Anyone Done Pebble Flooring?


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hi, can share pebble floor pic with me?


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I had gotten a few quotes and all giving $600++ for pebblewash flooring for 1 toilet. 2 toilets would set me $1200 plus... Was wondering is this the standard rates now.


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Hi poseidon gal,

For me, i had pebble flooring at foyer and area outside master room bathroom. I just do vacumming and mopping as per normal. No extra maintenance required.


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I love the look of the epoxy pebble flooring I've seen in some upscale retail shops. I'm considering doing this on our first floor, we have a distinctly Asian themed house and garden...and I love the look. My biggest question is: can this be layed over a particle board subfloor? We have a crawlspace...I don't think concrete can go over this subfloor.


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I also had been starting to plan putting pebbles in a section of my bathroom that I am working on and also to use pebbles and small stones on a fireplace hearth.

Once the pebbles are grouted in place should I grout between the pebbles to even the surface out?