Any idea which church allow rental of premise?

Discussion in 'ROM and Solemnisation' started by eunicetang, May 19, 2010.

  1. amos_b4

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    Hi Eunice,

    Do you mind sharing the church list to me as well?!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. okm1951

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    Hi Eric,

    I have email you, please check!
  3. okm1951

    okm1951 Member

    Hi Eric,

    I have email you, please check!
  4. princessie

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  5. jazree

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    Hi Eunice,
    May I've the list. E-mail add jaz_mei@
  6. kelvinchu

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    Hi everyone

    Its my turn to have my wedding.

    may I have the list too.

    Please send to

  7. oink_oink

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  8. blacktulip2011

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  9. mixue87

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    Hi Eunice, can i have the list as well? Do you know if there is any pastor who can solemnize a wedding between a Christian and non-christian? I'm having mine on a sunday, so not sure if it's even possible.
  10. okm1951

    okm1951 Member

    Sorry, didn't check forum for quite sometime. Hope it's not too late to forward the list.

    For those that has leave me your email address, please check your email.

    Michele, can you leave me your email address so that I can forward the list to you?
  11. angelduz

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  12. jascol

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    I'm getting married in Jan 2013 but cannot find a church that would rent out! Can some one send me a list please? thanks so much in advance!

    you can send to

    thanks again!
  13. okm1951

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    Hi Phyllis & Jason,

    I have email you the list, please check your email.
  14. okm1951

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    Michele, do you still need the list?
  15. fishingkaki

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  16. myfairlady777

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  17. okm1951

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    I have email you the church list.
  18. netaniah

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    Hi Eunice,

    I hope I am not too late. I am looking for a church venue for myholy mmatrimony next year. Would really appreciate if you or anyone can share the list with me. Thank you in advance

    My email is
  19. akane_xie

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    Anyone has a list of church venues as well? I am sourcing for a church for my wedding next year. Do you know if the pastors of the church will solomenize for us?
  20. mugwithlid

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    can i have the list too? Appreciate that!!
  21. zhenzz

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    hihi, can email me the list too? shannonshoppingqueen @

    thank you so much!
  22. mazel

    mazel New Member

    I would love to have the list too!

    And you were so lucky to get ACM! I couldn't get it after waiting for one year, and now still am looking for a space. I'm so so sad now. :(

  23. seekhelps

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    Hello BTBs,

    For those who are looking for church venue for wedding ... fyi there are total of 235 Christian Churches in Singapore!

    Anglican Church - 27
    Lutheran Church - 7
    Methodist Church - 46
    Presbyterian Church - 36
    Others - 119

    Most of the churches will give priority for own members only for the use of sanctuary on rental basis. Few of them are open to non-member and other Christian denominations.

    PM me & I'll share you my list that I've compiled.

    Good luck & all the best in your search! :)
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    Hello, I'm also planning a church wedding. Can u email me the list? Thanks so much
  36. tvh

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    Hi, is there anyone kind enough to send me the list please? thank you!
  38. exclusivepink

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    Hi Hi,
    Can I have the list too? Or can someone here who has gotten it previously email me as I am getting married this year as well.
    Thank you.
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    Hello! Will you mind sending me the list to Thank you
  47. Howtowed

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    can i have the list please?
  48. ReneeL

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    Hi Eunice,
    Can I have the list too?
  49. scd

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    Hi, can someone send me the lsit too...would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

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