Anyone a ATC (Asian Travel Club) or RCI member??


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hi angel
none of my friends got this membership.

hi anne
how do you book the accomodation? what's the procedures like? after we got the membership, we didn't really go into it to do research.


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Hi there anyone with world resorts international?
I think I have been cheated!! the company is no longer located at tanjong pargar..
They did not inform anyone


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Hi all

I've a RCI membership under IRN that i paid $9k - studio package. Anybody interested, as i intend to sell it off due to financial constraints. Price is negiotable.


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Hi All,

I am a member of ATC (IRN). Its not right of me to give comment on this ATC but FYI I am now enaging a lawyer to ask for termination and refund of my membership fee which i had already paid $9K+ for a 11K package. I am not alone. A few of us(ATC membership holders) are doing the same thing. If u already bought the membership, go ahead and try using it since u can use it after paying 50% of the fee. U will be surprised.


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Hi Jasmine, I am also a member of the ATC(IRN). I think we both have the same package where we paid 9K for the package. We had it for more than 3 yrs already and have not used it once. Can I check with you how are the lawyer thing coming abt ?? Can we join it to "fight" the case together ?? Cos we asked them for it, but there seems to be nothing we can do since we have already signed the agreement ??

If it's not convenient to post it on the forum, mind if you could PM me. Tks.


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Hi Alvinanna,

Can u give me ur email address?? Cos I try to send u PM but seems that the webpage say u are not able to receive PM. Thks.


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Hi Jasmine,
What do u mean when u say u'll be surprised after paying 50% of the fee that we can use it?
Is the surprise a good thing or a bad thing??
N how's the lawyer thing going on?
Is it tt bad until u have to engage a lawyer to terminate it?
Can comment something on this?Pls...


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Hi jasmine, I'm also curious why u say that? I've just paid for one instalment too.. oh no... is it convenient for u to provide more info here? or u can email me at [email protected].. thanks alot.. now, kinda worry that i might be con... sigh... its not cheap afterall.. i've to paid $11K for this membership.. even if its worth it.. its already $2K more than your's..


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Hi nuf_iuhc and Angelrangel,

Sorry, i just saw the post. The link zarah provide will give u an idea of what is going on on for some timesharing company. If u have any question, u can post it and i will try to ans u.


They will not let u terminate it becos u have already sign the bond. Terminate means u have to forfite whenever u have paid, unless u take them to court which is a lot of $$$ and time consuming. But if u dun terminate, u will have to pay annual fee of $400....... But it is really a waste to see so much $$$ going to waste. I am still waiting for ATC for an ans on the termination and i am going to ask for the refund as well.... but that will take some time.

mine is a $11K package oso, just that I have already paid $9K.


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hi jasmine
my package is $9k. and we have paid about $5k+. we tried to talk to the person in charge that we wanted to terminate and get the refund, but the company refused.

you engaged a lawyer? can update us?


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Hi Jasmine, hope u can e-mail me relevant information that you have gone thru wiht IRN-ATC.
I already fully paid my package of $11k.
Hope your sharing will enlighten me.
E-mail: [email protected]


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Hi Jasmine..
similarly, need help here too... especially on the maintenance fees that i dun want to pay... it seems will get sued...please gif some info to help.... thanks lot!
my email is [email protected]


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Hi Jasmine,

Bought my IRN-ATC membership during yr 2002, felt cheated when they cannot deliver what they promised, so stopped payments for my $9K package since last 2003, paid $4.5k so far. Just got a call from their manager saying I'lled be sued if I don't continue payments.

Thinking of approaching CASE, but over the phone, the officer said to terminate the contract is very slim.
Hope you can share your experience with me.
my email is [email protected]

Thanks alot!


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Hi, just like to check anyone managed to terminate their timeshare contract?

I am with Emperor Resort International since 1999 and still owed them abt 6k. Already paid 4k. Tried to terminate the contract since day 1, but they refused.

Is there anyway we can terminate this contact?


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Hi all, is it the membership that you sign up at Orchard Tower? The one that gives you one to one seminar?

I and my hubby have some fun with them. Hahaha


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Maraquan, so u din sign up with them lor? So lucky!

