in English and Mandarin?


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Hi debunu, yup he is able to converse in both English & Mandarin.

Anyone who wants to contact Mr. Eric Wong - 98483286
Got to call him directly to arrange.


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Maybe he's in a solemnization? He will call back dun worry. When I first called him, there was no response too. Left him a message and he called back after that.


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Hi All,

Can I know if I can book JP more than 3 months in advance? I afraid mine is a popular date and difficult to get a good JP.


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Hi bingqiling, Yes JP Eric Wong is bilingual. He witness mine in both English n Mandarin.

mabelchong, I think you can. Just email and call those that you want, and see which one agrees. Some might ask to check back at a later date, some agree straightaway.

Anyway I have the picture of JP Eric Wong in my FB, if you guys are interested.


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Hi ladies! My wedding is over and I'm here for an update!

I've approached Mr. Eric Wong only 2 months before my wedding because a well-known JP actually mixed up my solemnization time with another couple. I was very disappointed in this particular JP because not only he was one of the more popular ones but I've in fact confirmed with him 5 months before my wedding.

But anyway, Mr. Eric Wong was extremely good! Though he was a little lag in responding SMS, he will definitely give you a reply.

I managed to communicate with him via SMS and only meet up with him 15 minutes before my solemnization. He in fact reached 30 minutes and mingled with my helpers, chatting with them. He came over to my hubby and I and briefed us on what will be happening and what he will be saying.

I even told him that I'm nervous and he laughed with me, telling me that there's nothing to be nervous about. As we had to wait for a few more relatives, he was cool with it and told us not to worry as he did not have any appointments after that.

He was pretty assuring by praising us throughout the solemnization. He communicated with my PGs and even guided us on how to pose for photo taking.

When I did not hold my cert for photo taking, he teased me that it's very important as it protects me because it was under the Women's Chartered Act. That definitely eased my nervousness.

Worth engaging him as a Justice of Peace!


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Hihi! I got Mr.Eric Wong for my wedding! I would like to know.. Does he do meet ups? Or everything is by SMS/ mail?
how does he conduct the solemnisation?
in english throughout the whole procees?
bcs when i asked him, he said the proceedings in english & vows in chinese, or vice versa.
problem is that I cant speak chinese.
pls advise
We are having Mr Eric Wong to solemnise our wedding.

Can I check if we have to prepare our own vows or he will prepare for us? If we are using our own vows, what paper should we use?
Does Mr Eric Wong require special introduction of him prior to solemnisation? As I am preparing the emcee script, need to know the proper way of addressing him.


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Finally got mr Eric Wong as our Solemnizer for march 2012, can any kind souls here share with me how much AP must give him?


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Any one had Mr Eric Wong solemnise their wedding recently?

How long did the solemnisation take and did he say "kiss the bride"? (someone on a post on page 1 said he didn't do that at her wedding)
Also, did he recite any religious teachings during the solemnisation?



I had him as my jp last yr 10/11/12..

He ask my husband to kiss me and hold for 6secs until the photographer says okay! He laughs..

Not as what u mentioned cant kiss :)


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Hi all , any recent reviews on JP eric wong ? Thanks
Hi Chivas,

Mr Eric Wong is very prompt in reply. I called him about 3 mths before solemnization, he is able to confirm his availability immediately on phone. I emailed him the consent form and I received the original signed consent form within 2 weeks. We did not meet-up prior the solemnization day but on the actual day itself. He specially mentioned that he want to start the ceremony punctually, so we do our very best to ensure this! He arrived at the venue earlier and briefed both my hubby & myself, to be sure we know what will be expected during the ceremony. Our ceremony was conducted in English, basically short & sweet, no lengthy words which I preferred.

Enjoy ur wedding preparation! Cheers!


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@efelin Hi, Mr Wong has confirmed to be my solemnizer on my big day on Dec 2015. He did not mention that he will cease to be a solemnizer. I am a bit worried after seeing your message here. :( how did you know about this? Thanks.


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@Xygoh, i just contacted Mr Eric Wong this morning and he informed he is appointed JP in the 'Community Dispute Resolution Tribunal' and will not be solemnizing marriages anymore. You may want to check with him again. :)