Brazilian Wax


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I would like to find out about any good salons you girls can recommend for BW?

I googled a few but im not sure if they are really good. Any comments?


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hey natalie,

my virgin b wax was at pink parlour and i nv looked back ever since.. u can try them (ask for wendi, u can trust her!)and i like the orchard central branch (they have one at tampines 1, far east plaza, marina square, nex) cause it's huuuggggeee and super cozy.


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hi ladies,

i have a package for IPL bikini area to let go. I am currently unable to continue with the treatment, but I have already purchased the IPL to lock on to a cheaper price.

Promotional price was $149 plus GST ($159) but i'm willing to let it go at $135.

Location is at Fabulous Group - Hawaiian Spa @
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
#01-04 TQL Suites
Singapore 188098
(65) 6884-5455

My beautician is really friendly and will make you feel comfortable during the treatment.

Please send me a message if you are interested. Holding period only valid for 2 months.


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hiya, i have a brazilian wax package that im keen to offload. its at spa haven (amoy area - think its recommended above also), and the therapist is really good. i just cant continue with it and would like to pass it on to someone. its $500, and costs $40/session. i'm happy to negotiate for the whole package, or if you just want to try one session, i can accommodate that too, as i work pretty near the place. Thanks!
Either msg me here or text me at 90628042 =)


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Amazing Brazilian waxing at Fabulous Tan…NOT?

I’ve been doing my brazilian waxing at FabulousTan for about three times now and had just gone for my 4th session which turned out to be a fucked up one. The waxing service they provide isn’t that great to begin with but I only stuck on because they used to be pretty cheap (prepay your next sessions for $28). But that was a while back. It’s $38 now. But that’s just their promotion price (U.P $54). And under their T & C, you have to get it done within two months.

My prepaid session, which was supposed to expire 7th April, got extended till 13th April as I had my period. So I called to book a session on the 13th. Later that day I had to cancel due last minute work duties so I called again to book on the 17th. I told the woman on the phone that I know my session was gonna expire 13th but because I couldn’t make it, whether it was possible to do it within the same week. She said okay and got a slot for me. I thought here it was great that they were nice to let me do my session despite it being passed four days from the expiry.

So Saturday after my session they asked if I wanted to prepay the next session of $38. I said I didn’t wish to continue. The dude at the counter said if I didn’t wish to continue I’d have to pay $54 for the session ‘today’. I found it absurd as I had already prepaid for the session. He said I have to pay because my session had been expired, WHICH I ALREADY KNEW BUT WASN’T TOLD THAT I HAD TO PAY $38 FOR THE NEXT SESSION OR BE CHARGED $54. It’s either or.

See, if THAT woman told me on the phone that I would be charged $38 or had to pay $54, then I would have just skipped the session even though I had already paid because I got that session for $28. It didn’t make sense to go for this one session and be MADE to pay either $38 or $54.

I refused to pay. He zapped my IC and told me he’ll send me the invoice… which will obviously be joining my other crushed documents and banana skin in the trash bin.


You’re not supposed to wax the same area twice as it will harm the skin. All the past wax therapist who did it for me, waxed easily 3-4 times on the same area. My private part always felt so raw after the session but I thought it was normal. Apparently not as bad if you did it with STRIP. They use better quality wax too.

Wax therapists are also foreigners. What is happening?


Never argue with a customer. Do that and lose one.


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Hi Cindy,

It looks like a good price you have for a Brazilian Waxing.

I am glued to and I had sign up a 13 sessions package with them. Each session cost me about $42.80 and it is definitely one of the better price compared to other waxing salons.

They have 6 outlets and the best thing, you can utilize the package in any outlets convenience to you.Totally recommend this place to you and FYI they have won numerous beauty awards for their Brazilian waxing too!!


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Hey guys,

I have an existing package with Strip worth about S$580. I am letting it go because I ended up doing IPL and no longer have use for it..

My experiences with strip for the last 3 years has been pleasant, and its very convenient so you can go get it done whenever required..

I am willing to let my package go for a good discount, pls email me at [email protected] if you are interested..


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Hi Ladies!

Anyone here tried body sugaring hair removal before?
I researched about natural hair removal and came across this place called Alexandria Professional and they do sugar waxing I think.

Apparently, they are new and its the only natural approach of hair removal.

I want to try as I don't like waxing and IPL I'm scared as it burnt my skin! So painful!

Wondering if anyone tried before before I decide to make an appointment.


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Hi Ladies,

I went to this Indian lady for brazilian and body wax a couple of days back after finding her on the internet. Shes good and very friendly and does not rush. Less pain in fact. Her name is Raji. Highly recommended. She lives in Toa Payoh. Her hp is 96908775. Brazilian at $40 for first timers and its such a good deal and service. She tests that her hard wax is just right before applying. You should try her. I have not yet tried sugar waxing... let me know more details. thanks babes.


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Hi Ladies,

Just did waxing at Pink Parlour, the staffs are very friendly and professional. Totally love my experience here =)



hi all, i have just signed a Bwax package with pink palour, i think its one of the best in SG. just my personal opinion!

I have tried almost all the waxing places in SG! (first timers normally will have promo rates for most places, if you are unsure just go to a few different salons and decide which suits you best!)

Hip bride

I am considering to go for 1 but worried it maybe too painful to bare.. I did I'll for underarm.. But Bwax is it very painful?