Any JP to recommend?

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by XiaoChing, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. miz-Que

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  2. sotongqueen18

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    Hi, anyone knows JP Teo Zong Zhi? Need some review pls. Thanks :)
  3. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Hi All!

    Anyone invited Mr William Cheong lately and any reviews/pictures to share? Is he bilingual?
  4. Enchantedgal

    Enchantedgal New Member

    I had him for my rom in October 2016. He's a very nice person and yes he's bilingual.
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  5. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Thank you!
  6. Carmen Lee

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    May I have Mr William Cheong's contact as well? Does he speak mandarin?
  7. LaceL

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    Hi! I invited him to be our solmnizer as well. He replied very promptly agreeing to our date. However when we drop him a 2nd email to ask what to do and if there is meet up, he did not reply us anymore. Is this normal?
  8. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    I just emailed him yesterday for our wedding in Nov and he replied rather promptly followed by a call. Perhaps give him a call?
  9. Carmen Lee

    Carmen Lee New Member

    Hi Mrandmrsertobe, can you share with me Mr William Cheong's email?
  10. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Sure! Here you go >
  11. LHC

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    Hi guys, not trying to tarnish william cheong's reputation, but to each and own personal preferences, i would not recommend him. Of course, I am thankful that he reached on time, but i feel the solemnization was not professionally done. Felt a little embarrassed for the content in fact. Maybe he was nervous, i don't know. Feel free to pm me for more details.
  12. Sherrain

    Sherrain New Member

    Anyone has attended Solemnization by Mr Chia Ah Sah? I read he is one of the top 40 popular JP.
    Any feedback?
  13. Bernardsgbridge

    Bernardsgbridge New Member

    At least he was punctual! He was late for a cousin wedding by 30 mins!

    It was a solemnization ceremony and luncheon so the timing is quite tight. Lucky we did have some buffer timing and managed to pull it off.

    Probably request by the couple, spoke both English and Mandarin but was a bit long winded. Took 30 mins for the whole ceremony.
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  14. DelilaX

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    Hi all, would like a list of recommendation for good JPs! Thank you!
  15. alfy26

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    Hi! I would like to recommend my JP, Dr Kwoh Chee Keong. He solemnised our wedding last November after we were pangseh by our first JP, Ms Joanna Portilla, who cited reason for a business trip.

    Dr Kwoh is super nice and he is bilingual. He accepted our invitation after learning about the previous JP cancelling our appointment, despite having an event that he had to rush to after our wedding. We are very grateful for that.

    He does not do long speeches (thankfully) and he can be funny when he cracks a few jokes during the solemnisation. We had a very enjoyable solemnisation thanks to him.

    He can be contacted at

    All the best for your wedding!
  16. Infernolord

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    Hi, what is the current rates to give JP for offsite ROM

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