Grand Hyatt Singapore


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went to visit hyatt earlier this year. event/sales person was super yaya. service really not good (and i visited over 10 hotels).


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Hi! Anybody able to share which additional perks you all bargained / nego for? I'm really lost and not sure what to look out for. Now currently deciding between Grand Hyatt and Tang Marriott for wedding lunch... Wonder if any had the same dilemma too? Would love to hear any comments / suggestions! Many many thanks in advance! Also, happy new year!

Jesslyn Winata

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I'm a 2020 BTB for GH Grand Ballroom. They are quite strict on the perks, not easy to nego but the showcase had a very good offer already.

Super impressed with the panoramic screen but headache over videographer services now. Any other BTBs here that signed during showcase? Can PM me and we can have a chat on telegram!