Is there anyone wanting to go CASE together or maybe engaged a lawyer together to terminate the contract? Mine is under ERI.

Really hope someone or some legal profession can help to advice what i can do urgently. Thanks!


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Hi trapped,
we did not signed up with them. Instead, we out talk them. After we walked out of the building, my hubby then asked me:"What are they actually selling?". Hahaha

I did not know what are they actually selling too until I see this thread.


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Hi trapped,
Eventhough my FH & I did not really paid a huge sum yet but after a few weeks after signing the agreement,I felt uneasy about it.
Thus I found this thread..
So we stopped paying altogether..
But maybe wanting to go case or a lawyer abt terminating the contract...
But mine is with ATC..
So far on this forum,only a few said its good but most said ATC are out to cheat..I dunno...Still thinking abt terminating..
So abt ur contract with ERI,did they send you a warning letter about not paying up?


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Dear Gals:

Just to share my experience of being CONNED, and for your benefit¡­

1) You are approached by a teenager along Orchard Road and are asked to do a survey. You¡¯d be approached especially if you look like foreigners. In the survey, if you indicate that you and your partner are above 25, have combined salary of $5000, and own credit card/s, you¡¯d be entitled to a scratch-and-win lucky draw.

2) For the lucky draw, the top prize is a free 7N accomodation, and other prizes are dining/shopping vouchers from $10-$60 thereabouts. The teenager would jump in joy saying how lucky you are, as he¡¯d be able to get commission of up to $150 if you go and collect your prize.

3) He brings you to his manager, who congratulates you, then asks that you go to a travel exhibition-fair-talk-thingy down Orchard Rd (Faber House near OG, or anywhere else). If you stay for at least 60-80mins, you¡¯d get your gifts and the teenager would get his commission.

4) So off you go, out of pity for the boy and curiosity to check out the fair, esp when you know you¡¯d have travel plans in the coming years, and of course, to get your prizes. You¡¯re escorted to the office and wait at the recep.

5) You¡¯d be asked to show ur ICs to verify ur ages, ur details would be taken down. Interestingly, there¡¯s a lucky draw. There¡¯d be a few sets of 4 digits at the counter, and if your credit card¡¯s last 4 digits match, you¡¯d win shopping vouchers. This is when you¡¯d take out all your credit cards, and they can take the chance to verify that you do have credit cards.

6) Then, another attractive consultant would take over from the teenager and bring you into another room. Before you step in, you¡¯d be asked to switch off your hps, not even to silent modes. You enter quite a big room with many small round tables and chairs. You sit at one with your consultant, who sits you through a survey to see ur travel preferences and spending power so they¡¯d take note and offer you a package you¡¯d find affordable and attractive.

7) They¡¯d show you some cut-out pictures and floor plans of suites you¡¯d be getting if you purchase their membership package. There won¡¯t be concrete black & white info on the profile of their company. There¡¯d be a manager who¡¯d drop by every now and then especially when the consultant has difficulty convincing you. As the consultant and manager talk, they¡¯d write the info down on paper, explaining to you the supposed savings if you sign up their travel packages.

8) Their packages are at least $10k. They also offer trial membership at $3k or so, with a Phuket trip or other freebies. They would sell the system to you and talk for hours. When you feel that the deal is good and you sign, a bell will ring and everyone there would clap and welcome you into the club. You are then asked to pay. They¡¯d even offer great discounts and 0% interest free instalments. You even get a free welcome gift like a dvd player.

9) (a) You leave thinking you got a good deal, then try to book your holidays. Only to realise that you can¡¯t get your holidays booked even if you¡¯re 6-8months early. Or your accomodation is only 3 star, not 4/5 star. You want to cancel your membership as you don¡¯t really have a chance to use it and do not have that much leave to clear, but they do not allow as you¡¯re bound by the contract. They threaten to sue you if you breach the contract. You¡¯re trapped and go on paying the membership, as well as yearly maintenance fees of a few hundred sing dollars at least. Though they promise to be able to buy the package over from you and sell it, they¡¯d be unable to as there¡¯re too many conned people who wanna sell, but no one who wanna buy.

