Any JP to recommend?

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by XiaoChing, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. miz-Que

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  2. sotongqueen18

    sotongqueen18 New Member

    Hi, anyone knows JP Teo Zong Zhi? Need some review pls. Thanks :)
  3. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Hi All!

    Anyone invited Mr William Cheong lately and any reviews/pictures to share? Is he bilingual?
  4. Enchantedgal

    Enchantedgal New Member

    I had him for my rom in October 2016. He's a very nice person and yes he's bilingual.
  5. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Thank you!
  6. Carmen Lee

    Carmen Lee New Member


    May I have Mr William Cheong's contact as well? Does he speak mandarin?
  7. LaceL

    LaceL New Member

    Hi! I invited him to be our solmnizer as well. He replied very promptly agreeing to our date. However when we drop him a 2nd email to ask what to do and if there is meet up, he did not reply us anymore. Is this normal?
  8. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    I just emailed him yesterday for our wedding in Nov and he replied rather promptly followed by a call. Perhaps give him a call?
  9. Carmen Lee

    Carmen Lee New Member

    Hi Mrandmrsertobe, can you share with me Mr William Cheong's email?
  10. mrandmrsertobe

    mrandmrsertobe New Member

    Sure! Here you go >
  11. LHC

    LHC Member

    Hi guys, not trying to tarnish william cheong's reputation, but to each and own personal preferences, i would not recommend him. Of course, I am thankful that he reached on time, but i feel the solemnization was not professionally done. Felt a little embarrassed for the content in fact. Maybe he was nervous, i don't know. Feel free to pm me for more details.
  12. Sherrain

    Sherrain New Member

    Anyone has attended Solemnization by Mr Chia Ah Sah? I read he is one of the top 40 popular JP.
    Any feedback?

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