Dec 2016 Brides


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Hi everyone!

Im a dec bride! AD on 31st dec! I saw that some had everything booked as early as 2015. I have just settled my church and banquet venue. Looking for BS for AD. PG n VG too!!!! Stress


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Hi kewpie20, will I get a notification? As I yet to see anything under my Facebook groups. My ID was Snoopywendy previously.


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Letting go very urgently - Singapore's top rated make up artist! :)

I had booked my make up artist on

3 Dec 2016 Sat from 5-7am + lunch (2nd look)

for a very good promo price but due to change in time, need to release this very special and hard-to-get slot.

She is usually booked 1 year in advance.

Willing to let go at less than market rate.

Here is her link- Christine Chia MUA

Please PM me. Only one slot! :)

Love, fellow BTB:


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I havent even confirmed on venue, going down to view later hahah..
MUA most likely looking at Esta/Cherry from Autelier or Cynderella by Cynthia.
The rest totally no idea at all.. should i be feeling ganjiong?! :eek:

Hi, may I know which MUA did you go ahead with?