Auspicious Wedding Dates


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Ello! Am looking for a shifu, does anyone recommend Huang Shi Fu?
He seems to be quite talked about at the other forum


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hi, has anyone engaged master lim cheng lee for wedding date? how is he?

for those who had engaged long shifu, did he provide you the "shang tou" (hair combing) datetime? thks.


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Do not go to the shop mention above - Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading! They are not professional.

They do not need my birthdate and time to count date and they told me it doesn't matter if my sisters zodiac clash. They didn't even provide me the exact timing for fetching bride. I was only given a range of time. I paid for 3 useless dates which I then found out from another Master that these dates are generally not a good date for wedding. This guy don't even have his own name card.


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I engaged Serene Astrologer and Trading in July, at Fu Lu Shou to calculate auspicious date. We were told to pay up first and no receipt was given. They told us that it would take about 3 days to 1 week for the master to calculate the date.

However, 1 week passed and we did not hear from them. I tried calling them and only manage to get them after trying for 1 whole day. They told me that they have been busy and that tong shu for next year was not out yet. So i was asking the possibility of getting the date before 7th lunar month, the lady told me it's not possible, and if I cannot wait, she can give me a refund. I was a bit shock at her reply as I am only asking for the possibility and did not say i want cancel their service. She then pass on the phone to the master, whom shouted at me, saying that i should not rush him. His exact sentence was:" If you want I can anyhow calculate for you! YOU WANT?". Was a bit pissed, but i waited.

Best part was, 1mth passed and I called them on 25 Aug, asking if I can get the date on 29 Aug (1st day of 8th lunar month), the lady told me Tong Shu not out yet...But I went to one of the big shop selling fengshui stuff on 29 Aug, and they are already selling 2012 Tong Shu. So I went to the shop directly, but they were closed, and did not answer the phone (which was diverted to a mobile phone - but was switched off)

I have been trying to call them since yesterday, but now seems like I can't even get them on the phone. I want to stress that through out the pass FEW conversation with them, i have been very courteous as I feel they are going to give us an auspicious date, and if i antagonize them, they really "anyhow calculate" then not so good mah....

Actually i myself know a little bit of calculation with some help from online resources. But HTB dun trust my skill...
So now we got to endure such nonsense and everything cannot do cos no date yet....sianz...


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Finally got my dates from Serene's (after much chasing again of cos)...and guess what? Turn out my calculations are the same as the master's. My HTB wasted his money and i wasted my effort to chase chase chase....

But anyway, all i can say is he really want the best for both of us and dun want to take any chances...

So...he suggest that in future maybe i can part-time do wedding date calculation for other couples since i'm sooo accurate! hahaha...anyone interested?


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I fully agree with Anna (ashgirl)…

This shop Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading at #B1-07 Fu Lu Shou Complex is NOT PROFESSIONAL at all!!!

Unlike what MemorableChocolate (memorablechocolate) has posted on Saturday, April 17, 2010, this shop does not use our details like Date & Time of Birth to choose the auspicious dates. It is a good advertisement attempt by MemorableChocolate for your shop-Choong Loong Geomancy ;)

They simply use the general animal zodiac signs to give us 3 dates which we did not manage to book any banquet venues with. No other details given. Told us we need to pay again the full amount for 3 more dates! We do not dare to engage their services again.


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Serene Astrologer and Trading at Fu Lu Shou will give a refund? That's great! Other shops (including the Choong Loong Geomancy we went to) do not give us any refund at all.

Since a refund is being offered to you, why don't you just take it?

This REALLY leaves us all PUZZLED …………

Like what satinchris on December 02 2009 said, yong ren bu yi, yi ren wu yong" "用人ä¸ç–‘,疑人勿用"。And missybrooklynn on January 04 2010 wrote, "if u are not comfortable with it, juz look for another shifu. diff shifu has diff ways of doing".

There is no need to point a finger at anyone, it will of course be a case of "your words against his".

Then again, Nat Chew (minestrone) post on February 23 2010, has a point, "always read forum posts with a pinch of salt"…

Best Of Luck!


New Member really went thru the trouble to copy and paste post by people here (with date somemore!?) who are you? from Serene's? haha...joking...but anyway, i wanted a refund....but just my HTB is a peace lover, and he also feel it's too much trouble to look for another master. So I'm left to do the chasing!