(b) You leave having doubts, and surf the net for more information. And realise you¡¯re conned by a timeshare company. Luckily, if you terminate within 3 working days, as stipulated by Singapore laws, you will be refunded. Get ready to be firm as they try to talk you out of a cancellation. Or they try to drag past the 3 days.


I have been conned to this stage and after surfing the net for more information, realised that I¡¯ve fallen for a scam by timeshare companies. I¡¯m lucky that I find out about this within 3 days of signing, so I can get a full refund. I¡¯d be going down tomorrow and expect a showdown. Heard that they¡¯d sit you through hours, trying to find excuses like the person in charge is not around, or offer other packages, to make you stay in the programme. Mi & fiance will remain firm tomorrow and create a big hoo-ha if necessary.

I am really very upset to go through this. But I¡¯m concerned that we, Singaporeans, be united and warn one another against this. Let¡¯s put an end to this and protect our fellowmen and tourists. I intend to go up to those taking surveys on Orchard road, to warn them on the spot. Touting is illegal in Singapore anyway! We need to boost our tourism too! How can we allow these people with ill-intentions spoil our clean and lawful image? Tourists who are conned can get a refund from Singapore Tourism Board (STB) though.

I hope that more people would be forewarned against these scams. This message is prepared to bring more awareness to as many people as poss. With such an awareness, you would not be curious to find out more about their travel talks, neither would you and your loved ones go through losing thousands and tens of thousands paying for nothing but heartache and constant disturbing calls. (They¡¯d keep calling to ask you to upgrade your package, etc.)

Have attached related websites for those who¡¯d like to find out more, and are looking for avenues for the possibility to get a refund or take legal action. Please refer if you have a few minutes.

May we enjoy affordable holidays within our own means, without headaches and heartaches.
DO NOT be conned anymore.
Let¡¯s boycott these surveyors and cold-callers and some who got your numbers through asking their current members.

All the best!

(P/S: Feel free to copy my message and forward as emails to your friends! Argh! We gotta unite and put a stop to this!)


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after reading your post, i felt that i was lucky that i didnt get conned. I went through your points 1) and 2), but it was through a telephone call and the guy said exactly same thing, free accomdation, free dvd player and shopping vouchers. He checked with me age and credit card details and said i was so lucky to be picked in the lucky draw, and asked me to go to that faber house to collect my "prize".
I wanted to go out of curiosity, hesistated and decided not to waste 80 minutes of my time. He called and called me to remind me of the appointment the day before, i didnt answer the calls, i had about 17 missed calls. haha.
In the end didnt turn up for the appointment few days ago. lucky me..

I will circulate our post to all my friends. Thanks


hi sashamama,

i aso got d same experience!! ur post really hit d head on d nail!! luckily 4 me tat hb was 'alert' enough 2 their tricks, so in d end we didn't sign up 4 anything. all tat we lost was 1 1/2 hrs of our time.


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pls be aware of another company L?? (dun want to mention names) that claims to be able to help you get rid of your timeshare purchase. I don't know how they got my no. but they contacted me recently and offered to help me find an alternative to get rid of my TS.
Talking abt stupidity, mine may be even worse than most of you. I got mine almost 10 yrs back, before the 7days clause set in so even tho I changed my mind the next day abt the purchase, I cldn't get them to cancel my purchase. I went to Case, and this Masetro (another trickster company) but no avail. I also went down to Emperor once but no help. I wrote off this incident as a very bad debt.
Anyway, I went down to this L office to see what they can do. I'm quite skeptical after all the bad experience but nothing to lose wat. This is how they work. The setting is like the TS setting but small rooms instd. They are some resort company too and try to persuade you to become their member. Only if you become member then their lawyers will try to transfer and get rid of your previous unit owned (meaning no need to pay annual maintenance fee anymore - not that I had been paying for a long while). If you insist that you don't want to be member but want to get money back, they say that you need to "invest" in them. They refused to use the word "invest" but I can't find any other description that explains what they are trying to do. So they say that since you end up paying say abt $20k for 20 yrs of maintaining your membershp, why not give them $20k and they put into this dunno what unit trust or fund grp which will guarantee all your $$ back X2. But must keep with them for 5 yrs.
I pted out that no, I have not been paying maintenance since donkey yrs so I'm not losing out any further (other than the initial $11k lost) so why shld i want to give them MORE $$?? And so many TS companies have exited in the last few yrs what gurantee to I have that this company won't close shop too? And then what happens to my "investment"?? I got very irritated at this pt and spoke a little louder and the (snooty) lady told me to lower my voice and stopped gesturing at her!! Actually, I cld hear in the next room another lady raising her voice too saying something like "but you are making $ out of this!" so obviously their scheme is not blind to some of us!!! They claimed that sooner or later, my previous TS company will write to me to demand that I pay back all the maintenance fees I didn't pay. Ok, i told them that I'll wait then and handle it on my own. Snoot lady knew she was not getting anywhere with me and wanted to call her manager in. WHile she was walking out, I explained in dialect what was going on to my uncle who came with me. Snootie told me that she understood what I was saying, implying that I must be "aware" and perhaps be "frightened" of her?? I walked out with my uncle at this pt.


