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  1. daffycat

    daffycat New Member

    hi, any Christian BTBs here with non-Christian fiancé? Wondering if it's possible to get a pastor to solemnize our union.. the church I am attending doesn't do that.. :(

  2. xb14

    xb14 New Member

    Hello daffycat, my church is very strict. It is a requirement for us that both must be Christians. Is your fiancé open to attend church? If not, I will encourage you to really submit this to God. Pray pray pray!
  3. kshir

    kshir Member

    best is to check with your pastor. and usually a pastor from another church won't solemnize a member from another church. You can try JPs who are christians. not affiliated to any church kind.
  4. jollyphine

    jollyphine New Member

    Hi Shirly, I wanted to do my wedding at ncc and came across your post.

    Was your wedding at new creation hall or other church venue?

    Thank you.

  5. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography


    If you are referring to The Star, then it will most likely be the Star Loft. But if its other venue, then the pastor is ok to do it at your venue of choice (including other church buildings)

    Hope that helps.
  6. jollyphine

    jollyphine New Member

    Thank you! Anyone knows how much is church venue rental? I only need for solemnization.
  7. Aj.tan

    Aj.tan Member

    Depends on your church! Usually it is about 2k for 4 hours for a small to mid size venue.
  8. Eloias

    Eloias New Member

    Hi! Anyone knows if there are certain restrictions to the way a wedding gown is considered appropriate for christian church wedding? Thanks!
  9. Jacxyz

    Jacxyz New Member

    Does anyone have an emcee script that you can share (church wedding)?
  10. Valerie87

    Valerie87 New Member

    Hello dear sisters in Christ, I'm having a church wedding too. Getting solemnised by pastor from new creation church.
    We wanted a "traditional" church venue so instead of The Star, we booked CHIJMES as our church location.
    AD 1st October 16!
    Going for our pre-marital counselling soon :)
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  11. joannecc.

    joannecc. Member

    Hello fellow sisters in Christ. Mine's on 11th Feb @ my grandma's church! Am from Hope Church Singapore :) own church has auditorium setting so hard to have wedding. Too many services over the weekend too! :)
  12. fashionistafest

    fashionistafest New Member

    I'm also attending New Creation and attending the 2 July counselling course!
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  13. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    Thats the Marriage Seminar ya ? ;)
  14. martially

    martially New Member

    Hi, is it possible to share the cost of your church wedding at Chijmes? Thinking of having one there.
  15. April9669

    April9669 New Member


    I am a bride to be, and wondering if you guys do check for an auspicious wedding date? My parents are non Christian but believer of Buddhist. My fiancé and I are Christian. We already decide on the ROM date as for the wedding it will be hold in 2019, my mum say this is a Chinese wedding so have to choose an auspicious date. Any thought on it?

    Please let me know if any have similar background.
  16. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    Congrats on your wedding. I hope I can help you shed some light into your predicament. To be honest, it really depends on how you and your husband communicate with your parents in terms of the wedding arrangement. If they are paying for your wedding, I would say let them have their way so that everyone will have a better day going forward. If its the two of you bearing the cost, my honest advise is no amount of traditional practices for wedding nor any auspicious dates or timing will help you in your marriage if you and your husband don't come to an agreement and have a proper communication in resolving problems.

    The elderly has their good intentions, but ultimately you should not allow what they say and how they would feel determine the course of how your marriage goes. If you find that there are certain traditional practises that will cause you to stumble, then have a proper sit down with your parents and explain to them your concerns. Just to be clear, its not wrong to hold joss sticks or 'pay respect' to the ancestor, what matters most is where your heart is. Sure you may feel that your action is may cause other young believer the stumble, then again, this act of paying respect only happens on your big day and if it makes your parents happy, I think that is a greater honour to give than causing unnecessary strifes. As long as you continue your everyday live like a true Believer would, then there is no caused for concern. Explain to your parents that you are doing it because you want to respect them (should you decide to go ahead and seek for an auspicious date/time).

    In short, do what you and your husband think that will be best for the wedding. As your morning schedule will be tight due to the church solemnization which starts around 10am-1030am, you wouldn't want to let the 'auspicious date/time' dictate the timeline of your wedding day and put unnecessary stress to the both of you. After all, it will be you and your husband (and Jesus), after the wedding celebration ends. You guys will go on with your lives and start your own family, any issues that may arise after the marriage is to be resolved among the husband and wife. And I am quite sure you won't be bringing up silly excuses like "because you never follow the auspicious date / timing, thats why we have so many arguments, blah blah blah..) :)
  17. April9669

    April9669 New Member

    Hi loveinstill,

    Thanks for sharing, so sorry I think I left out some part. My mum say have to choose a auspicious day for the AD which is in 2019 and the ROM date is not required to. I totally agree to go ahead because after all it’s all about Chinese wedding and the traditional part.

    Well maybe I an not strong on my beliefs. Because
    I am wondering as Christian we should not be pantang about the ROM date such as clashing w zodiac and ghost month ?

    I hope some Christian bride out there can share something.
  18. Derfaith

    Derfaith New Member

    Hi, I’m not sure how your church works but so far the church weddings I’ve attended, the solemnisation took place in church itself and there isn’t any ROM prior.

    But during my church wedding prep sessions, there were foreign brides who had ROM-Ed back in their countries and doing the Holy matrimony here.

    My two cents worth is perhaps if your parents are so particular, you can work around dates of their preference and plan your church wedding on that day. This way, it’s a way of honouring your parents without stumbling others. And it would also avoid further conflicts as well.

    End of the day, it’s only a wedding date. Wedding is a day but marriage is a lifetime. I would choose something that can avoid further conflicts without discounting my faith.

    For myself, we didn’t consult the lunar calendar, but we do avoid the ghost month and Qing Ming so that the parents wouldn’t be upset by that.

    And knowing my parents would make us offer joss sticks, I told my HTB that we would book a hotel book and he would fetch me from there.

    There are surely ways to go about it. Do talk to your church leaders for ideas on how to go about it. I’m sure they would be happy to advise you.

    All the best!
  19. ladeelaa

    ladeelaa Member


    Any of you ladies rent a kua for your AD? Seems so hard to find designs without the dragon and phoenix...
  20. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    have you tried ? they seemed to have a good selection of Kua
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  21. Derfaith

    Derfaith New Member

    You can go to house of etiquette. I know they carry Kua without dragon and Phoenix.
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  22. ladeelaa

    ladeelaa Member

    I saw one set without the phoenix and dragons on their website! At least there's one if I can't find amy other :p
  23. ladeelaa

    ladeelaa Member

    Thank you! Will go check them out!
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  24. sushi123

    sushi123 New Member

    Hi, would anyone have any suggestions of venues for church weddings? It seems like many venues are not available for non-members.

    So far, I only have Armenian Church as an option, but I find it quite expensive at $3000.
  25. Loveinstills

    Loveinstills Loveinstills Photography

    you can try Holy Grace Presbyterian Church
  26. sushi123

    sushi123 New Member

    thanks for your info! I just went to check, and they're booked already. thanks very much for the heads up though!
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  27. Derfaith

    Derfaith New Member

    When is your actual?
  28. sushi123

    sushi123 New Member

    hello! I've decided to just hold it in the hotel's function room instead, so same location as the banquet. My AD is 27 July 2019.

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