I was also uncomfortable to continue the service, but I was chased by my banquet manager to finalize the date, if i were to go for refund, and start my sourcing again for another master, I would lose the banquet booking if there is futher delay. Anyway, i'm just sharing my experience. you can try them out if you have the time though. Good luck to you too!
I really sympathize with you, mk6164. I was also caught in the same situation as you. Just to share my similar experience :

We plan to get married next year. My HTB's grandparents wanted to pick an auspicious wedding date for us, using the Chinese almanac - Tong Shu. Out of respect for them, we agreed to it.

We went to the shops to get the new 2012 Tong Shu. But they told us it was not available yet. So we left our contact for them to call us as soon as the Tong Shu was out.

However, we waited…and waited…and waited…July has passed and they had yet to call us. We went to the shops again and they told us the Tong Shu was still not out yet!

I was getting very anxious and worried we could not get the hotel of our choice. But my HTB patiently coaxed and explained what his grandparents did is with our best interests in mind. Sigh…

We FINALLY got a call on my HTB's birthday (29th August), telling us the 2012 Tong Shu was out! I asked the Uncle why was there such a delay in calling us?

He later explained that this year the new Tong Shu came exceptionally late, as compared with the previous years. In fact, there are many other customers as anxious as us! This made us able to have a better understanding of his situation. Subsequently, the other shops also called us, informing us about the new Tong Shu.

I am comforted that we waited for the Tong Shu instead of rushing for our wedding date. Now we have our CHOSEN DATE and everything else is going smoothly…

There are 2 sides to a coin. I believe all things happen for a good reason. And I believe God will bless those with a gracious heart!



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With reference to MemorableChocolate's post on April 18, 2010, Sunday, 12:36am (please google for : Choong Loong Geomancy and Trading, click under : Singapore Brides forum). Just to share our experience on Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading.

We went around Fu Lu Shou Complex looking for a master to help us choose auspicious dates for our wedding
next year 2012.

Guess we were either too early or went on a wrong day. As a lot of shops there was not opened yet. Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading at #B1-07 was the only shop available then.

We saw a bespectacled old man sleeping
behind the table facing the door. As such, we deliberated and hesitated before going in.

We were told the wedding date selection costs SGD$120. ONLY 3 dates given. We feel that the price is kind of high for such few dates!

As we will be posted overseas for our jobs, we needed to get our wedding dates urgently! We had no other choice then…

We are shocked when the master said it is NOT NECESSARY to have ALL OUR DETAILS, even for both our parents! Just our CHINESE ANIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS will do! He also said it doesn't matter if our "brothers" and "sisters" animal zodiac signs clash with ours!!

Imagine paying $120 for such UNPROFESSIONAL services!!!
It's no surprise that MemorableChocolate has been eagerly posting in 'Singapore Brides' and other websites, recommending Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading for Auspicious Wedding Dates, Fortune Telling and Feng Shui. The "shifu" of Choong Loong Geomancy is in fact MemorableChocolate's - also known as Tan Jia Hui's grand uncle!
You may go to : , and 'Vin & Hui-wedding website by
From the above websites, you can click 'Our Vendors'-'Geomancy' and under Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading, it is written at the bottom, "This is Jia Hui's grand uncle shop ;)"
We can now understand why Jia Hui Tan-MemorableChocolate keeps recommending Choong Loong Geomancy & Trading. Hence we are now able to make good sense of the credibility of MemorableChocolate's recommendation


Long shifu is really good. N not like those outside hu always say something bad den make u buy lotsa stuff. My HB n friends we to long shifu. He help us do some small tricks so those relative Hu's zodiac crash with us oso can come n dun need to hide...


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Long Shi Fu contact number is 90675008. But i never use him.. his appointment needa wait 3 weeks and his place not too convenient.. in the end i use, also give mi 3yrs of dates to choose from. At $88 only. Find it good and professional. Convenient too. Maybe u can try.

Olivia Chu

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Anybody used before? the last time my parent visited a FS master , dunno how the FS master managed to convince my parent to folk out few Ks. Considering using it, as it is online. Care to share whether the service is gd or bad, overall OK?


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Anybody used before? the last time my parent visited a FS master , dunno how the FS master managed to convince my parent to folk out few Ks. Considering using it, as it is online. Care to share whether the service is gd or bad, overall OK?

We went to as it was reccommended by my friend. Fast and fuss-free, and even gave us personal advice on some tao hua issues. Overall good experience.