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Hi all,
I nearly joined as a "ATC member" too. With the membership prices slashing from 18k-10k-600-200bucks(trial), and hidden pressure from other "new members" who joined. It nearly drove me to sign up for it.

Luckily, they revealed their true intentions cos i wanted some time to consider over it and they wunt even allow you to go back home to consider it for a single day. Its so fishy, they are so eager to 'earn' ur money lol.. So i opt out for it.

Got a col from them tis few days, was told i won another gift. I said i'm not free, and the customer serv was v.bad and impolite too. Jus hung my phone.

Jus felt sorry for some of the ppl here who r 'contributing' to the success of some..
I tink they wunt sued all of you if really all of u opted out. Its too time and money wasting, and affected reputation sort of ting lol.. Jus tat all ur money might be forfeited lol.. Fingers-X.

For those ppl who felt they r cheated, gd luck to u ppl. Hopefully, it will be a win-situation for u ppl eventually...


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HI maya

i'm in e same situation as u... went down with my family instead.
is dat place u been to at takashimaya??
we were abit late n they called like 3 or 4 times... ended up 4 hours plus there...

my mom signed up with this RCI for $16K abt 7 or 8 yrs ago n never uses it once n this new company told us dat they can get $$$ back if we transfer our membership to them n pay abt $10K n we can get 2X e $$$ back in 5yrs...

we asked for 2 wks to decide n they called n called... dun think they will give it up

anyone can get out of this timeshare thing???


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HI ava

ya... thks!!
me also think dat this is another scam. They dun even let us go back to decide, luckily my mom told us to go along with her.


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Jen, tell them NO! You're NOT INTERESTED. It's just another scam. Yes, same place, and yes, I have an RCI TS. I see this as a bad debt, long gone and stopped payingany maintenance LONG ago.
I was quite fed-up at their office when they started their pitch bec i saw thru their scheme and this snooty lady thot we are stupid or what? I just walked out w/o waiting for their manager, don't want to be cornered for another 2 hr or so. Took me an hr altogether. This pple must be firm with them, just tell them very firmly that NOT INTERESTED and DON'T CALL ANYMORE.


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HI Maya

dat's y i told my mom not to do anything if they call again.
we din get out fast enough spend abt 4 hrs plus there n they keep playing tack team...

i think if my mom went alone, she would ve signed on e dot cos they told us that she oredi spent $16k n if she dun sign up with them then her $$$ would be wasted but if she sign up ($10K) she can get $26K back in 5yrs...

initially they never talked abt e 10K until i asked them wat's e catch cos they told us that if mom sign with them she can get back $26K in 5yrs... "wat a scam"
they dun even ve conscience... they're cheating ppl of their hard earn $$$...


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Come on.. thats their trick. Always drag the time to make you tired. Dun be fooled by them. just stand up and walk off. Dun bother abt those gifts etc.. all those are bait to get more ppl to go for the talk. I was at this talk (golden crown at Wheellock place) the consultant got the cheeck to tell me .. they are not time share. Then i act blur and ask wats time share. Then he said..oh nothing since you dun know.


