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Discussion in 'Wedding Banquets' started by ck3012, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. foohappybride

    foohappybride Member

    I'm a bride next yr and likely gng for Concorde too! Heard abt Rosannes news but will still be proceeding cos of the overall value. The pipe that burst and aircon spoiled was in ballroom? ><

  2. x3Fang

    x3Fang Member

    Nope but half of the hotel include the rooms but fortunately not the ballroom =)
  3. Lovethechew

    Lovethechew New Member

    Hi! Have signed up with them for next year and my coordinator is Euphie. Maybe she's still around? Let's hope all will get repair soon!
  4. foohappybride

    foohappybride Member

    Is euphie new? :) when is your wedding next yr? Mines in Feb!
  5. Lovethechew

    Lovethechew New Member

    Mine in January :) I was hoping that there will be new shops by then outside to make the hotel looks livelier! Haha
  6. Wendy Liew

    Wendy Liew Member

    Mine is dec this year though! :)
  7. Jennim

    Jennim New Member

    Just came across this thread. Omg! i am just assigned to Rosanne today! Can I request for other coordinator instead? Any recommendation, ladies?
  8. x3Fang

    x3Fang Member

    Hi Jennim the post has no intention to scare u guys.. I believe Rosanne will do a good job in handing over one. =)
  9. traciee

    traciee Active Member

    hey all concorde btbs!

    i mia-ed for so long after getting married cause now 'graduated' bride liao.. have been quite active at motherhood forum tho LOL!

    anyway, i had my wedding in concorde back in May 2015 (omg almost a year soon!!). Rosanne was my coordinator as she took over from Valerie. She's good! I was nervous the whole day but she was there to assure me that everything would be just fine!

    Food wise all was okay! My guests said that some of the dishes were a lot better than those 5/6 star hotels. I can’t comment much because I didn’t really get to eat much (you know lah, bride and groom where got time to eat T_T) but I trust that my guests won’t sugar-coat words just to make me happy, knowing how straightforward some of them can be.

    The banquet manager, Stephen, was AWESOME. He was so attentive! There was some cock up during my tea ceremony because my uncle family + my grandma forgot about it LOL. Anyway, he specially prepared the teapot and cups so that I can serve it to my grandma during the banquet itself. He’s ‘everywhere’ lah.. you need something just let him know and he will get it done J

    Only issue I have with the hotel is…. Their lifts LOL. Well, everyone knows their hotel is kinda old.. which includes their lifts. But they installed the card system whereby you have to slot in your card in order to get access to the hotel floor… problem is the system always cannot detect my card :/ I kept trying till the lift door closed and went to the basement instead LOL. But it was a small case lah… not like I had to keep going up n down so many times… maybe in total like 3 – 4 times?

    Overall it was a good experience!
  10. Xzz

    Xzz New Member


    After reading all the reviews, I am actually keen to sign up with Concorde. Can any1 share with me their package and perks?

  11. NicoletteT

    NicoletteT New Member


    Does anyone have any recent updates on their food and services?
    Thank you! :)
  12. foohappybride

    foohappybride Member

    Hello nicolette! I just had my wedding banquet at Concorde and didn't get any complaints generally on their food and services. We had the dessert buffet which was very popular amongst our guests so I guess the desserts are quite good!

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