Do bridesmaids pay for their own dresses?


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hi i'm not buying dresses for my jie mei coz some wear this nice some not..very hard to find a common dress to suits all..coz all in different figures and height..

i just gave them to color to wear should be no prob..

but anyway i saw those nice dresses at Celeste (The Central 2th floor)$'s those sweetheart tube top with those bubbles pattern (means pong pong at the bottom)..material is like oganza?? alot of colors..cream, black, purple..


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Hi, does anyone know how to pay via paypal? I was trying the ever-pretty website and realised that we can't pay by credit card. hm... i love the dresses!


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hi, initially i tot bridesmaid's dress will be expenses, it may exceed my budget if i pay for 7 pieces. but lucky i found a good dealer selling nice dresses within budget. hope the final picture will looks nice


Try occassion dress at raffles city.
1 is for $88 but they have bridemaids package
You could the same design of different side or same colour combination but different design.


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My friend tailored dresses for all the bridesmaids... we could choose which design we wanted and it was all made from the same fabric. But I have never worn the dress again after the wedding...

For my own wedding I chose an easy-to-find colour (baby pink) and even sent them a colour sample, and let my bridesmaids find their own dresses. I was quite afraid they would not find the same colour and the effect could be mismatched but it turned out very nice in the end!


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Can consider getting bridesmaids convertible dresses in the same colour. This way, they can wear the dress in the style that suits them, but still be 'uniform' in look.

I did that for my bridesmaids and got the dresses from City Plaza. For me because I bought 6 pieces, I managed to get it at a wholesale price of $20 per piece. Plus it is something that the girls can wear again as their own dresses after the wedding.


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Hi! I am selling 6 brand new orange-red bridesmaid dresses.. as one of my bridesmaid finds it too small. Bought at $27 each, willing to let go at a lower price. Please PM if interested!


Easy peasy, don't get bridesmaids :)

I am not fond of the idea of having a looong row of bridesmaids that simply diffuses the attention on the bride, esp if you are petite and your bridesmaids are all towering over you. And being matchy-matchy is kinda cliche. I saw a wedding where the bridesmaids were decked in totally uncoordinated flower prints and the burst of colours turned out beautifully.