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has anyone heard of Crown Holiday Exchange Pte Ltd?? It is a company that buy back your timeshare membership and resale to foreigners. They claim that u have to pay them total of $6K, with $3K for first payment and subsequently of $50 per month. They said that the timeshare membership can sell averagely at about $8K to $12K.

Has anyone heard of this company? Was wondering is it true or not. Pls advice.


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has anyone recieved any calls from Probiz Network Consultancy P/L?
I just recieved a call from a lady who says that their company is willing to buy back our 9K studio package.
She press me for an appointment and says their company's lines are busy when i told her i wanted to call her back to confirm.


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I received letter from Empress Resort informing us that there are companies out there like Probiz is cheating us more $$. they are not guinuine want to buy back. Instead want you to top up more $$$


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Some info which may help some of you..

- If you've signed a timeshare contract after 1st March 2004, you are protected under CONSUMER PROTECTION (FAIR TRADING) ACT 2003

- You may want to check through your contract and see if you have a copy of NOTICE OF CANCELLATION FORM (CONSUMER INFORMATION NOTICE) given and explain to you.

- Timeshare company is suppose to give a copy of the above form to the client to sign, and explain the CONSUMER INFORMATION NOTICE is about and his/her rights to cancel the contract. Afterwhich, a copy of the form have to be given to the client.

- If you realise that the timeshare company did not give you a copy of the form, duly signed and explained, you may want to bring up to CASE. You will stand a good chance to cancel the contract with refund of payment made.


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Hi all
i had a membership with ATC (IRN) about 4 years ago. total cost is $9k. I paid about $5k+ and subsequently i stopped making any payment after hearing lots of 'issues' on timeshare company. After 1 year +, after chasing for the payments for many times, the company sent us the reminder and told us that if we didn't settle the payment, they would sue us.

So we went to get help from CASE. CASE sent them a letter to request for termination of the account and YES!!! we got the reply from the company that the contract is terminated and we don't have to pay the remaing sum.

Though we didn't ask for refund of $5k+, we were really really glad that the contract is terminated and we don't need to worry about the outstanding payment and the annual maintenance fee....


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wow!! Sunny, can share with me how can I contact this CASE. Eventhough mine still got 1.3k, but still is MONEY !!! I wanna stop paying!!


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hi BenDi
We went to CASE office
170 Ghim Moh Road #05-01
Ulu Pandan Community Building
Singapore 279621

and told them what help we need from them. They told us that there's no guarantee that the company will agree to cancel the contract. then, they help us to draft the letter and send to the company.

you need to join as a member of CASE then they will provide you this service. can't remember how much it is. you can go to to find out more.

good luck!!!


Wow.. so many problems with ATC stuff. my friend just booked a 3-star hotel in BKK on Feb 2006 with them. They claimed it was a deluxe room. Of cos they are cheaper by about S$50. But in the receipt of payment only payment amt was shown. Nothing else, no date, no hotel name, no duration of stay. Now i am wondering whether would we get the hotel we booked upon arrival? Btw this card belong to my friend. First time use, wonder how much i can trust on them for my holiday? Why pay a huge amount for something slightly cheaper? Never consider such alternatives.


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Hi all,

I had a membership with ATC (IRN) about 3 years ago. Total cost is $8k. I paid about $4k+ and subsequently I have stopped making any more payment after hearing lots of 'issues' on ATC membership. After 9 months they had started chasing for the payments for many times, the company sent us the reminder and told us that if we didn't settle the payment, they would sue us.

So am in need of help from anyone in this forum who had been to CASE or to any lawyer. Please help me out of this.



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hi all, my bf & i jus signed a package with ATC. like a trial thg for 3 yrs for $2.5k. promised 14N of stay in the 4k hotels / resorts they hv. was told that if aft 3 yrs, we wan to sign, the $2.5k can b used to offset the "joining fee". our package has no annual fees. jus a lump sum of $2.5k. aft reading so much 1ve reviews, am getting worried if we'll b forced to sign for the $12k or more packages aft 3 yrs.. anyone out thr in the same situation as me? we bought the packagem planning to use it for our honeymoon actually.. kinda upset now aft i read all ur reviews.. sigh..